Best Truck Jacks of 2021 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Trucks are extreme performance vehicles. They are built for rough and tough use and require maintenance and repairs to keep up with the job. Jacks are an essential part of every truck’s tool kit. Whether you want to replace shocks, change a tire, or make adjustments to your truck, you will need a jack. 

Therefore, a tool holding such importance needs to be selected with careful considerations of quality and features. In this article, we will give you a detailed rundown of the best available jacks for your trucks.

  • Constructed with an extra-long neck to improve stability and reach
  • Made with 360-degree swivel coasters for easy positioning
  • Heavy-duty jack ideal for high raised cars
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  • Heavy-duty all steel construction for life long service
  • Swivel saddle provides superior safety and convenience
  • Includes fast lift technology with built-in safety valves and bypass device
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  • Best for the Money
  • Tough precision welded construction for heavy-duty operation
  • Rapid lifting tech with U-joint release for precision performance
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  • Best Heavy Duty Truck Jack
  • Versatile design with rail and saddle heads
  • Includes a steel bar to safe-lock the jack in position
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  • Best Portable Truck Jack
  • Electrical operation powered by 12v outlets and 11.5 foot cord
  • Safety device prevents falling over and ensures lift even when unpowered
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Can Any Jack Be Used on a Truck?

No, not all items can be used on a truck. For a jack to be able to lift a truck, it needs to be able to support very heavy weight. It needs to have a broad and long base plate for stability in a raised position, and it should have some sorts of security mechanisms to lock the jack once the desired height is reached. This is so that the jack doesn’t collapse under the weight of the truck, injuring the person underneath.

What Size of Jack Do I Need For My Truck?

For your trucks, ordinary car jacks will not suffice. For durable performance and safety, a truck jack should be able to lift at least 3-4 tons of weight. Trucks are quite heavy, and a car jack capable of supporting 2 tons of weight would just collapse under the truck’s heaviness. A truck jack should also be taller than usual jacks. It should be able to reach 16- 20” and above in lift to raise high clearance trucks.

Review of the Best Truck Jacks

Now that we have a clear general idea of where the average size of a truck jack should lie, we can move on to explore some of the options available in the market. Below we will give a detailed review of some of the best available truck jacks that have been selected, keeping in view quality, performance, and affordability.

Best Overall:
Torin T83006 Big Red

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Extra Saddle (Fits: SUVs and Extended Height Trucks): 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red


  • 3 tons of weight carrying capacity
  • 360o swivel casters give rotational mobility
  • Lifting length ranges from minimum 5 7/8” to maximum 17 ¼”
  • Weighs 43.9 lbs. and is easy to carry around in a car or by hand
  • Extra-long handle requires lesser force to be imparted to lift the vehicle


  • Maximum extended lift could have been a little higher
  • Handle comes separately and cannot be stowed on the jack, might get lost

What Recent Buyers Report

The Trion Big Red felt like an impressive upgrade from usual jacks as recent buyers report. It had no problem with lifting trucks, SUVs, and even some of the jeeps. The long handle really did cut down the force required to lift. It was easy to set up and worth every penny.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like it because the Trion jack has a large wide base plate to support and balance the vehicle during a lift. When the long handle plays in combination with the wide base, the overall force required to pump the car up decreases considerably. 

Who Will Use This Most

This heavy-duty product would be useful for truck owners or repair workshops. Since it is not very heavy, it could be carried in a car for emergencies. In mechanic’s workshops, it would be able to provide services for various different models of trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and some jeeps as well, making it a worthy purchase.

Bottom Line

Trucks demand repair tools with weight tolerance and user-friendly design. The user-friendly design helps maneuver the item or get a better approach at a truck during or after the lift. It is heavy-duty equipment that would never disappoint in terms of performance.

Blackhawk B6350

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton Capacity, 28 1/2' L x 13 3/4' W x 6 1/2' H


  • Capable of withstanding 3.5 tons of weight
  • Built-in internal safety valves to prevent collapsing
  • Lift heights range from minimum 5.5” to maximum 22”
  • Rolled side frames add rigidity and strength to the overall structure
  • Swivel handle and rear caster help position the jack whichever way you want


  • Supports only a year-long warranty
  • Heavy weighted and difficult to lift and carry around

What Recent Buyers Report

For recent buyers, the Black Hawk just screamed durability. The lift height was incredible. The jack lifted trucks and SUVs without any problem or resistance. The framework was very sturdy as well and did not buckle or break under the vehicle’s heavy weight.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The safety mechanisms on this item are robust. The rolled side frames add to the strength of the already solidly built product. This further reduces the chances of it breaking or collapsing, resulting in mishaps. Moreover, the built-in safety valves hold the jack stably in a raised position, aiding in enduring the vehicle’s weight.

Who Will Use This Most

This jack would be very popular among driveway mechanics and workshop workers. It would be suitable for large spaces where it could be rolled from one place to another rather than having to be lifted for transport. The minimum lift is suitable for cars, while the maximum covers a long range of truck and SUV models.

Bottom Line

The Black Hawk combines all the goodness of a high-end item in this affordable model. It has a dependable design with enhanced safety. The lift extensions give versatility in function by making the jack compatible with lots of different models.

Best for the Money:
3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack by Pittsburgh Automotive


  • Handle is very long, reaching to 45.5”
  • Rapid pump reaches to maximum height in just 3.5 pumps
  • Welded steel precision construction with an industrial-grade finish
  • Tool employs Universal Joint Release Mechanism to lower the vehicle
  • Gives a minimum extension of 2.875” and goes up to a maximum of 19.75”


  • Makes noises during pumping up or lowering down
  • Very heavy equipment that is not for carrying around

What Recent Buyers Report

The seemingly effortless smooth and easy operation of this item is what caught the attention of most recent buyers. Even though it has a very low profile, it would lift to a considerable height that was suitable for trucks. It was more than sufficient for personal vehicle care and had a very user-friendly design. The long handle and the pump gave a good lift in no time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This item is a very useful piece of equipment. Versatility does not even begin to cover it. It could be used on low cars such as sports or luxury cars while still being sufficient for high suspension trucks and SUVs. The Universal Release Joint is just another one of its incredible features that prevent your vehicle from damage by a sudden drop during lowering.

Who Will Use This Most

This Pittsburgh jack enjoys a very wide audience. It is suitable for large spaces where it needs not to be picked up for transport and could be rolled from places to places. Also, it would satisfy the needs of mechanics or users who deal with any sort of vehicle from low suspension cars to the high ones.

Bottom Line

Overall, this item is solid, with great features that come with a deal-breaker price. The catering it provides for a vehicle’s need for such a low price is unparalleled. It has a 3-ton weight capacity and extension ranging from 2.8”-19.7” giving an unbeatable combo.

Best Heavy Duty Truck Jack:
Powerbuilt 620422E

Powerbuilt 2 Ton Triple Lift Floor Jack, Lifts Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV's, Transmissions, Tie-Down Loops, Locking Safety Bar - 620422E


  • Capable of withholding 2 tons of vehicle weight
  • 40” long extra-wide chassis for support and balance
  • Minimum lift extension of 5 ¼” to a maximum of 17¾”
  • Fulfills ASME and PDL standards, confirming the worth of the tool
  • Removable lift saddle and rails and padded lift rails give a better grip at the vehicle


  • Not supported by any warranty
  • 2 tons of weight carrying capacity is less for lifting all trucks

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers who had recently bought this Powerbuilt jack found it to be quite useful. Although the 2 tons weight capacity was a somewhat limiting factor, it did not hinder the overall performance of the jack. The build frame was very solid and durable and had a design that further reinforced its strength.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As far as trucks are concerned, the extension of 17 ¾” is suitable for most models. But what really makes it stand out is the wide base plate that supports the vehicle during the lift and the long handle. The handle is further covered with foam for an enhanced grip. It requires only a few pumps to reach the maximum height. Strong design is what describes this product.

Who Will Use This Most

The item would find greater use at workshops that deal only in truck repairs. It does not have a profile low enough to be useful for most cars. For trucks, however, it is designed to endure the demands of truck repairs. It would also be useful for truck owners to carry out repairs and replacements on their own.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a product that is specifically designed to cater to higher vehicles like SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. It has a very strong body that could be easily pumped with a long handle. The wide base plate reaches out to all lift points and prevents collapsing. This is one of the most durable options present.

Best Portable Truck Jack:
ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack

ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack – Automatic Emergency Lift for All Cars, Vans, Trucks, SUVs


  • Capable of withholding 3 tons of weight
  • Minimum lift length is 6” which goes up to 17.5”
  • Leak-proof box to store the oil used in hydraulics
  • An electric hydraulic jack and could be connected to a 12V port for use
  • Self-locking mechanisms prevent the jack from collapsing even when the power is off


  • Lifting base is very narrow and circular
  • Cannot be used if the power is not available

What Recent Buyers Report

The product is working great for those who had bought or used it recently. It lifts vehicles within minutes. But the most hailed feature is its lightweight and its compact body. It made it useful in tight spots. Since it does not have wheels, the lightweight made it easier to carry around. For the users, it enabled them to perform off-road repairs or aided during road emergencies.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A lot of things in this product caught our eye. Firstly, it can support 3 tons of weight, which makes the cut to render it useful for most trucks. Secondly, the small body with easy to use features makes it a great hit. It could be plugged into the truck’s cigarette port to be used. An ON/OFF switch button eases the operation. 

Thirdly, it has self-locking mechanisms that ensure that the jack maintains its heightened position, even if the power is disconnected.

Who Will Use This Most

This jack is great for offside road emergencies, which makes it a great choice for frequent road trippers and off-roaders. Additionally, it would find good use with a mechanic who works in a cramped up space. Also, it is highly suitable for home use by beginners and professionals alike.

Bottom Line

Enhanced technology is supported by this jack. It utilizes electric power to eliminate the need for users having to pump the jack. It is an incredible choice for truck enthusiasts and has features that are both worth the money and a try.

Best Jack for Lifted Truck:
Mophorn 10 Ton Lifted Truck Tall Jack Stands


  • Safe to use and easy to operate
  • Incredible lifting capacity of 10 tons
  • Leak-proof hydraulic system lasts long
  • Minimum lift height of 28.3” is every truck owner’s dream
  • Very strong steel build with a thick iron angle to support the structure


  • Cannot be lifted by a single person
  • Not suitable for cars, only suitable for trucks, jeeps, and SUVs in terms of vehicles

What Recent Buyers Report

After using this jack, there is no going back for recent purchasers. This was typically due to two reasons. First is the extra strong steel and iron build that speaks for the endurance and durability of the jack. And second is the wide usability. The jack was not only used for truck repairs but also for lifting home appliances and even for supporting a plane’s tail!

Why it Stands Out to Us

This jack is a monster when it comes to performance. The 10 tons of weight carrying and supporting capacity is great and puts it among the very high-end jacks. It has a minimum of lift length of 28.3,” which does not even begin to cover the versatile functions it could provide. Also, it features a professional adjust handle, which makes the process a whole lot easier.

Who Will Use This Most

This is not a jack that would suit someone who carries out occasional repairs or owners of low suspension cars. It is built for rigorous use around the house, workshop, industry, or any other place. It would highly suit professionals who have had some experience with lifting. Also, it would be a great option for situations where trucks are loaded and need to be lifted without unloading the baggage.

Bottom Line

In all, this Morphon Jack is unparalleled and unbeatable in its performance. Boosting a very strong framework, it can withstand incredible amounts of weight and lifts very high. It is a jack that would serve multipurpose and would last very long.

How to Jack Up a Truck

Jacking up a truck is not very hard, and a person can do it on their own after having carefully observed some do it or after reading the instructions. The following is a step by step guide that would help you set up a jack on a truck.

  1. Switch the engine off and take out the key from the ignition.

  2. Position your jack under the car at a designated point for the jack or where you feel the truck won’t slide off the jack.

  3. If you plan on raising the front wheel, the jack should be set up behind the wheel.

  4. If you plan on raising the rear wheel, it is necessary to place the jack in front of the wheel.

  5. The jack should not be placed under non-structural components due to the danger of slipping. These structures include oil pan, radiator, steering rack, etc.

  6. Under the car, there are jack points present. These act as a guide as to where the jack should make contact with the car for a secure position when raised. Place your jack directly under it so that they make contact with these points.

  7.  Next, tighten your pressure valve to ensure safety against collapsing.

  8. Now, use the handle and pump it in an up and down motion to lift the base plate of the jack.

  9. The lift plate eventually reaches the car body and would make contact with the jack point.

  10. Continue pumping the jack to lift the car to the desired height. 

  11. The car should be raised high enough to put jack stands under it to prevent collapsing and mishap.

If you need visual help with this process, make sure to refer to the video below. 


Trucks are heavy-duty vehicles subjected to daily and continuous rigorous work. They often require immediate repairs or maintenances to be made in order not to hinder the routine. 

An essential tool for the truck’s maintenance is a truck jack. It cranks up your truck so that further underbody work could be done. Without one, it is practically impossible to safely repair trucks from the underside. Hence, a good quality jack is a serious need. Among the many options available, the best one for you depends on your needs and setup. Assess those and make your decision.

People Also Ask

In this section, we shed light on some of the things that might have been left unanswered during the review. We do that by answering some of the most sought-after questions after careful research. Readers can read these to enhance their knowledge regarding the product discussed in the review.

Where to Put Jack Stands Under a Truck?

This depends on what you want to lift the car for, whether it is for a tire change or for working the shackles, etc. Usually, there are jack points marked on the underside of the truck to direct you regarding the position of the jack. If not, according to your need, place the jack under a structural component from where the jack does not slip off.

Can a 2 Ton Jack Lift a Truck?

A 2-ton jack makes the cut for a safe load limit for a truck. However, most high suspension vehicles like a truck with a large bodyweight should be supported over 3-4 ton weight capacity jacks to avoid collapsing during full extension. A 2-ton jack might not be very stable in a full extension under a truck.

Do Trucks Come With a Jack?

The inclusion of a jack in the truck purchase varies from brand to brand. Earlier, companies used to include a scissor jack in the sale. But recently, companies have stopped doing so because floor jacks are heavier and larger. This not only takes up space, but it also adds up to the weight, which reduces fuel efficiency. To counter that, usually, companies do not include a jack in the sale.

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