Best Low Profile Floor Jacks of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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A jack is one of the essential equipment inside a tool kit. Whether you are a mechanic or not, every car needs to have a jack to carry out simple mechanical maintenances or for use in an emergency. 

To assure the safety of your vehicle, a jack needs to be strong, able to withstand heavyweight, and stable like a floor jack. Tons of different floor jacks saturate the market, and here we review some of the best available.

  • Constructed with tough welded frame and industrial finish
  • Parallel pump system provides quick effortless lifting
  • Made with a universal joint release for precision control
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  • Durable construction with low profile design
  • Overload protection provided by built-in valve system
  • Over-pump protection design provided by a bypass system
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  • Best for the Money
  • Steel safety bar included to secure the jack when raised
  • Designed with a low profile built ideal for modified vehicles
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  • Best 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
  • Constructed for heavy-duty operation with quick-pump action
  • Provided with an extra long chassis for improved reach
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  • Best 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
  • Two-piece knurled steel handle with sure grip provides safe operation
  • Strengthened rubber saddle for better friction control and stability
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  • Best 4 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
  • Constructed with a dual piston lift system for effortless operation
  • Features premium-grade swivel casters for mobility
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  • Best Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack
  • Super-low profile design ideal for use on sports cars or flat tires
  • Includes rapid rise technology provided by dual pistons
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How Big is a Low Profile Floor Jack and What Are They Used For?

Low profile jacks are known to be able to lift vehicles with the least bit of distance from the ground. For that reason, they can be as low as around 2.75 inches in height to reach the bottom of low suspension cars.

The height is extendable up to even 18.8 inches in some jacks, which gives the vehicle a considerable lift from the ground. In length and width, however, they are considerably long and wide to be able to support the weight and balance of your car.

Usually, they are used to lift very low suspension vehicles. Where other jacks are too heightened to reach under such a vehicle, low profile jacks slide right in. They are popularly used for race cars as the car’s body is pretty low to the ground. They can also be used on the high suspension vehicles.

They hold up your vehicle responsibly with stability. This prevents collapsing when one is working underneath a car, which might cause severe injuries. They are one of the best types of jacks that require lesser force exertion yet considerably lift the vehicle.

Types of Low Profile Floor Jacks

Low profile jacks are one of the many types of jacks and are made to especially lift low suspension cars. Although they don’t have further subtypes, they are different from one another on the following basis:

Lift Length

Lift length or extension refers to the minimum and maximum lifts that a jack can offer in a car. Low profile jacks, although all designed to lift low suspension cars vary in lift lengths. While the minimum lengths range from 2.74 to 4 inches to suit most low clearance cars, the maximum lift may vary from 13 to up to 24 inches in the lift to suit most cars, SUVs, some trucks, and jeeps.

Base Plate Size

The base plate is the chassis or the frame that goes under the car and lifts it up. These vary in width and length. While small sizes are useful for compact cars and use in tight places, large sizes are for wider cars and can reach all lifting points under the body of the car.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Another feature that differentiates one low profile jack from another is the carrying weight. Some jacks can support up to 1 ton, while others can progressively increase up to 4 or 5 tons. Although, while buying a jack, the total weight of the car needs not to be taken into account as the jack is supposed to lift only some of it.

Review of the Best Low Profile Floor Jacks

If you own a low suspension car, be it standard, sports or luxury cars, it is essential to invest in a good quality low profile jack. They are mostly suitable for normal suspensions and, in some cases, even high suspension vehicles.

Below we have reviewed some of the best available low profile jacks marketed by renowned automotive parts companies. Going through the review would help you understand the dynamics of the jacks and will also help you make a decision regarding your purchase:

Best Overall:
Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack


  • Welded precision steel construction is very durable
  • 3 1/8 minimum lift range to 19 5/8 maximum lift range
  • Industrial quality finish suitable for any mechanical workshop
  • 3 tons weight capacity capable of withstanding heavyweights
  • 45 inches long handle supports a dual parallel pump that lifts with fewer pumps


  • Has a very noisy operation
  • If left unused for too long or if used very roughly, it may leak out the liquid

What Recent Buyers Report

The heavy-duty Pittsburgh jack left the buyers very impressed. They used it to lift a variety of vehicles from low suspension BMWs to SUVs and high suspension trucks. The solid construction is reflective of its heavy weight. It is easy to carry around as it has smooth-rolling wheels. The users found it very useful.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The jack has a lift range so versatile that it is fit to be used for almost any vehicle. Whether you have to do a few replacements under low suspension sports cars or luxury cars or have to change the tire of your trucks, the jack would fit all. Moreover, it has a dual parallel pump that needs fewer presses to lift the vehicle, and the joint release is very responsive.

Who Will Use This Most

We find this unit suitable for use in homes and workshops alike. At home, it could be used by drivers to perform maintenances on their vehicles without much complication or without having to put too much force on it. With its powerful pump, all is taken care of. At the workshops, it would be very useful equipment as it is compatible with a wide variety of cars.

Bottom Line

The Pittsburgh Automotive low profile jack is a good option if you’re looking for something that is not too expensive yet has the features of a premium build jack. They have a lifting capacity and can support up to 3 tons of weight. They are stable, thus providing safety to not only you but also the car as it holds it with incredible balance thanks to the extra-wide steel caters.

Pro-Lift F-767

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack - 2 Ton Capacity


  • Heavy-duty steel construction for reliable lifting
  • Capable of withstanding weights of up to 2 tons
  • Bypass device prevents damage by over pumping
  • Minimum lift capacity of 3.5 inches to a maximum of 14 inches
  • Features built-in safety valves that protect against overload mishaps


  • Handle comes separately and might get lost
  • Maximum lifting capacity is limited at 14 inches, which might not be suitable for some vehicles

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers found it to serve the purpose of low clearance cars well. The construction was solid enough to support the body, and the separate handle was easy to use. The jack weighs only 30 pounds, which was a plus point for many users who wanted to carry it in the car.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a budget-friendly low profile jack. It has a suitable weight carrying capacity and is wide enough to stably hold the car. The rust-resistant body only broadens its usability by allowing usage in wet conditions. The bypass device is actually an advantage as it avoids over-pumping, and the safety valves make sure the jack doesn’t buckle and collapse unexpectedly.

Who Will Use This Most

The jack is useful for occasional repairs at home. It does not provide versatility in terms of compatibility with various cars due to its limited extension. However, it is a good, pocket-friendly option for low suspension car owners but might not be suitable for SUVs and trucks, etc.

Bottom Line

Overall, this jack is another one of the famous Pro-lift’s creation. Hence, needless to say, it has a sturdy structure aided with supportive mechanisms. It is suitable for low suspended cars and for some other machinery as well. It features a deal-breaker price and design that gives enhanced protection.

Best for the Money:
Powerbuilt 620479E

Powerbuilt Xtra Low Profile Floor Vehicle Jack with Safety Bar, Extra Low Car Jack - 2 Ton Load Capacity 620479E


  • Weight carrying capacity of 2 tons
  • A safety bar to stabilize the jack in a raised position
  • Minimum lifting capacity is 2.75 inches, which is great
  • Made with heavy-duty steel for long-lasting durability
  • Meets the standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers


  • 15 inches maximum extended length is not the best
  • A little difficult to get hold of; not recommended for beginners

What Recent Buyers Report

The swiftness of this jack, combined with its durability, is what made this jack a big hit amongst recent buyers and users. It is easy to set up and cranks up the car within moments. The design is compact and could be stored easily under a seat. The 5 height adjustment holes instead of three is also something that is highly useful in terms of employment of force and height guidance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Powerbuilt 620479E is all about quality. Quality dominates in construction as well as functionality in this jack. It is capable of supporting considerable weight yet features safety mechanisms.

The slide-in safety rod holds the jack in an extended phase so that it doesn’t collapse with the user still under the vehicle. The minimum extension is very low, which is perfect for a high-end sports car, luxury, and classic cars.

Who Will Use This Most

This Powerbuilt jack provides superior quality functioning. Since it is so streamlined to provide the best possible results, it is an incredible option for heavy-duty workshops and race tracks. However, it is not a recommended jack for those who are new and have just started working with cars.

Bottom Line

With the Powerbuilt jack comes A-grade quality and efficiency. The minimum extension is among the lowest present in the market. It is slim and slick in design but does not compromise on the sturdiness. Even with the slim body, it can lift heavy weights.

Best 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack:
Arcan Jack XL2T

Arcan 2 Ton Extra Long Reach Low Profile Steel Floor Jack A20016 / XL2T, Black


  • Capable of withholding 2 tons of weight
  • Dual Pump Piston raises the vehicle in no time
  • Low lift of 2.75 inches to a very high maximum lift of 24 inches
  • Steel and aluminum built with a rubber saddle and foam bumper
  • 32 inches long chassis to support and balance the body during raising


  • Weighs 97 pounds and is very heavy to carry around

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers found the base of the jack to be solid long and wide. The lift is smooth and easy. The low clearance car owners were especially appreciative of the 2.75 inches lift. High suspension car owners were equally happy with the 24 inches maximum lift. It proved to be a great piece of equipment for multipurpose.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are so many arguments that make this jack stand out. First of all, the long solid build crafted with a combination of steel and aircraft aluminum gives great strength. Secondly, it combines almost all the lift heights needed in one tool. Where 2.75 inches is low enough to scoop any low clearance car right up, 24 inches is high enough to deal with trucks and SUVs without a problem.

Who Will Use This Most

This jack is great for home and workshop use. It is more suitable for workshops as it provides incredible versatility in lifting ability. Also, it is quite heavy and needs to remain on the floor, so it is ideal for places where it does not need to be lifted too often as required at race tracks and inside homes.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is not only the best 2-ton jack, but it is also one of the forerunners among all low profile jacks. Thanks to the enhanced usability it comes with, it is suited to a wide range of cars. The 2-ton weight capacity is heavy enough to hold any car it might lift. Overall, it is one of the best low profile jacks in the market.

Best 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack:
Liftmaster Steel Floor Jack

LiftMaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Quick Lift


  • Dual pump lift aids in easily lifting the car
  • Capable of withstanding up to 3 tons of weight
  • Steel made 24 inches long frame stably lifts the car
  • Minimum extension of 3 inches to a maximum of 19.7 inches
  • 45.5 inches long handle means less force needs to be used to lift the vehicle
  • Rubber pad with enhanced strength for protection against damage and resistance


  • Steel wheels might corrode when consistently used in water
  • Low lift is not the best. It is not suitable for very low clearance cars

What Recent Buyers Report

The most noticeably useful feature for the recent purchasers was the wide and strong lifting base plate. The weight is evenly distributed over the wide plate, and the jack can easily stay in the raised position for hours. The dual pump is efficient and responsive. The jack turned out to be very suitable for heavy-duty lifting.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Its ease of use is one of the prime features of this jack. It has a dual pump to easily lift the car without much effort. The ease of lift is further supported by the 45.5 inches long handle. Longer handle gives more torque, and lesser force is required by the user to raise the vehicle. Also, the maximum lift is suitable for many high clearance cars.

Who Will Use This Most

It is easy to use and gives very good functionality. So, it is useful for beginners and professionals alike. You would find it very easy to work with at home and in shops. It is not the first choice for extremely low suspension cars. However, it is used on racetracks as lifting it is not that much of a problem.

Bottom Line

In all, this is a user-friendly jack. It is affordable yet does not have a complex operation or structure. It saves on the user’s energy by easing the pumping process. It is capable of lifting weights up to 3 tons and ensures damage protection with its rubber pad.

Best 4 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack:
Daytone 4 Ton Steel Floor Jack

4 ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump - Orange


  • Removable jack saddle to stabilize the lifted jack
  • Rear Swivel casters give 360o rotational mobility
  • Dual Piston Hydraulic system for easy and sure lifting
  • Low lift of 4¼ inches to a maximum lift of 20¼ inches
  • Heavy-duty steel construction capable of holding up to 4 tons


  • Not very suitable for low suspension vehicles
  • Weighs 105.8 pounds and very heavy to lift and carry around

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have been beyond satisfied with the performance of this tool. They have not been able to use it for most low suspension cars because of its 4¼ inches minimum extension. However, they’ve found it to be quite a workhorse when dealing with SUVs, jeeps, and trucks.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the features that might appear small but is a huge advantage is the 360-degree mobility. Once the jack is in position, a rotatable handle comes in very handy to adjust the height in cramped up spaces. It also helps in rolling the otherwise very heavy tool on the ground. Other than that, it has the features of a reliable and dependable jack.

Who Will Use This Most

This jack is not suitable for frequent transports. It is best suitable for conditions where it could be rolled on the floor wherever you want. Hence, it is a good option for home and workshops but not for carrying in the car or for racetracks. The 360 rotational mobility also comes in handy while moving the jack in congested work areas or garages.

Bottom Line

One of the heaviest jacks among the discussed options, the Daytone 4 ton Steel Floor Jack strength is reflective in its design. It has hydraulic pumps to ease lifting and securely hold the position. The rotational mobility is a welcome factor. All in all, this jack is a good bang for the buck.

Best Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack:
Sunex 6602LP

Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Steel Service Jack


  • Dual pump piston reaches at 24 inches in almost 6.5 pumps
  • 360o rotational mobility aids in maneuverability and handling
  • Steel enforced 18 inches long base plate to reach all lift points
  • A wide lifting range of 2.75 to 24 inches covers a spectrum of vehicles
  • Stable and strong jack prevents your car from dropping and protects you from injuries


  • Handle turns to lower the vehicle are not smooth
  • Weighs over a hundred pounds and is not easy to transport or carry

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who chanced upon this jack recently did not regret their spending one bit. Apart from being a solid piece of equipment, it showed no lagging in functionality. It rolls easily on all kinds of surfaces, be it rough or smooth. The handle needs very little movement to lift the car, so it is operable even in tight spots.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The lift range with this jack is incredible. It can go as low as 2.75 inches to fit under the lowest clearance cars. It can touch the next extreme as well with a full lift of 24 inches. It is fit to put SUVs, 4x4s, and trucks right in the air. The wide and long chassis reaches to all lifting parts and can go beyond the pinch welds.

Who Will Use This Most

Although it is suitable to lift race cars, it is not suitable for race tracks where the heavy weight of such a tool does not match with the on-ground agility. However, other than that or other situations where the tool needs to be picked up again and again, this jack is perfect for all users under all circumstances. It is heavy-duty and versatile, making it suitable for beginner and professional home and workshop use.

Bottom Line

All in all, this model is undoubtedly one of the best jacks among the plethora available in the market. It is versatile in compatibility with all sorts of vehicles. It supports additional helping features to make it user-friendly and is worth the price.

Pros and Cons of Using a Low Profile Floor Jack

Like all other things, the advantages of low profile floor jacks are accompanied by some disadvantages too. Both of them might be the make or break points for your intended use.


The following are some pros of this kind of jack:


There are many types of jacks available that can lift a medium to high clearance vehicle. But low suspension cars have very little space between the body and the ground. They can enter those spaces and lift the car for inspection and repairs. But like other types of jacks, their compatibility is not limited only to low suspension cars; they can lift high suspensions too.

Easy Lifting

Low profile jacks do not have to be lifted by rotating a screw or aiding from a crowbar, which is hectic and time-consuming. Rather, they have dual pumps more often than not. They have a long handle that needs to be pressed without exerting much force to lift the vehicle easily and within seconds.

Wide Base

These have a base plate to reach under the car and support the lift instead of narrow metal strips like a scissor jack. These plates are long and wide enough to reach out to all the lift points under the car. The wideness provides support and stability.

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift


However, it comes with some drawbacks, including:

Need Experience For Operation

Low profile jacks require some experience with cars, tools, and parts to be fully made use of. They support complex but helpful features that might not be suitable for entry-level users. But with little practice, beginners can move onto them and appreciate the potential of these jacks.

Heavy Weighted

Owing to their heavy-duty build, which is mostly steel and large base plate, these jacks are often quite heavy. With the weights varying from model to model, while most are somewhat easy to lift, there are others that can only be rolled on wheels for constant use.


Low profile jacks are versatile, strong, durable, and literal monsters when it comes to performance. They fall among the highly efficient classes of jacks. Of the many options produced by well-known companies around the world, many will suit your needs. You only have to assess your needs and work situations. After that, with the information you acquired through this article, you are good to make a decision.

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