Best 5-Ton Floor Jacks of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Fixing vehicles is tricky. The wrong angle alignment can endanger someone’s life. The most essential component of a garage is a good quality floor jack. These are conventional and require less effort and time to use, in contrast to a humungous machine-controlled hydraulic jack.

  • Able to easily meet multiple demands
  • Structure is secure and stable
  • Uniquely designed to be easy to use
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  • Best 5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack
  • Long frame for more versatile performance
  • Offers better maneuverability with swivel casters
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  • Includes an electric wrench and safety hammer
  • Built-in LED light for night use
  • Suitcase can act as emergency road sign
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When Would I Use a 5 Ton Floor Jack

A 5-ton floor jack isn’t something that is found lying in every household’s garage. It is very user-specific, and people who mostly own small trucks or heavier vehicles are seen to have these. So the question lies, when would one use this?

Who Needs it?

You cannot put any car jack underneath any car, especially a 5-ton floor jack. Before you decide to buy a one, you first need to calculate the vehicle's weight and keep it in mind. The higher the tonnage of the floor jack would be, the more weight it can lift up. One simple calculation can save major bucks.

1-ton jack can hold 2000 pounds of weight. So, a 5-ton floor jack can hold a 10000-pound vehicle. This narrows the range of vehicles down to huge trucks, vans, buses, or company machinery.

Vehicle Specification

To do the above-mentioned calculation, first, you need to confirm your vehicle model online, the metal plaque on its door, or see the user manual provided with the vehicle to be able to calculate its weight and tonnage. Remember to take just the vehicle's weight into perspective. The width or shape of the vehicle does not matter as much. A jack’s tonnage should be 3/4th of the vehicle's weight.

Other Factors

Another aspect to look into is the ground clearance. There are further two branches of 5-ton floor jacks to keep track of. If your car has an average clearance that is more than 10 cm, most floor jacks in the market will be adequate. However, a low height vehicle would require a low- profile floor jack.

Why Did These Jacks Make Our List

Knowing there are a ton of products in the market, any person who wishes to invest can easily get confused. We consolidated a list of some of the best 5-ton floor jacks based on their quality, lifting height, weight rating, and their cost.

What Not to Consider?

Stay clear of the cheaper models promising to offer a lot. These scandalous marketing techniques will not only endanger your life, but it will also be of harm to your vehicle. Moreover, floor jacks are not something you only use once. A proper investment into a good-quality product will go a long way.

Electric Car Floor Jack 5 Ton All-in-one by RELIANCER

Lift Height

The main function of a floor jack is to lift up the vehicle to provide accessibility. The best unit will provide a proper range of lift height. Every floor jack has different lift height ranges. To be sure of the proper lifting capacity, measure the distance of the vehicle from the ground.

Moreover, make sure the lifting height compliments the base. A higher lift height can disbalance, provided the base is not solid. Their contact with the vehicle and ground stays firm and locked into place to keep you and your vehicle out of harm’s way.

Cheaper floor jacks’ biggest flaw is their unsuitability to withstand such forces. A proper model will stand its ground and not be 100 percent dependent on a stand jack. We know stand jacks are important, but they are also secondary to the floor jack itself.

Review of the Best 5 Ton Floor Jacks

The following are tried and tested 5-ton floor jacks that we have consolidated. These are ranked according to their quality, features, and price. They have successfully made permanent customers with their promise in the garage. Have a look:

Best Overall:
MarchInn 12V DC 5.0T Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack

MarchInn 12V DC 5.0T(11000lb) Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack and Tire Inflator Pump and LED Flashlight 3 in 1 Set…


  • Does not require much force or torque as opposed to manual floor jacks 
  • Hydraulic system saves time and energy, perfect for emergency situations
  • Emergency self-lock prevents the collapse of the vehicle if the power runs out
  • Compact design does not take much room in your trunk; you can have it always on the go
  • Comes with a complete toolset of jack, pump, and flashlight to aid in dealing with any situation


  • Air pressure gauge is faulty
  • Blows the car's fuse even when attached to a higher amp socket

What Recent Buyers Report

The design of this 5-ton floor jack is quite sturdy and offers smooth workability due to its hydraulic system. The system cuts the charging time to half in contrast to a manual floor jack. Moreover, it comes with a whole set of accessories to aid the user. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The 5-ton capacity by such a compact floor jack is commendable. You simply switch it on, and it lifts a Sedan or SUV in under a minute. Moreover, the set has an additional pump and LED flashlight to aid in any kind of emergency. Though the size can throw some people off, the whole process is safe, and this floor jack will stand its ground. 

Who Will Use This Most

People who desire a quick and easy set up appreciate this 5-ton floor jack the most as it does not hinder the momentum of work, nor does it wiggle the car out of balance due to its quick lift. This model will also be desired by old age independent people as the compact shape and button press functionality requires minimum work.

Bottom Line

MarchInn 5-ton floor jack is a worthy runner-up as the solid, sturdy base combined with its compact design can manage to lift 5 tons. It activates on the push of a button and lifts in a minute. This floor jack, pump, and wrench are perfect for tackling roadside emergencies.

Best 5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack:
Torin T80501 Big Red Long Frame Floor Jack

BIG RED T80501 Torin Hydraulic Heavy Duty Long Frame Service/Floor Jack with Foot Pedal, 5 Ton (10,000 lb) Capacity, Red


  • Wide lifting ranges from 16" to 22" allows easy access
  • Safety overload system prevents its use beyond capacity
  • Frame is sturdy and long to add up for large overhangs of vehicles 
  • Can lift heavy trucks, buses or heavy equipment whilst keeping steady
  • Two types of casters, flat and 360 swivels, increase the range of maneuvering


  • Takes longer than an electrical jack
  • Long handle puts a lot of strain on the back 

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a conventional heavy-duty item that is not restrained to electrical use. It is perfect for lifting heavy trucks, buses, or any construction machines. It has foot pedal controls that permit easy and quick setup. Buyers love the frame's stability and sturdiness as it does not budge from its place when locked under the vehicle. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason it's ranked one of the best is mainly its variety of steel casters. It provides you with 2 large ones and two 360-degree swivel casters. Different casters allow full approximation for different vehicles. You do not have to deal with one for all casters. Adding to it, its solid foundation and promising durability are also key features. 

Who Will Use This Most

The conventional yet heavy-duty item can be used anywhere to lift heavy vehicles or machinery. The hydraulic system quickly does the job while maintaining a firm stance. The broad and long frame is perfect for tackling the overhangs of larger vehicles. This is perfect to use when you do not have access to electricity.

Bottom Line 

Overall, this hydraulic system floor jack is the perfect substitute for an electrical one. The durable construction and steel frame swiftly lift and lower vehicles. You do not have to worry about contact points as it comes with two types to suit all types of surfaces.

Editor’s Pick:
E- HEELP Electric Car Floor Jack Set

E-HEELP Electric Car Jack, 12V DC Heavy Duty Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack with LED Light for RV, Sedan, Van, SUV, Trucks, (7.8-20.4 inches)


  • LED display benefits tire changing at night
  • Waterproof, sp there is no need to look for a shed to change a tire
  • Safety guaranteed as the jack stops working at a set height of 45cm  
  • Can be powered by a car’s cigarette lighter or its battery through the two-way power supply
  • Multi-function set comes with wrench, pump, and jack, perfect for dealing with any emergency situation


  • Softer ground dislodges the stability
  • An impact wrench can become a safety hazard

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers appreciate the LED system and its ability to be powered by the car’s battery or the cigarette lighter. This proves fruitful when you suspect the system would damage the fuse. Moreover, it is not just a floor jack, but a complete toolset to deal with any situation that may present itself.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The key feature of this system is the waterproof structure. Knowing it is an electrical floor jack, the system works efficiently, even in a heavy downpour. Moreover, the LED display allows the system to be operated in the dark. These add to the longevity and durability of the product and promise efficient lifting.

Who Will Use This Most

This floor jack is perfect for professional as well as personal use. Its powerful 11000lbs lifting ability can lift any heavy machinery or vehicle under two minutes as it is aided by the powerful hydraulic motor and inflator pump. Plus, it is easy to use setup and efficient workability backed by a sturdy and solid foundation.

Bottom Line

This editor’s pick is certainly a must-have when you have large vehicles. It is quite compact, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your trunk. This 5-ton item will not let you down even if it’s raining or when there is no light. The powerful hydraulic system backed by your car’s electric input manages to lift in minutes.

4. Torin TR1147 Big Red Hydraulic Forklift Floor Jack

BIG RED TR1147 Torin Dual Position Hydraulic Forklift Service/Floor Jack, 5 Ton (10,000 lb) Capacity, black


  • Coated to fight off rust and is wear-resistant  
  • Steel casters make lifting smooth and glitch-free
  • High lift range permits easy access underneath any forklift or tractor 
  • Heavy duty and strong steel construction deem it perfect for forklifts
  • Dual-position lift pads allow it to manage trucks at different configurations, flat and edge surfaces 


  • Starts to lower by itself 
  • Handle is too long and hinders manageability

What Recent Buyers Report

It's perfect for heavy-duty use as it's quite large and heavy though the solid broad base works perfectly for steady and balanced work. It is used in forklifts and can lift in a range of 2.5" to 15.75" that creates adequate space for accessing parts. Adding to it, the steel casters make sure of fluid and smooth process.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most eye-catching feature of this forklift floor jack is its dual positioned lift pad. The user will face no hindrance in maneuvering flat or edge truck surface configurations. This feature is aided by its unique design. It is low in the front to get under any forklift or tractor easily. 

Who Will Use This Most

The steel bodice and robust structure, along with its capability to lift 10000 pounds, deem it perfect for construction companies or company garages, especially where a steady and sturdy base is required for added balance such as uneven rocky terrain. It is perfect for changing tires or swooping under a forklift without much hassle.

Bottom Line

This forklift and tractor lifting product are perfect when you need an extra amount of steadiness. Its solid and broad foundation does not let it disbalance when the higher forces are into play. If you think that a standard floor jack dislodges from its contact points, then this is a good alternative. 

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

There are many key factors to keep in mind when considering buying the best 5-ton floor jack. These include:

Conventional or Electric

Conventional does the job but takes too much time, and a lot of effort goes into it. Electric and hydraulic systems are much more preferred as they get the job done by utilizing a small amount of current. Especially considering people with back issues, it does not fit well to have them fatiguing themselves.

Another advantage of using an electric system is that it utilizes way less time. So, when working professionally, you do not have enough time to deal with conventional designs as they hinder pace and momentum.


The design of the best floor jack should be able to withstand the vehicle weight. To be able to do so, its foundation should be solid. Otherwise, an imbalance can cost you your vehicle or even your life.

It is essential that the contact points are firm and in full approximation to prevent the car skidding from place. The design should be spread out and must cut out all imbalanced forces to keep the heavy vehicle in place.


A floor jack is not a single-use item. It needs to be coated to seize the spread of rust. Furthermore, look out for plastic hinges or handles. These can break off and, in turn, harm you or your car.


Before investing in a 5-ton floor jack, make sure your vehicle is suited for one. Customers often buy jacks of more tonnage when they require way less. To purchase the right one, you need to keep track of all the pointers mentioned above. Otherwise, you will end up paying even more for the damages ensued due to the use of an improper jack.

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