Best Floor Jacks of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: October 6, 2021

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For all those users that like fixing their vehicles themselves, owning a jack is an absolute necessity.

And with the great range of these products available, they might be overwhelmed while making the decision to buy a single product amongst the sea of them.

In order to help you make a better decision, this article will serve as the buying guide that you need. 

  • Made for lowered cars as low as 2-3/4"
  • Raises the vehicle up to 15-1/2"
  • Supports up to 4000lbs/2Ton
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  • Made with a low profile that can raise from 3-1/2" to 14"
  • Heavy-duty Steel construction that is rust resistant
  • Patented Bypass device and safety valve for improved safety
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  • Best Floor Jack for the Money
  • The improved length of the neck is ideal for higher cars
  • Swivel casters with full angle swivel improves the mobility
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  • Best 3 Ton Floor Jack
  • Features a dual pump lift system for easy jacking
  • Low profile design ideal for lower suspended cars
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  • Best 4 Ton Floor Jack
  • Equipped with Dual Piston hydraulic lift for easy jacking
  • Full swivel action with improved ball bearing casters
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  • Best 5 Ton Floor Jack
  • Makes use of foot pedal for easy operation
  • Safety features prevents exceeding the max load capacity
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  • Best Hydraulic Floor Jack
  • Precision control provided by Uiversal Joint Relaeas Mechanism
  • Overload valves prevent overloading max capacity
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How Does a Floor Jack Work?

There are different types of jacks available in the market. And before deciding to invest in a floor jack, it is important that you understand how it works, so you know it is the right one for you. The functioning of a floor jack is very easy, and nothing complicated to understand.

The jack consists of a bottle that is parallel to the ground. The piston can be found attached to the body by means of some special joints. The piston, when moved, functions to move the bottom of the arm, consequently allowing the top of the arm to rise. This lifts the saddle, and along with that, the vehicle as well.

What Size of Floor Jack Do I Need?

The size of the floor jack that you invest in simply depends upon the weight of your vehicle. The greater the weight of your vehicle, the greater the size you’d need. 

For a general rule of thumb, always remember that the product you invest is must be rated sufficiently for about three-quarters of your vehicle’s weight. So if your vehicle is 4,000 pounds, a one, and a half-ton jack would be good enough for your vehicle.

Review of the Best Floor Jacks

Now that you know how to pick the right size, you can finally move on to choosing one for yourself. There are a great number of other features that you need to keep in mind too. Just make sure that the features of the products reviewed match your requirements, and you’ll have the best floor jack for yourself.

Best Overall:
Powerbuilt 620479E

Powerbuilt Xtra Low Profile Floor Vehicle Jack with Safety Bar, Extra Low Car Jack - 2 Ton Load Capacity 620479E


  • Allows easy functionality that can be operated by anyone
  • Capable of lifting vehicle up to 15 inches which is perfect for any job
  • Unit available in three different sizes to suit the needs of your vehicle
  • Comes with a steel bar for safety that secures the unit in jacked position
  • Ideal product for a uni-body vehicle that is usually difficult to jack with stands


  • Not ideal for lifting heavy-duty vehicles
  • Does not come with ideal customer support
  • Users may notice leakage after subsequent uses

What Recent Buyers Report

One of the reasons we feel that this product deserves to be the best floor jack out there is because of the great customer satisfaction that it provides. Users have found nothing but great things to say about this product, ensuring other users that it would be the best option for them as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Of all the outstanding features of this product, what really makes it stand apart from the rest is its extra safety features that it comes with. The steel bar on this product ensures that once your vehicle is jacked, it stays up in the position for as long as you want it to be there, without posing any safety risks.

Who Will Use This Most

This product comes with a great set of features paired with great functionality that makes it ideal for not one but all sorts of users. Its excellence of design makes it ideal for professionals, while its easy use makes sure that even the beginners can get the best out of this product.

Bottom Line

The top product on this list is one that has certainly impressed the users as well as us. And it has managed to do so with the great list of features that it provides. All these features function to provide users with a jack that is not only at par with their expectations but also better than any other they have used.

Pro-Lift F-767

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack - 2 Ton Capacity


  • Provides users with a lifting range of 3.5 inches to 14 inches
  • An extra low profile unit that can fit under a great number of vehicles
  • Equipped with a built-in safety valve that allows a safe jacking process at all times
  • Heavy-duty steel construction of the product ensures that you get a longer durability
  • Comes with a patented bypass device that keeps you and the unit secure for an overload protection


  • Safety valve may be a little tricky to use
  • Not available in different sizes for better-suited use

What Recent Buyers Report

Users claim that they have never experienced a jack that works as swiftly and efficiently as this one does. They highly appreciate all the safety features that it comes with, along with the great durability that it provides. These two features, put together, make the item a lot better than most available in the market.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Users may find the protection and durability to be the ideal features, but what stands out to us is its low profile design. A lot of products can’t easily fit under a lot of vehicles, but this one isn’t like those. Its extra low profile design ensures an easy fit under a great number of vehicles.

Who Will Use This Most

Another great feature that this product allows is its ideal lifting height. Not a lot of jacks can lift vehicles at a height that this product can. If you, too, are looking for a jack that can effortlessly lift vehicles at a greater height, then we would say this product is perfect for you.

Bottom Line

A product that stands to be the runner up does not mean to be lacking in any way. Its functionality and performance are still second to none. It may be a bit more expensive than other products, but the higher price tag also comes with a higher level of functionality and excellence.

Best Floor Jack for the Money:
Big Red Torin T83006

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Extra Saddle (Fits: SUVs and Extended Height Trucks): 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red


  • Provides a better lifting range of 5 to17 inches 
  • Ideally designed to be used with trucks and SUVs
  • Allows lifting weights up to 3 tons with great ease and security
  • Casters of the product allow a 360-degree swivel, making the unit mobile and easier to use
  • Comes with an extra-long neck that allows easier lifting of heavy vehicles without extra efforts


  • No variation in sizes for bigger or smaller vehicles
  • Swiveling of the product may get a little hard to control
  • Lacks additional safety features for a more secured lifting

What Recent Buyers Report

Users find that some jacks are simply overpriced for no reason, but just the brand name. But with this product, they have been greatly impressed by the functionality that it provides. They agree that it is more expensive than other products, but also claim that the price is worth all the features that it provides.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There aren't one but many features that make this product worthy of being on this list, but one stands out to us more than all the others, and that is its casters. The rear casters on this product allow a 360 swivel to its body. This swiveling design makes the unit a lot easier to use by all.

Who Will Use This Most

While there are a great number of jacks available in the market, there aren’t many that are meant for professional use. But this product is one that serves to be an exception. It is designed with all the features and qualities that serve to make it an ideal professional unit.

Bottom Line

You can simply tell a professional unit apart from a standard one when you look at it. And this product is definitely one of the professional ones. Its design and quality are meant to deliver all the features that you have been looking for, and a lot more. It is a product that you simply need to try for yourself.

Best 3 Ton Floor Jack:
Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack

LiftMaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Quick Lift


  • 3-inch low profile design makes it an ideal fit under any vehicle
  • Knurled steel handle allows a firmer grip to prevent your hands from slipping
  • Foam bumper on the product ensure to prevent any sort of damage to your vehicle
  • Equipped with a rubber pas that allows protection and provides better friction at the same time
  • Features a dual pump system that allows you to save your efforts and lift the vehicle higher at the same time


  • Not ideal for jacking heavy-duty vehicles 
  • Wheels of the jack may not roll very smoothly
  • Provided instructions may be too vague for beginners

What Recent Buyers Report

It is hard to find a unit that excels in every aspect. But this unit is one that has surpassed the users’ expectations in all manners. It has not only served them with the ideal level of efficiency, but also with a great quality of design and durability that simply make it the best product for them.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There is a lot that this product has in store for its users, but what stands out to us is different. We absolutely love the rubber pads that this product features for its users. These rubber pads not only allow a greater level of protection but also provide more friction for stable use.

Who Will Use This Most

Three-ton jacks are ideal for all the standard cars that are driven. Most of the cars do not need a heavy-duty jack that can lift great weights. There are a ton of 3-ton jacks in the market, and choosing one may be difficult. But this product makes the best product for users that are looking for a 3-ton jack.

Bottom Line

Why scour a long list of products, when the best one is in front of you? All you need to do is try it out for yourself. It features a design and quality that are only meant to impress its users, and that is exactly what they do. With this product, you will be sure to get all that you ask for, and much more.

Best 4 Ton Floor Jack:
4 ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack by Daytona


  • Ideal 4-ton jack designed for a lifting height of 4 inches to 20 inches
  • Designed with ball bearing premium rear casters that allow a 360-degree swivel
  • Low profile design can make it fit under standard cars as well as trucks and SUVs
  • Comes with a dual-piston hydraulic system that greatly reduces your efforts in lifting
  • Features an intuitive design that allows quick adaptability with other lifting accessories 


  • May not provide the ideal durability
  • No extra features for enhanced safety

What Recent Buyers Report

If you feel that a buyer’s review of a product should be the final word on it, then this product is the one for you. It has been highly appreciated by users, not only for its ideal design but also for the effortless lifting that it allows for a wide range of vehicles, just at the ideal height.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the main reasons that we find this product worth being on this list is due to the dual-piston hydraulic system that it comes with. This dual-piston design multiplies the force that you put in by two, allowing a greater lifting capacity with a lesser amount of force applied.

Who Will Use This Most

Lifting vehicles with a jack may make the job easier, but it still requires a great amount of effort. This effort may not be easily put in by all users. If you, too, find it hard to put in all the effort that is usually required for jacking a vehicle, then using this product may make things easier for you.

Bottom Line

Jack up your vehicle without any worries. And with this product, without any great efforts too. You can lift the vehicle, weighing twice as much, with the same amount of force on the handle. This unit is one that just makes the jacking job easier for professionals and beginners alike.

Best 5 Ton Floor Jack:
Big Red Torin T80501

BIG RED T80501 Torin Hydraulic Heavy Duty Long Frame Service/Floor Jack with Foot Pedal, 5 Ton (10,000 lb) Capacity, Red


  • Features a long frame that is perfect for extended commercial vehicles
  • Equipped with a built-in safety overload system that saves lifting beyond the capacity
  • Allows users a lifting height of 5 inches to 22 inches which is perfect for all sorts of jobs
  • Comes with a foot pedal control that allows a set up which is easy, quick and highly efficient
  • Lift heavyweight vehicles like trucks, buses along with other agriculture and construction equipment


  • Not ideal for use with smaller vehicles
  • Engaging the jack may be a little tricky
  • Might not be the best option for beginners 

What Recent Buyers Report

Those that invested and used this product for the first time were rendered speechless by its ideal weight lifting capacity. They had been used to using jacks that provided only a limited weight capacity. But this product surpassed all those and allowed lifting vehicles that were not capable of being lifted with other jacks.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Why does this product feature in this list over the other products in the market? The answer lies in its foot pedal control. This control is one that is offered by very few products and rarely with the same efficiency. It allows users to set up the jack with lesser efforts and greater efficiency.

Who Will Use This Most

Setting up a jack can be a tricky task for a lot of users. Yet, it is a task that needs to be done with great precision. If you find yourself not being able to perform the task with great precision, then you need a better jack that aids the process. And for that purpose, this jack is the one.

Bottom Line

There’s no need to be worried about setting up your jack or lifting excessive weights any longer. This unit will make the job not only a lot easier for you but also a lot quicker and effortless. It allows you to lift the vehicle with a smoothness that you have never experienced before.

Best Hydraulic Floor Jack:
Arcan 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack (XL20)

Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack A20015 / XL20, Black, 26 Inch


  • 2 piece handle can be collapsed to store with great ease and occupy less space
  • Available in 8 different styles and sizes so you can pick one that is the best for you
  • Certified product that is put through a number of safety tests to ensure great protection
  • Features bypass and overload valves that stop lifting weights that are beyond the capacity
  • Universal joint release system ensures that you get better and precise control of the product


  • May leak oil after consistent use
  • Not the ideal product for heavy lifting

What Recent Buyers Report

Hydraulic jacks are the best when it comes to lifting heavy-duty vehicles. But finding a good product is hard. For this reason, users were greatly stunned when they observed the great functionality and ease that this product allowed for lifting a wide variety of vehicles.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you ask us why this product made it to this list, the answer would be simple. It is the 2-piece handle design. This ideal design makes the unit not only convenient to use but also a lot easier to store. So easy use, as well as easy storage, are what this unit has in store for you.

Who Will Use This Most

A lot of users are always on the constant lookout for a product that uses the hydraulic principle efficiently for the perfect jacking unit. But they are not so successful, given the substandard products of the market. This unit will, however, serve to provide all such users with the features and functionality that they have been looking for.

Bottom Line

Worried that your jack is simply not enough to lift your vehicle? Or that you may need to find a new one for a new vehicle? The solution is simple. Invest in this product right here. This will make sure to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles and provide the ideal functionality that you have been looking for.

Best Low Profile Floor Jack:
Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack


  • Best low profile unit that you’ll find for an easy fit under any and every vehicle
  • Allows a universal joint release that ensures that the handle can be used in any direction
  • Rapid pump design allows easier and faster lift of vehicle with a fewer number of pumps
  • High-quality design ensures the ideal level functionality for professionals as well as enthusiasts
  • High-end precision of design of this unit is paired with an industrial quality built that allows an excellent delivery of performance


  • May create noises while pumping 
  • Not sufficient customer support provided
  • Does not come with sufficient instructions for use

What Recent Buyers Report

Users often find that their jacks don’t fit under their vehicles easily, which makes their spent money go to waste. But with this jack, they faced no such issue. It not only fit under the vehicle easily but also allowed them to lift the vehicle with equal ease and great speed that made the job easier.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Of all the features that the market has to offer, we find this to be worthy of being on this list. This is because of the rapid pump design of this unit. It ensures that you do not have to put in great effort to lift your vehicle. It lifts faster too. All of that is possible with a fewer number of pumps as compared to those required by other jacks.

Who Will Use This Most

This product features a low profile design. This makes sure that it fits under a great variety of vehicles. If you work in the automobile industry where you need a jack that is compatible with a lot of different vehicles, then this jack, with its low profile, is what you need.

Bottom Line

Do not worry about the jack being able to fit under the vehicle anymore. Similarly, you do not need to worry about putting in a great effort to lift your vehicle. That is just how easy it is to lift almost any vehicle with this jack. And for that very reason, we find it to be one of the best.

Best Floor Jack for Trucks:
Blackhawk B6350

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton Capacity, 28 1/2' L x 13 3/4' W x 6 1/2' H


  • Swiveling design allows more convenient use of the product
  • Low profile design of the unit ensures an easy fit under any vehicle
  • Ideal lifting height of 5 inches to 22 inches ensures greater functionality
  • Best floor jack for lifting trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles with longer bodies
  • Allows a lifting capacity of 7000 pounds that can be used for a wide variety of vehicles


  • Not designed to provide great durability
  • Engaging the jack can prove to be a tricky task
  • Swiveling of the handle can make it hard to control

What Recent Buyers Report

Users that invested in this unit admit that they had been looking for a floor jack to use with trucks for a long time, but failed to find a suitable unit. But this one for them has served to be all that they needed, which is why they highly recommend it to other such users as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What is not there to love about this unit? It is best for the functionality that it provides. But one feature that really makes it stand apart is the long body design of the product. It allows a better functionality for vehicles that come with a longer body frame, which is why it is great for trucks.

Who Will Use This Most

We find this unit to be ideal in terms of the weight lifting capacity that it provides, along with the lighting height that it can allow. The two features together make this unit ideal for all truck users that want a floor jack so they can manage easy fixes on their trucks themselves.

Bottom Line

All in all, this product is one that will simply amaze you with its functionality at the given jobs. You will find that lifting trucks have never been easier. It will make the process easier and faster such that you will not want to use another jack for your truck ever again.

Best Aluminum Floor Jack:
Arcan ALJ3T

Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack with Dual Pump Pistons & Reinforced Lifting Arm (ALJ3T / A20018)


  • Side mount handle makes it easier to position the jack in place
  • Dual pump piston ensures a great lifting with a reduced effort by you
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum ensures a lightweight product that is easily portable
  • 10 different sizes and styles that ensure the perfectly suited product for all users
  • Rubber saddle and the foam handle bumper ensure minimal damage to your vehicle


  • Safety features may be a little tricky to engage
  • Two-piece handle may be a little hard to assemble
  • A more expensive unit that is suited only for professionals

What Recent Buyers Report

Individuals that have invested in this product are those that have been professionals in the automobile industry for years. And they have all found this product to be the ideal one for them. They agree that it comes at a greater price as compared to other units but find the price tag to be absolutely worth it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

IF we had to pick just one feature about this unit that we feel makes it worthy of being on this list, it would be its side mount handle. The side mounting is a feature that not only makes the jacking process easier but also makes it easy to place the jack in position as well.

Who Will Use This Most

Here is a unit that is designed with high quality built, material, design, and quality. It is the absolute best in every regard. Its high-end functionality is what makes it perfect for all professionals out there. If you, too, have been in the automotive repair industry for a while and are looking for the perfect floor jack to work with, then this is the one for you.

Bottom Line

Ending this list here, we leave you with one of the best products that the market has to offer. It is designed with the best of functionality as well as quality. Its functionality will simply not disappoint you. All you need to do is invest in the product and try it out for yourself.

Types of Jacks

Confused if you really need a floor jack or not? If you feel like a floor jack may not be the best option for you, then do not worry. There are more than just floor jacks available in the market. There are 8 different types in the market, and they are as follows.

Scissor Jacks

These are the most basic types of jacks available. Scissor jacks do not function on the principle of hydraulic power, but on a screw mechanism. They are highly portable and ideal in size.

Floor Jacks

These types of jacks are usually used for repair and maintenance. They feature a horizontal bottle that uses the hydraulic principle for lifting weight, so the underside can be checked for damage.

Bottle Jacks

Another example of hydraulic jacks, these can be found very easily in the automotive industry. Their name comes from their bottle-shaped design, which can lift about 4-50 tons of weight.

Pneumatic Jacks

These types of jacks utilize compressed air in order to lift heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks, and heavy-duty machinery. It is also known as a telescope jack due to its shape.

Pneumatic jack in use (Source)

Hi-Lift Jacks

If you’re out on the road and on muddy terrain, then this jack is a must-have for you. It allows users to lift the vehicle out of the mud when stuck or with a flat tire.

Strand Jacks

Strand jacks are more commonly found on construction sites. These serve more of an engineering purpose where lifting in bridges and power stations is required.

Trolly Jacks

Looking for a jack that is safe to use and can be moved around easily too? Then a trolly jack is the right type for you. It lifts about 2 to 4 tons of weight and comes with a manual braking control

Motorcycle Jacks

These jacks are exactly what their name implies them to be. They are used for lifting motorcycles and can do the job very securely at great elevations.

Trolly Jack vs. Floor Jack - Comparison Overview

If you look at a trolley jack and a floor jack, you’ll notice that the design of the two is very similar. But upon closer inspection, you may find a great number of differences as well. The better suitability of the type depends upon your own requirements. Here is a quick comparison between the two types.

Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity of a trolley jack and a floor jack varies greatly. The former may allow you to lift almost any of the heavier vehicles. But the latter is not as efficient at the job. If you need a jack that can lift more weight, a trolly jack would be the better option.

Ease of Use

When it comes to setting up a jack, floor jacks are the absolute best. They are set up so easily that the job gets done considerably faster. But the same task with a trolly jack may take longer due to the tricky set up of the unit. Different variants are also set up differently, so there may be further confusion.

Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack with Safety Bar


A floor jack may not be able to lift great weights, but it is extremely affordable. So if you do not need to lift a lot of weight, a floor jack would be perfect. But for greater weights, a trolly jack may require a greater investment, but it will get the job done for sure.


The best part about trolly jacks is that they come with wheels. These wheels allow easier portability of the unit, regardless of their weight. Floor jacks come with no such feature and moving them around may be a hassle

How to Use a Floor Jack

By look and use, floor jacks are very simple products. If you haven’t used one before and are wondering how to, rest assured that it will not be a hard task. Here is a quick guide on how to use a floor jack for your convenience.

  1. Make sure that your vehicle is parked on a solid and level surface, and the parking brakes are engaged. A garage is ideally the best and safest place to do the job.

  2. Chock the wheels of your vehicle. Do so on the end opposite to the side where you’ll be lifting your vehicle from.

  3. Get the jack stands in position before you prepare to jack the vehicle. This is highly important when the vehicle needs to be jacked for a longer time.

  4. Make sure there are no leaks or cracks on your jack. Test the product and ensure that it raises and comes back to the position smoothly.

  5. Use the handle of the jack and place it under your vehicle such that the lift point is directly over the saddle of the unit.

  6. Start pumping the handle until it is positioned under the lift point. Continue pumping till the vehicle is lifted to more than the required height.

  7. Bring the stands in place and lower the vehicle slowly to place the weight on the stands.

  8. Once done, undo the process of bringing the weight on the stands and lower your vehicle again. Once lowered, the jack can be removed and stored until next time.

If you still have a few questions about the process, refer to the video below for a better idea.


Getting your vehicle repaired doesn’t have to be a hard job if you have a good floor jack on hand. The keyword here is good. Make sure you invest in a good quality product, and you’ll never have trouble with car repairs again. Just find a unit that fits your needs, and you’ll be good to go.

People Also Ask

If you feel like you still don’t know enough about floor jacks, then do not worry. We want you to get the best out of your unit. So here are some of the most commonly asked questions by other users, answered just for your ease.

How Much Can a 2 Ton Floor Jack Lift?

The weight lifting capacity of a 2-ton floor jack is right in its name. As you can guess, a 2-ton floor jack is capable of lifting about 2 tons. That equals to 4000 pounds weight. If you need a better idea of how much weight that is, a 2-ton unit can easily lift a standard car from one side.

What is Better a Floor Jack or Bottle Jack?

The key difference between a floor jack and a bottle jack is that of design. The former comes with a lower profile that can fit under most cars. So a floor jack can fit under most cars. But it can’t lift all sorts of weight but a bottle jack can. It has a greater weight lifting capacity that allows it to lift more than a floor jack can.

How Long Does a Floor Jack Last?

Floor jacks, in general, are very durable products, regardless of the manufacturer though the quality of build provided by the manufacturers can really add to the years of a product. Even without the additional strength, a floor jack can last as long as four to five years without any repairs, if maintained well.

How Do You Replace a 3 Ton Floor Jack?

Repairing a 3-ton floor jack is an easy job and definitely worth saving the money from a replacement. All you need to do is clean the unit and remove the plug on the jack using a flathead screwdriver. The chamber will open, and all you need to do is fill it with sufficient hydraulic fluid. Once you have, put the plug back and screw it in place. Your jack is now ready to be used again.

Which is Better Steel or Aluminum Floor Jack?

The functionality provided by both the floor jacks is different. The better floor jack for you depends upon your need from the product. If you are looking for a unit that can lift a medium amount of weight and is light on your pocket, then you can invest in a steel floor jack. But if you wish to lift heavier weights, then an aluminum floor jack is better for you.

What Type of Fluid Goes in a Floor Jack?

A floor jack needs a type of fluid that keeps it lubricated and functioning well. This fluid is usually hydraulic oil. This low viscosity oil does not compress at all and allows the piston to move with great ease. It could be mineral-based fluid or a synthetic one, depending on the manufacturer.

How to Bleed a Floor Jack?

Bleeding a floor jack is a simple process. Simply extend the piston of your jack and make sure you do so completely. Then slowly release the pressure valve with a screwdriver, turning it counterclockwise. Once pressure is released, locate and open the filler plug. This allows the release of trapped air. Now repeat the process until all trapped air is removed.

How Do You Fix a Floor Jack That Won't Hold Pressure?

Sometimes, a floor jack may simply fail to hold pressure. This is a problem that can be fixed. But before that, you need to know why it won’t work. The fix depends upon the cause of failure to hold pressure. This is mostly caused by the overloading of pressure. And for that, all you need to do is reduce the pressure from the jack.

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