Best Hydraulic Jack Plates – 2021 Reviews

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Anyone who knows boats will tell you how essential having a jack plate is. It is one of the most essential tools when it comes to the boat’s functioning, especially in shallow waters. It also has many other functions that ensure higher efficiency, durability, and consistency, but more on that later.

This review is going to focus on two main things. It is going to identify the best hydraulic jack plates in the market. It will also include an amazing buying guide and a FAQ section to help clear any confusion that you have regarding the product. So, let’s get started.

  • Features Polymer rods for improved abrasion resistance
  • Designed with rod an slot lifting for effortless operation
  • Rods are made with self-lubricating material for convienience
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  • Suitable for fresh and salt water operation
  • Has no welding or casting for improved durability
  • Capable of lifting 7,853lbs up to 5"
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  • Best for the Money
  • Powerful motor with a six-second max lift rating
  • Features adjustable tension rods and automotive grease fittings
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  • Best Hydraulic Jack Plate for Boats
  • No reservoir or line installations required
  • Quick eight-second lifting ability
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  • Best 6 Inch Hydraulic Jack Plate
  • Effortless lifting design with rod and slot system
  • Self-lubricating material applied for maintenance-free operation
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  • Best CMC Hydraulic Jack Plate
  • Features stainless steel fastners to provide the best durability
  • Allows adjustment from the top or bottom
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  • Best Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate
  • Lightweight design that is very portable
  • Lifting is quick and can be done in eight seconds
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What is a Hydraulic Jack Plate and What Are They Used For?

Hydraulic jack plates might not be very popular among the masses, but to fishermen and boat riders, they surely are. They are special tools that are added to brackets, and they offer better adjustability dimensions to all of your outboard engine trims, both straight up and down. 

They also help accomplish a lot of significant functions, the most important being the diversity. With the help of a hydraulic jack plate, you can easily run into shallow waters that you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. A jack plate is also designed for the mounting bracket, especially when it comes to the onboard motor that lets you lower or raise the motor vertically.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Hydraulic Jack Plate?

If you are using a boat, let it be professional or for recreational purposes, keep in mind that a hydraulic jack plate is absolutely essential. There are so many products in the market, and it’s really hard to find a good product, but with just a quick read, you definitely can.

Shallow Waters Compatibility

Most people invest in a hydraulic jack set because it gives them better access to shallow waters. So any product that fails to assure this is likely to be a bad one. A good jack plate will allow you to use cavitation that will then compel the wind to be drawn out of the propeller blades.

Additionally, you should also ensure that the inner section of your propeller is not destroyed by the excess weight.

Better Fuel Economy

Another amazing advantage of having a jack plate is to have a better fuel economy. This increases fuel efficiency, thereby ensuring cost-effectiveness in the long run. This is achieved mainly by the jack plate’s ability to get the propeller in the correct position. 

By correcting the hydraulic jack plate, you are also able to better channel the thrust directly parallel to the top of your water.

Reduction in Drag

By fixing the specific place of your engine and propeller inside the water, you can easily lower the amount of drag that your equipment needs. With a hydraulic jack plate, you can also easily enhance the engine elevation without needing much power. This reduction in drag is also beneficial for ensuring that the boat is able to penetrate the shallow waters easily.

Review of the Best Hydraulic Jack Plates

We have spent a good amount of time discussing what you should and should not look for in the perfect hydraulic jack plate, but now it’s time to actually see which models fit our criteria best. Here are the top hydraulic jack plates in the market. 

Best Overall:
T-H Marine Supply Atlas

TH Marine AHJ-4V-DP


  • Offers predrilling for all shallow water anchors
  • Does not require any type of grease lubrication
  • Considered the number 1 selling plate in the world
  • Factory-installed, taking away the hassle of installation  
  • Made in the USA and offers a better warranty than others


  • Weight is also higher than others

What Recent Buyers Report 

Buyers are usually looking for 3 main things when it comes to hydraulic jack plates. These are efficiency, durability, and ease of installation, and needless to say, they get all this and much more by investing in this extraordinary model. 

This model is made in the USA and goes through rigorous testing to ensure a 100% satisfaction rate. It also offers a better warranty, which further adds to its appeal.

Why it stands Out to Us

Atlas has been a renowned company for decades, but it hasn’t reached this height by being good only. The model truly stands out because of its exemplary features like stronger motor and durable design. It is the first-ever model that did not require the use of a heavy safety cable. This protects the engine from entering the cockpit.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone who is looking for a stronger motor is likely to be pleased with the performance of this hydraulic jack plate. 

However, unlike most other models, this one doesn’t suit very smaller boats. This is because this plate weighs significantly more than most other models and hence might be difficult to operate on smaller boats. You can, however, use it for both shallow and sea waters for larger boats.

Bottom Line

Overall, this was the first majorly developed hydraulic jack plate in the last few decades, so it is no wonder that it is highly recommended by the users. It also offers a grease-free model that works by a different mechanism to ensure the easy replacement of the actuator. Not only this, but this jack plate is also the most durable one, hence it offers strength like none other.

T-H Marine 65302 CMC PL-65

T-H Marine - 3002.1023 65302 CMC PL-65 High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate


  • Rated for all V-6 motors 
  • Ensures 5 inch of vertical travel
  • Does not result in any breaking castings
  • Ideal for all kinds of fresh and salt water
  • Allows for 1.5-inch of adjustments on the motor brackets


  • Replacements of the actuator is expensive
  • Maintenance is both time-consuming and difficult

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers, especially recent buyers, couldn’t be happier with the performance of this model. They are particularly happy with its design, which enables you a 1.5-inch of adjustment on the motor bracket. This, coupled with 5-inch vertical travel, allows for more customization than recent buyers could have ever imagined.

Why it stands Out to Us

For any product to be so higher up on our list, it must have some unique qualities. This model is everything that you need from a hydraulic jack plate. It is rated for all V-6 motors, which makes it stand out in the crowd. This ability enables it to consume less fuel and energy, thus reducing both your expenses and your energy in the long run.

Who Will Use This Most

This hydraulic jack plate comes with a 5-inch of vertical travel and has one of the best motor brackets in the market. This enables it to provide an adjustment on the transom bracket, which is worth 1.5 inches. This, coupled with the model’s 6V power generation, helps make it suitable for both fresh and salt water. Now, owners can take their boats anywhere they please.

Bottom Line

With its higher diversity that allows it to go into both deep and shallow water, this model is already one of the top priorities of potential customers. It comes with no welding or castings, which increases its shelf life and ensures it lasts for a longer time. Moreover, it comes with vertical travel, which also adds to its longevity and makes it a reliable model.

Best for the Money:
Bob's Machine 100-106010 Action Series

Bob's Machine 100-106010 Action Series Jac Plate - 6', 300 HP Max


  • Provides 7.5 inches of lift
  • Equipped with fully adjustable tension rods
  • Can lift all heavy outboards within 6 seconds
  • Includes the wiring harness and automotive grease fittings
  • Comes with an extremely large and heavy motor for more durability


  • Lesser warranty than some other models
  • Slightly difficult to install in bad weathers

What Recent Buyers Report

Pleasing recent buyers is no easy feat, but this product has done it within a few years. It comes with one of the best motors in town, which adds to the strength of the model. Not only this, but it is also extremely affordable, which pleases the most recent buyers. It is also relatively cheaper, considering it can offer an excellent lift.

Why it stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for many things, but mainly for its diversity. The package contains all the hardware you need for proper and efficient installation. But that’s not all; it comes with wiring harness a control switch, which lets you operate better. It also comes with automotive grease fittings and a tension rod that is fully adjustable, thus making it stand out.

Who Will Use This Most

The model weighs only 23 kgs, which means it is one of the lesser weighing models in the market. It comes with a setback of 6 inches and has the ability to provide an excellent lift of 7.5 inches. Moreover, it comes with a very strong and powerful motor that can lift all the outboards in less than 6 seconds, therefore, saving both your time and energy.

Bottom Line

When it comes to jack plates, almost anything is possible with a powerful and strong motor. This hydraulic model is considered absolute royalty as it provides more than 7.5 inches of lift, that too quite easily. It also comes with a very simple design, which is extremely easy to both handle and operate.

Best Hydraulic Jack Plate for Boats:
T-H Marine AHJ-10V-DP

T. H. Marine AHJ-10V-DP Hydraulic Jack Plate - 10' Setback


  • Made with high-tech engineering rods
  • A self-contained hydraulic pump system
  • Has a slot and rod lifting design with double the action
  • Does not require any kind of lines or reservoir for installation
  • Extremely fast and provides efficiency in less than eight seconds


  • Slightly delayed power than some other brands

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers could not have fathomed the efficiency they will be getting if they invest in this model, but needless to say, they aren’t complaining. This model is extremely fast when it comes to lifting power. It also comes with lots and a rod lifting design that doubles the normal power, thereby further pleasing buyers.

Why it stands Out to Us

The high-end construction of the model is undoubtedly the feature that stands out to us the most. It comes with high-tech engineered polymer rods that is one of the most uniquely build construction material in the market. This, combined with its abrasion-resistant steel design, helps make the model 6 times more efficient than other brands.

Who Will Use This Most

The rods of this hydraulic jack plate is fully self-lubricated, which can mean only one thing. You can use these with any boat that you intend to use for a longer time. This feature ensures that the model doesn’t take much time to lift anything. It also features one-piece hydraulics, which is simple to install.

Bottom Line

In less than 8 seconds, this model can get you out of almost any kind of trouble, be it in shallow waters or in deep waters. It is made with high-end construction that offers more durability than usual. This, coupled with its high strength, ensures that you get a reliable model that doesn’t wear out or get damaged over time.

Best 6 Inch Hydraulic Jack Plate:
T-H Marine AHJ-6V-DP

TH Marine AHJ-6V-DP


  • Promises fully trouble-free lifting action
  • Requires only 6V to operate thus saving cost
  • Rods are made with self-lubricating materials
  • Has six times the abrasion resistance than normal steel
  • Allows for bottom to top lifting in less than eight seconds


  • Not suitable for very large boats
  • Screws need more tightening than normal models

What Recent Buyers Report

With its better efficiency and low overall cost, it’s no wonder that buyers are in awe of this product. It can run on only 6V of battery, which is extremely low, considering what other jack plates require. Moreover, the model comes with amazing rods that are fully lubricated. This ensures you don’t have to spend a lot of time moving or operating on the jack plate.

Why it stands Out to Us

This model is made for lifting very heavy engines from top to bottom in less than 8 seconds. Its high-tech engineering technology is what stands out to us most. This construction helps provide the model with durability and help ensure it can sustain all the weight. 

Moreover, it comes with a rod and slot lifting design, which offers a free lifting action for all kinds of engines.

Who Will Use This Most

We believe that this model is used mainly by those who want the ease of usage and more convenience. It is a fully self-contained hydraulic pump system that does not need any type of lines or reservoir to install. This ease of installation also helps save you valuable time and energy. It is also a very simple design which further aids ease of usage.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this next-generation hydraulic jack plate is winning people all around the world with its durable designs and heavy drag power. It is made for the heaviest and most powerful engines. 

This innovative high-tech design is built with a polymer rod that guarantees a full trouble-free action. This, coupled with the rods' self-lubricating tendency, makes this model better than most others.

Best CMC Hydraulic Jack Plate:
CMC Manual Power-Lift Transom 65012 by Hi-Tech Fishing


  • Comes with 5.5 set back from the transom
  • Has a 5-inch vertical adjustment positioning
  • Higher-strength ensures the longevity of the model
  • Made with stainless steel that offers more durability
  • One-piece design only which allows for easy installation


  • Maintenance is not cost-efficient
  • Requires extra energy to lift up the boat

What Recent Buyers Report

People are extremely pleased with this convenient model that has an extruded aluminum alloy and fasteners made of stainless steel. This offers more durability and strength that recent buyers could have gotten otherwise. They are also pleased with the higher reliability of the model, which is ensured by the company’s better warranty.

Why it stands Out to Us

This might not seem a very huge feature, but considering its importance in the installation, we think it deserves to be mentioned here. Its bolt pattern is what makes it stand out in the crowd. This comes without any drill holes or does not require any type of modifications in your boat or motor.

Who Will Use This Most

The model is considered the absolute best CMC hydraulic jack plate in the market and rightfully so too. It can adjust your power lift from top to bottom, therefore, offering you the ease of usage. It is also one of the simplest designs in the market that come with 5 inches of vertical adjustments. Moreover, it also comes with a 5.5 set back from the transom.

Bottom Line

Everyone likes simpler designs, especially if they are complemented by high-end motors and extra durability. This model is a true exception to the normal bad quality products you normally get in the market. It comes with amazing adjustment options, and its 5-inch set back is all you need to enjoy your boating experience in shallow waters to be amazing.

Best Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate:
T-H Marine AHJM-4-DP Atlas Micro Jacker

T-H Marine AHJM-4-DP Atlas Car Micro Jacker, 425 Pounds


  • Most suitable for smaller outboards
  • Amazing for very shallow water bodies
  • Allows you to lift in less than 8 seconds
  • Has a universal fit type that comes with greater compatibility
  • Max weight is only 425 pounds which is less than some other models


  • Fuel efficiency is slightly less than other models
  • Relatively less lift power than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all recent buyers have tried and tested this model, and they couldn’t be more pleased with its efficiency and its convenience factor. It is most suitable for shallow waters that offer greater compatibility with a range of brands. This, coupled with its high lifting power, makes it one of the best for all kinds of owners.

Why it stands Out to Us

The weight of the model is what stands out to us, but that’s not all. This low weight doesn’t come at the cost of durability. It offers more diversity by allowing it to be used with river runners, Jon boats, and gheenos. It also comes with an overall higher maximum horsepower, making it stand out.

Who Will Use This Most

Perhaps, the best thing about any model is higher compatibility with all types of brands. This model goes a step further and declares itself as a universal fit. This feature is enabled by its compact and simple design, which can easily fit any boat. It also has the ability to lift anything and get you out of trouble in less than 8 seconds.

Bottom Line

This most famous Atlas hydraulic jack plate is known for many things, but it is revered as a model that fits all brands. It is extremely efficient for smaller boats. This is because it is slightly compact than most other models, which makes it suitable for a special kind of boats that travel in less shallow waters. It also allows for a good lift, which further adds to its appeal.

Pros and Cons of Hydraulic Jack Plates

Hydraulic jack plates help you move to shallow water bodies easily, but are that all there is to these mysterious products? Certainly not. They come with their fair share of pros and some small cons. To ensure fairness, we will be highlighting both the pros and cons of these models.


The following are some advantages of hydraulic jack plates

Operations at Higher Mounting Heights

This is one of the most thrilling advantages of the hydraulic jack plates. They allow operations of the engines to happen at a relatively higher mounting height. The further we will set our engine from the transom, the higher we can raise it. 

We can also do this by adding an additional set back of the jack plate. This maintains a 4:1 relationship on the propeller, which will then raise the engine a lot higher.

Improvement in Efficiency

Efficiency is really important as it will help decide the overall performance of the model. The more the distance of your propeller, the better the transform will be. This will also help ensure lesser turbulence, which will then ensure that the propeller works better and get you the best efficiency possible.

Ease of Installation

Unlike some other tools that you need for your boat’s efficiency, this one isn’t very hard to install. It comes with a relatively simpler design which makes installation easier. 


Meanwhile, it has some drawbacks, including:


Like most other products, this one too is expensive. The initial cost of a hydraulic jack plate is much more than a manual jack plate. If it gets damaged or wears out, its replacement and repairing also cost significantly more and hence might be an issue with some people.

How Do You Install a Hydraulic Jack Plate?

Hydraulic jack plates are not as complicated as some people think they are. They are extremely simple when it comes to their design, and their installation isn’t very difficult either. To do this yourself, and without asking for any professional help, you simply have to follow a few simple steps.

  1. First thing is to understand that there are many components to the bass boat that do not always get the same attention as other parts. Lowrance electronics usually end up getting all the attention mainly because they are more important in terms of installation.

  2. Atlas pump is mounted on the inside of the plate itself. This means that there is no additional space that is required for pumps in the specialized rigging compartments of the boat.

  3. Remove the topmost part to expose the flywheel of the hydraulic jack plate.

  4. Bring the motor back 10 inches with the help of a slack that you will easily locate.

  5. Place the three-bolt eye lifts on the topmost part that you exposed.

  6. Raise the tongue of the boat to get more clearance.

  7. Lift the weight of the motor with the help of a large jack.

  8. Apply silicone on the screws to attach them better.

  9. Then put the jack plate on the transom to avoid any inconvenience.

  10. Attach the screws and 3-4 bolts to attach the sides.

  11. Do the mounting right off the sides.

This is a simpler version of what you have to do to install a jack plate. If you need a fuller version, refer to this video below.


Jack plates are like the most important thing to ship owners; almost every owner has one. But what differentiates a normal jack plate from a fabulous one is its efficiency and drag power. 

Our review highlights these important factors, along with several others. While buying your next hydraulic jack plate, you need to keep all these factors in mind. Investing in the right product will give you a significant edge over all other boat owners. It will also help you stand out in the crowd, so what are you waiting for?

People Also Ask

People, especially boat owners, have been fascinated by the supreme performance of hydraulic jack plates. However, since most of these people have shifted from manual jack plates, they still don’t understand the exact working of these models. These questions have been answered to help you better understand the product.

Do I Need a Hydraulic Jack Plate?

You absolutely do. Having a hydraulic jack plate is all you need to transform your engine and help it get higher efficiency. 

By creating ample space between your engine and transom, these jack plates can move the prop further from hull turbulence. This thereby moves the prop’s bite and provides it with higher efficiency. By raising the jack plate to a significant height, you can also get the boat to jump on any plane quicker.

How Do Hydraulic Jack Plates Work?

Electric hydraulic jack plates can easily add on the brackets and help provide two or more adjustability dimensions to the outboard engine trim straight down and up. It can also help improve performance in all kinds of water, especially shallow water. It also allows you to get up on your plane in a shallow water body.

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