Best Farm Jacks of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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While owning a giant vehicle can have its perks (the view really is great from up there), the maintenance can be a tough job. But we understand its necessity on a farm. However, a standard car jack would not have the reach to work with each kind of tool or vehicle on a farm; that is why you need a farm jack. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. 

  • Two-piece handle and socket is firmly designed for durability
  • Operating instructions are on the handle for safety
  • Suited for use in farming, off-road uses and auto recovery
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  • Only all-cast jacks made in the world
  • Comes with shear bolt for added safety
  • Manufactured with powder-coated finish
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  • Best for the Money
  • Safety bar is able to lock unit at the desired height
  • Designed to be portable and easy to lift
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  • Best Bulldog Farm Jack
  • Comes with override crank in case of emergency
  • Has a lift cpacity of 3 500 pounds
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  • Best Reese Farm Jack
  • Offers an impressive 7 000 pounds lift capacity
  • Handle and clamp is removeable
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What is a Farm Jack Used For?

A farm jack is used particularly for lifting or pulling of farm machinery or vehicles such as tractors. Some other uses include:

Lifting Heavy Farm Machinery

A farm jack can lift higher than a standard jack. They are also stronger and more durable. This makes them ideal for lifting heavy farm machinery to the required height, depending upon the weight of the machinery and the jack’s capacity, its lifting range, and several other factors.


When you’re stuck in the mud, which is a much common occurrence in a farm than you’d think, you would definitely need a high lift farm jack to pull yourself out. When coupled with other accessories (like an anchorage or hauling cord), it can act like a winch.   

Removal of Weeds or Fence Post

It can be a really laborious task to pull out all the wild bushes and stumps growing around your farm, and that’s when a farm jack can come in handy. With the help of a few more accessories, you can pull out any weeds or even a fence post that’s kept out of place on your farm.   

What Should I Look For When Buying a Farm Jack

The tires of your car depend on this jack, so it’s important to make a note of certain factors to ensure you get the best of your money.

Loading Capacity

Ideally, you should confirm the weight of the objects you wish to lift so you can buy your farm jack accordingly. Farm jacks can be short or tall, and they can lift anywhere from a few kilograms to tons. 


The jack needs to hold up a lot of weight, and that is why you need more cast parts. Longer jacks have a flat base to ensure stability and that they stay put. A pump lever is another essential to move up and down when lifting the car. 

Lifting Height

A farm jack can be as high as 48 to 60 inches, but its lifting capacity is not affected by that. The lifting height is something to keep in mind with reference to how high your vehicle is. The higher you need to lift, the less stable you get.  

Ease of Use

Your ease of use is an important consideration to make; if you aren’t able to use it, don’t buy it. Tools that make it easy to spread, lift, pull, winch, and clamp are a good choice. A sheer bolt should also be used for your safety. Another consideration is that the handle jack should function by pulling the handle up and down instead of having to twist it.  


You can easily get cheap farm jacks on the market, but it advisable to get one that is made of good quality and is durable so that it not only meets your needs but also lasts you long so you wouldn’t have to invest again. 

Review of the Best Farm Jacks

If you have finally decided to purchase a jack, congratulations! We will now move on to review some of the highly recommended models. Let’s get into the small details that will surely assist you in making a wise selection and get rid of any cognitive dissonance that you may suffer otherwise. 

Best Overall:
Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48"" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48' Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack for Tractor


  • Has high-quality powder-coated finish
  • Equipped with sheer bolt for safety purposes
  • Light in weight but has a lifting capacity of more than 2,000 kilograms
  • Versatile and can be used anywhere from a canyon to jungles or mountains
  • Constructed with highly durable stamped steel and an amalgam of cast components 


  • Must be greased at all times
  • Maintenance is essential; otherwise, the jack can be dangerous to use

What Recent Buyers Report

This is an incredible product. The jack is able to lift very heavy weights with just a little grease or lubrication. It is also equipped with safety measures such as a sheer bolt to prevent it from being overburdened. Users are quite impressed with it and recommend it to everyone.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We’ve rated this the best farm jack overall; it is the only all-cast jack manufactured, and this gives it great strength, and it lasts longer than other models. The versatile jack can be used for many purposes, whether it’s lifting, pulling winching or clamping, and in any kind of terrain from mountains to farmlands. 

Who Will Use This Most

Since this is a product that can lift heavy weight, it is important to familiarize yourself with the jack and know how to use it to avoid any accidents. All in all, it can be used for any kind of farm activity, given its versatility, and it can be used for various different functions. 

Bottom Line

We love the Hi-Lift Jack HL484 for many reasons. It can not only lift extremely heavy weights, but it also guarantees 150% safety. The vast amount of accessories make it a flexible piece of equipment suitable for all. You would love to use this one for all the right reasons! 

Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48"" Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack

Hi-Lift Tractor Jack HL485 48' Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack, 660 pound


  • Can easily be used in place of a winch
  • Versatile and can be used in any terrain 
  • Has a tested load capacity 3,000 kilograms
  • Equipped with sheer bolt for safety purposes
  • Constructed with highly durable stamped steel 


  • Needs to be used lubricated 
  • Some users complain it rusts easily 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers believe this is one of the sturdiest jacks on the market. One user claimed he was able to pull out his tractor when it got stuck in the mud, that’s how strong it is. Anyone can use it, no matter how old, as long as they understand how to use it properly.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The jack arrives in amazing packaging, making you excited to use it from the start. Equipped with a sheer bolt and other safety accessories, it is well worth it. Its strength allows it to lift weights as high as 3,000 kilograms or more, and this includes fence posts, large vehicles like tractors, or even weeds and bushes around the garden.

Who Will Use This Most 

Whether your vehicle is stuck in difficult terrain or you need to remove weed from your farmland, the Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack is a great option for all. It can be used by anyone, as long as they have a good idea of how to do so.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a good farm jack is one that offers the utmost safety. It is not only ideal to be used on the farm but also has a sheer bolt to prevent it from being used beyond its capacity. This means it is quite safe to use, and the safe use of information stickers elaborate on that. This is an all-rounder, and you needn’t think twice before looking into it! 

Best for the Money:
Powerbuilt Black Alltrade 640912

Powerbuilt 3 Ton, Bottle Jack and Jack Stands in One, 6000 Pound All-in-One Car Lift, Heavy Duty Vehicle Unijack, 640912


  • Base is made of steel for better stability
  • Lifting points are defined for maximum safety
  • Can be used for multiple purposes and vehicles
  • Has a safety lock to lock the tools bar at a particular height
  • Does not need a floor jack, making it easier to store, lift and move 


  • A little difficult to use with larger vehicles 
  • Can cause problems during unloading if not greased

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a very handy tool to own. Many buyers say they keep it with them in case of emergencies. This Alltrade jack is built tough, and in short, it gets the job done. Users have mostly changed tires with it and believe it can last one a lifetime, given it is maintained properly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this model because it is light in weight but has a remarkable loading capacity of more than 1,800 kilograms. It has everything you could need to carry out any heavy lifting tasks, all at such an affordable price, and that is why we have ranked this model as the best for the money.  

Who Will Use This Most

This jack is more suited for larger and heavier vehicles. It is built to lift vehicles using low points as low as 8-5/8”. It does not require a jack stand as it is an ideal bottle jack. Mostly, it is best for owners of car shops or those that deal with the maintenance and repair of farm vehicles like tractors.   

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is an exceptional tool that can perform any task excellently. All of that can be done quite safely as the jack has a safety lock to lock the tools bar at a particular height, and the lifting points are denoted for maximum safety. Overall, it is a great tool and offers a lot for the money.

Best Bulldog Farm Jack:
Bulldog 500187 Black A-Fram

Bulldog 500187 Black A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive, 3,500 lbs.


  • Easy to use or operate
  • Offers multiple options for mounting
  • Offers drop leg for maximum height capacity
  • Comes with an integrated gearbox and motor 
  • Has an integrated LED light for ease of use in the dark


  • Susceptible to rust
  • Some users complained it works well for only a month

What Recent Buyers Report

What users love most about this product is how convenient and quick it is to install and operate. The drop shank really saves one’s time, and it even allows you to rotate it to 90 degrees. The item comes equipped with all its accessories, including the gearbox and motor, and users have loved their overall experience with it.   

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is certainly the best Bulldog farm jack. With multiple mounting options and an LED courtesy light, you can’t deny that it has the best additional features. The equipment has a lifting capacity of about 1,500 kilograms and is the ideal tool for every operation, whether it’s clamping, lifting, pulling, spreading, or winching.  

Who Will Use This Most

We find that this model is befitting for beginner’s use as it has user-friendly instructions for installation, and you can figure out how to use it quickly. The loading capacity is something to keep in mind when making your purchase, depending upon your needs. 

Bottom Line

Bulldog has equipped this jack with a lot of features, including a drop leg for maximum height capacity. It is a high-quality unit that is quick to install and use. Basically, this high lifting jack is built using high standards to meet up with great quality and durability.

Best Reese Farm Jack:
Reese Towpower 7033400

Reese Towpower 7033400 48' Farm Jack - 7000 lb. Load Capacity , Black


  • Handle and clamp is removable
  • 36 inches long handle ensures ease of use
  • Ideal for farm use and for working on 4x4s
  • Greater than 3,000-kilogram loading capacity
  • Strong and reliable with steel used for construction


  • If misused, it can prove to be dangerous
  • Stand sometimes needs a tripod for added support

What Recent Buyers Report

The reason why users love this item because of how swiftly it performs any task it is meant for. Whether it is used for removing a fence post or replacing the tire on a 4x4, customers have had a great experience with this tool and highly recommend it for the price. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

A jack with a high loading capacity of 3,000 kilograms and a strong and reliable build can easily be your favorite. This model will surely get you out of any rut. It is considered as one of the most versatile and sturdy tools for off-road vehicles and farm equipment alike, all due to its accessories that are made so strongly. These are reasons enough to make it to our top list.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a versatile, all-rounder jack that can be used for any purpose. It has a high loading capacity and has been tested on fences, tractors, 4x4s, and many other vehicles and tools. It also comes at a very low price to suit everyone’s budget. 

Bottom Line

At such a reasonably low cost, this model is a steal. If you’re looking for something that can help you around the farm without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place. So don’t think twice and get the 7033400 – an amazing experience awaits you.  

How to Use a Farm Jack

A farm jack is a technical piece of equipment that can only be used once you’re fully familiar with all the necessary instructions. If you don’t know how to use one, it can be a dangerous task. Therefore, we’ve researched the general instructions (for use on a vehicle) to help you, but make sure to cross-check with the farm jack you own. 

  1. Move your vehicle to ground level as long as it’s easy to do so. 

  2. Observe your jack for any damage so that it operates smoothly. 

  3. It is important to lubricate the jack in most cases. 

  4. Next, try to figure out where you wish to lift your vehicle, one that is safe.

  5. Place the jack on as level and firm a surface as possible. 

  6. Lift the reversing lock until it locks. 

  7. Pull down the handle, away from the steel bar.

  8. Grab the handle socket and pull down.

  9. Continue up and down motion to lift the vehicle. 

  10. Now, ease the handle into uptight position and shift the reversing latch to the down position now. 

  11. Pump the handle up and down again. 

  12. Now you need to lower the load.

It is best to watch a video before you actually proceed with using your farm jack. Have a look: 


To sum it up, using a farm jack can come in really handy. It has numerous uses, and a good one will really help in the long run. We took extra care that every tool we mentioned in this article was amongst the best of the best; thus, we hope to have gotten your shopping all sorted!

People Also Ask

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there might be some questions in your mind after reading this article. Let us help you with that. Given below are some of the most frequently asked questions answered. We hope they help clarify things better for you and aid you in your purchasing process!

How Do I Get Rid of Bushes With Farm Jack?

Prepare your stump or bush first by trimming them short otherwise, uprooting them might be quite dangerous. Now, you need a tripod stand made specifically for this purpose. Use it to make it stand over the stump and tie a chain around the bush stump. Raise the arm jack and pull. 

How Do You Repair a Farm Jack?

Repairing a farm jack is a long procedure, and you need some sort of visual aid (for example, a video) before commencing. Generally, you’ll need a fit it kit for the job, along with a few other accessories such as a ball-peen hammer, small pin punch, and safety glasses. Be sure to clean your jack before starting and lubricate before using it.

How Do Farm Jacks Work?

A farm jack has many parts, and each has its own function. The handle, when lifted, causes the jack to go up. You keep pulling the handle up and down (until you hear a click each time) to lift up whatever item you wish to upholster. Each jack has a certain loading capacity and can lift anything up as long as it’s as heavy as it can bear.  

How Much Can a Farm Jack Lift?

Every farm jack can lift up to a certain weight, and this ranges anywhere from as low as 1,500 kilograms to approximately 4,000 kilograms. Their price does depend on this factor, so it’s important to buy one that suits your needs.

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