Best Jack Stands of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Tired of breaking jack stands and cheating serious injury? Well, you are in the right place. This guide presents you with some of the most high-quality and reliable jack stands. 

Now, you don’t have to put your life in danger just to fix your car. All you need is to pick any product from our list and forget your misery.

  • Made from durable forged steel with welded frame
  • Broad pyramid base design provide better stability
  • Multi-position ratchet with sawtooth design for quick adjustment, tight lock
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  • Adjustable between 11" to 17"
  • Provides level stability and secure hold
  • Made tough from cast alluminium
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  • Best for the Money
  • Durable design with wide steel base for stability
  • Combination design incorporating jack stand and lift
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  • Best Motorcycle Jack Stand
  • Simplified operation with rotating metal sleeve
  • Durable steel design with oil, grease and dirt resistance
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  • Best Trailer Jack Stand
  • Constructed from durable steel with powder coating
  • Telescopic design with quick-release pin for easy operation
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  • Best Trailer Tongue Jack Stand
  • Designed to prevent sinking into hot asphalt
  • Can support up to 10,000lbs
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  • Best Hydraulic Jack Stand
  • Can be operated manualy or by pneumatic automation
  • Includes a three position safety lock for secure operation
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What is a Jack Stand?

A jack stand is a tool specifically built to support an automobile that is being raised by a jack. They come with a number of different features that are compatible with different types of vehicles. 

Typically, a jack stand features a stand whose height can be adjusted in order to support a raised vehicle.

What Size of Jack Stands Do I Need?

Well, you might be wondering, what size of jack stands do I need, right? Don’t worry. In this section, we will tell you all about which size to buy.

You must have heard the good rule of thumb regarding the size of jack stands to purchase. No? Well, it suggests that you should buy a jack stand that is capable of bearing weight twice that of your car. 

That means if your car weighs 3000 pounds, you should ideally look for a 6000 pounds of load-bearing capacity. It is a great rule just to be on the safer side.

How to Choose Jack Stands

Choosing a jack stand is not easy by means. Why? Well, of course, there is a sea of brands and products that fit into your buying category! You need the best, right? Well, it might need some sort of research before you put your hands on something.

However, researching and deciding a product on your own can be risky and time-consuming at the same time. Unless you got some expertise, you could invest in the wrong product.

Therefore, we are here to assist you. In this section, we will identify major aspects to consider while choosing a jack stand.


Well, the first thing to notice is the price tag. A lot of us don’t have a very high budget, while most high-quality products are expensive. Therefore, you should opt for a product that delivers value for your money.


Of course, durability is something you need when picking a jack stand. A high-quality model features a metallic frame with rustproof construction for longevity. Therefore, watch out for durable construction and reliable performance.


Several high-quality jack stands feature safety mechanisms like safety locks. These prevent instability while the car is propped using the jack. Make sure that you pick a model that has safety measures to ensure your safety while working.

Review of the Best Jack Stands

We understand that you are looking for the best. Of course, this guide displays some of the best jack stands you can find on the market. However, the type you need depends on your needs or purpose. 

The following are some of the best jack stands that you can purchase on the market.

Best Overall:
Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

BIG RED T43202 Torin Steel Jack Stands: 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red, 2 count (pack of 1)


  • Height is adjustable with 3-ton capacity
  • Pyramid base provides additional strength
  • Offers a large surface area for ideal contact
  • Made of high-quality forged steel and welded frame design
  • Features quick height adjustment with multi-position ratchet bar


  • Locking mechanism is not reliable
  • Users reported defected components

What Recent Buyers Report

A large number of buyers absolutely loved this product. It is specifically because of the strength and durability it offers. Most importantly, it can be used to lift multiple types of vehicles like cars, SUVs, and light trucks. People are quite satisfied with the purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about this item are its various features. It has a pyramid base and a welded frame design with high-quality forged steel construction. Consequently, it provides a lot of strength and toughness to this jack stand. Moreover, it features height adjustment options with a 3-ton weight capacity.

Who Will Use This Most

This item is ideal for lifting cars, SUVs, and light trucks. With a 3-ton capacity and a large surface area, it seems ideal for most vehicles. Also, the quick height adjustments with the multi-position ratchet bar offer high convenience. It is a must-have for everyone.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is a superb product that offers a variety of features. It delivers great strength and durability that can support the weight of multiple types of vehicles. Also, it provides you with reliability and convenience.

Camco 2 Pack 44561

Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks, Stabilize and Level Your RV Or Camper - 2 Pack


  • Perfectly designed for RVs
  • Comes as a pack of 2 stands
  • Very secure item for lifting heavy vehicles
  • Durable construction; made of cast aluminum
  • Offers height adjustments for user convenience


  • Only stable at a lower height level
  • Performance deteriorates over time

What Recent Buyers Report

A majority of the users seem to be satisfied and quite happy with the purchase. They believe that it was exactly what they were looking for. Featuring a set of 2 jack stands, this product offers high quality. However, beware of reading the instructions carefully and the vehicles it supports.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What appeals to us is the swift and strong construction of this item. Arriving in a pair of 2, it is great for lifting heavy vehicles. Ideally, it is meant to lift RVs; however, it is quite secure. Moreover, the construction is comprised of a cast aluminum body that offers increased strength.

Who Will Use This Most

Well, as the description says, it is perfectly designed for supporting RVs. It’s true! These products are capable of supporting an RV without any hassle. Each unit is capable of supporting nearly 6000llbs of weight. Also, height can be adjusted effectively for proper positioning.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this pair of jack stands is perfectly designed lifting RVs. Delivering superb strength and durability with their cast aluminum body, this jack stand offers increased durability and, thus, extended longevity. It’s a great pick for RV owners.

Best for the Money:
Powerbuilt Black Alltrade 640912

Powerbuilt 3 Ton, Bottle Jack and Jack Stands in One, 6000 Pound All-in-One Car Lift, Heavy Duty Vehicle Unijack, 640912


  • Comes with a safety bar for locking height
  • Perfectly designed for trucks and off-road vehicles
  • Features a patent design with an item and bottle jack
  • Offers a wide steel base for stability while under heavy load
  • Quite durable and offers a wide range of height adjustments


  • Customer support is not very competent
  • Functionality and construction are questionable

What Recent Buyers Report

We were able to get a positive response from the customers who used this product. Most of them were satisfied with the purchase. They said that the product looks great and offers a flawless and smooth operation. Most importantly, it is a heavy-duty model that is used to lift trucks and off-road vehicles.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are numerous aspects that are quite interesting about this item. It features a patent design with a jack stand and bottle jack embedded in a single unit. Additionally, it has a safety bar that allows it to lock at the desired height. Moreover, a wide steel base offers great stability while in use. 

Who Will Use This Most

Well, this item is perfectly designed for lifting heavy vehicles. That being said, it includes trucks and off-road vehicles. The durable design and construction enable it to lift heavy vehicles with ease. Most importantly, it has various safety mechanisms like the safety bar. Also, it is quite durable and flexible with various height adjustment capabilities.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is a great product for your truck or off-road vehicle. With a weight lifting capacity of 6000lbs, it is a perfect choice. The best part? It offers you high stability, convenient height adjustments, and safety mechanism as well.

Best Motorcycle Jack Stand:
Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack

Orion Motor Tech Motorcycle Lift, 4-13 Inch Motorcycle Scissor Jack, 1100lb Capacity Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Stand and 1/2 Ton Scissor Lift Jack for Street Bikes Cruisers Touring Motorcycles More


  • Resistant to oil, grease, and dust
  • All necessary instructions are included
  • Ideal for lifting 1000-1200lbs motorcycles
  • Heavy-duty steel body for increased durability
  • Comes with an easily operated sleeve made of steel


  • Only supports motorcycles with a flat bottom
  • Not ideal for dirt bike, ATV, UTV or snowmobile

What Recent Buyers Report

An overwhelming response from the users of this product suggests its high-quality and performance. People are happy that they bought this item stand for their motorcycles. They believe that it is highly durable and offers great flexibility. Also, instructions are pretty clear, and it is an easy to use product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This item comes with an easy operate sleeve that is made up of durable steel. Additionally, it has a heavy-duty steel body that delivers more strength and sturdiness to it. Most importantly, it is quite simple and easy to use with the given set of instructions. Also, it is resistant to oil, grease, and dust.

Who Will Use This Most

Well, this product is ideally designed for motorcycles. It has a load-bearing capacity of 1000-1200 pounds. The interesting thing is that it is quite powerful and highly capable of lifting heavy motorcycles. However, it requires your motorcycle to have a flat bottom to ensure stability.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great product for motorcycle enthusiasts. It offers sheer quality and durability with its amazingly durable construction. That’s not all. The flexibility it offers with its various features makes it an attraction.

Best Trailer Jack Stand:
EAZ LIFT Telescopic RV Jack

EAZ LIFT 48860 Telescopic Jack, (Pack of 2)


  • Made of durable steel for longevity
  • Can be adjusted from 16 to 30 inches
  • Load-bearing capacity is a whopping 6000 pounds
  • Comes with telescopic RV jacks and Quick Release Pin
  • Powder-coated construction ensure a rust-free protection


  • Only designed for RVs
  • Jacking pad doesn’t spin freely

What Recent Buyers Report

A high percentage of positive reviews suggest the outstanding quality and durability this item delivers. Users seem to be completely satisfied and praise the durable construction and its reliable performance. Moreover, recent users urge others to invest in this quality model.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this product’s overall build quality. It features a number of flexible specifications while being highly durable. In addition, it offers height adjustments from 16 to 30 inches. Moreover, it has a great load-bearing capacity of 6000 pounds. The great thing about it is its durable nature. 

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for a durable item, we suggest investing in this product. It is because it is a highly reliable and durable jack stand made out of durable steel. That’s not all. In addition to that, it has a powder-coated construction that makes it a rust-free model. It comes with telescopic RV jacks and a quick-release pin.

Bottom Line

A final word on this item would be that it is a reliable and durable jack stand that gets the job done easily and effectively. If you own an RV vehicle, then this might be the product that would suit your needs.

Best Trailer Tongue Jack Stand:
Valterra Red A10-0900

Valterra A10-0900 Trailer Tongue Jack Stand - Red


  • Can easily support trailer tongue
  • Comes at a highly affordable price
  • Bears a weight up to 10000 pounds
  • A great option for boat or RV trailer
  • Lightweight design with 2 pounds weight


  • Some users reported durability issues
  • Not designed for jacks with wheels or casters

What Recent Buyers Report

Well, the reviews say it all. It is one of the most affordable and highly durable products. It features a remarkable load-bearing capacity. What impresses the users is the value for money that it delivers. It is quite cheap while it can deliver the task quite effectively.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This jack stand can easily support a trailer tongue. Additionally, it has a lightweight design and weighs only 2 pounds. This means that you can carry it easily from one place to another. Interestingly, it can bear an enormous amount of weight with its 10000 pounds of load-bearing capacity.

Who Will Use This Most

Are you looking for a budget item? If you wish to get the job done in a minimum budget, we suggest picking this one. It is available at an incredibly lower price tag while being super-durable and reliable. However, it is ideally designed for boat and RV trailers.

Bottom Line

In all, this is a great value for the money product. Delivering a handful of useful features and astonishing load-bearing capacity, it is a must purchase. If you are low on budget, try out this amazing jack stand at a budget price.

Best Hydraulic Jack Stand:
VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Lift Jack Hoist Stand

VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack Hoist Stand 1500 lbs


  • Compact design hydraulic jack for easy lifting
  • Highly mobile with a handle and swivel casters
  • Comes with a 3-position safety lock mechanism
  • Features a load-bearing capacity of 1500 pounds
  • Has a durable steel frame and rubber-padded lift pads


  • Doesn’t offer any warranty

What Recent Buyers Report

We were able to witness a highly positive response from recent buyers regarding this item. What most people like about it is its superb durability and reliability. Interestingly, it offers numerous features as well, which enhances your experience. All in all, it’s a great product for everyone.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product offers everything that you can ask for. It features a compact design with a hydraulic jack for easy lifting. In addition, it features a load-bearing capacity of 1500 pounds. Moreover, the construction consists of a durable steel frame with rubber-padded lift pads.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are concerned about your safety while using a product, try this amazing model. It has everything on offer. Amazingly, it features a 3-position safety lock mechanism that firmly holds the weight. Also, it offers an easy to transport facility with its handle and swivel casters.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it is a great item that is perfect for lifting various vehicles. It has embedded safety mechanisms and portable features that make it a great traveling companion. All in all, it’s a great jack stand overall.

Best 3 Ton Jack Stand:
AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands

Amazon Basics Steel Jack Auto Stands, 3 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair


  • Comes with a self-locking ratchet
  • Height can be adjusted as desired
  • Offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sturdy steel frame and rustproof coating
  • Pair of 3-ton jack stands with 6000 pounds load-bearing capacity


  • Quality control is not competent
  • Several users reported defected components

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are amazed at the performance and reliability of this outstanding jack stand. They praise the quality and durability it has to offer. Most importantly, it offers a handful of useful features that facilitate you in various lifting tasks. It is highly recommended by most users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about this jack stand is the multitude of features it possesses. It has a self-locking ratchet for safety. Additionally, it offers adjustable height, and it has durable steel construction and rustproof coating. Also, it comes with a pair of 3-ton jack stands with 6000 pounds weight capacity.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for a jack stand that safeguards your investment, then look no further. It’s true! This model offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to its customers. As a result, you can invest in this product without worrying about defected components or incompatibility.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is one of the best jack stands that is available in the market. It offers its users a ton of features paired with durable construction and reliable performance. Thus, it’s a must purchase jack stand for all vehicle owners.

Jack Stands vs. Ramps - Comparison Overview

You might get confused when it comes to choosing between jack stands and ramps. Well, don’t be. We are here to guide you regarding some of the similarities and differences both of them offer. 


Jack stands, and ramps are similar to each other in certain aspects. Here, we will display some of the similarities they share.


Both serve the same purpose. By this, we mean that they are used for the same purpose of lifting vehicles above ground mostly for maintenance.

Easy to Use

Both of these are quite easy to use and understand. They use simple mechanics and techniques which allow you to lift your car easily and effectively.


Obviously, both of them are highly reliable when it comes to lifting your vehicle. They provide a decent platform to raise your car without any serious risk.


The following are some of the differences we found between jack stands and ramps.


Ramps are much simpler than jack stands. All you have to do is drive your car over the ramp, and you are good to go. For jack stands, you should know your car lifting points and various operational techniques.


Generally, ramps are much more affordable than jack stands. They are quite safer and are available at a fairly low price.

How to Put a Car on Jack Stands

Using a jack stand is quite simple and easy. However, if this is your first time, you might need some sort of guidance and expertise. For that, we are here to assist you. Before you put your car on jack stands, make sure you follow our steps in order. 

  1. The first thing you need is a jack stand itself. There are numerous sizes available. Make sure you pick the right one for your vehicle.

  2. Before you start, adjust the jack stand to the height you desire. Use the locking bar to make a stable connection.

  3. The next thing you have to do is insert the safety pin.

  4. Now, what you need to do is place the jack stand aligned properly to your vehicle’s lifting points. Make sure all your connections are stable before lifting your vehicle using a jack.

  5. Always use the jack stand that is compatible or supports your type of vehicle. In case you don’t use the right one, things might be catastrophic.

However, if you are still uncertain, refer to the video below for a detailed demonstration.


A high-quality jack stand will always serve you better in the long run. Therefore, always try and invest in a quality model to ensure reliable operation. However, there exists a myriad of products to choose from. It all depends on your preferences, your purpose, and your requirements.

People Also Ask

People always ask numerous questions regarding the products they purchase or about to purchase. Therefore, to facilitate you, we have devised a list of frequently asked questions. These might help you solve your problems and your ambiguities as well. Here are some of the questions asked by people.

Where to Put Jack Stands?

Every vehicle features lifting points for the purpose of lifting it using a jack. A jack stand provides support and stability just in case you are lifting your vehicle. Therefore, to do so effectively, you need to align your jack stand with the lifting points. Only then can you safely lift your vehicle.

How Do Jack Stands Work?

A jack stand is a simple tool used for lifting vehicles of different types and weights. They are compatible with different types of vehicles. Typically, they have a stand that offers an adjustable height. While your vehicle is raised by the jack, the jack stands to provide firm support.

How to Put a Car on 4 Jack Stands?

Putting a car on 4 jack stands can be a bit tricky. For this, you are going to need 4 different jack stands. To do so, all you need to do is lift the sides of the car one by one using a jack. Slide the jack stand near the jack for firm support, and you are good to go.

Are Jack Stands Safe?

Jack stands are one of the most common ways to lift cars. They are used worldwide by drivers in case their vehicle needs lifting. Most of the high-end jack stands feature various safety mechanisms like safety bars. These allow you to be safe while the car is being lifted.

Is a 2 Ton Jack Enough For a Car?

The answer is yes. A 2-ton jack stand is more than enough for lifting a typical 4-seater sedan. Typically, cars weigh from 3000 to 4000 pounds on average. A 2-ton jack stand is more than enough. For reliable operation, your jack stand should be capable of lifting twice the weight of your car.

Do I Need Jack Stands to Change a Tire?

Stuck on the road with a burst tire? You don’t have to worry if you have a jack in your car’s back! Typically, you won’t be needing a jack stand for changing a tire. The reason is that it is only a support and not a lifting tool. For lifting a car, a jack is required.

Should I Put my Car on Jack Stands For the Winter?

Well, it highly depends on your personal preference. Ideally, you can put your car on jack stands for winter. You will need 4 different jack stands to raise your car completely off the ground. This would allow you to eradicate any flat areas on your old tires.

How Much Are Jack Stands?

Jack stands are quite common and are easily available on the market. A standard jack stand ranges from several bucks to several hundred dollars, depending upon quality and performance. Keep in mind, the higher the quality of the stand, the higher would be the price tag.

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