Best 3-Ton Floor Jacks of 2021 – Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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A 3-ton jack is among the common equipment you often see in the car garage. This mechanical device is a must-have for anyone who works on cars.

Although it is a compact device, it does wonders when it comes to lifting a wide range of vehicles from cars to trucks, that, too, in a few steps. If you are here to find a reliable jack that can fulfill your needs, this article would be of great help.

  • Lightweight aluminium material for simple maneuverability
  • Overload valves prevents hydraulic over extension maintaining the rated capacity
  • Comes with a floor jack equiped with own handle
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  • Hanldes upto 85 pounds of load capacity
  • Extended lifting range of 5.5 to 22 inches
  • Uses a pair of jack stand for load support
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  • Best for the Money
  • Equiped with joint release that provide load control under all positions
  • Large steel base for load stability
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  • Best 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack
  • Its height range adds up to 19 inches
  • Equiped with safety valve that prevents the jack from overloading
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  • Best 3 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack
  • Long neck to use on higher vehicles
  • Swivel casters which extends up to 360 degrees
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  • Best 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
  • Large surface wheels to enhance maneuvarability
  • Hydraulic system is air tight sealed to prevent contaminations
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  • Best 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack
  • Low profile for effective use on lowered vehicles
  • Contain a rubber pad that helps in friction resistance
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When Would I Need a 3-Ton Floor Jack?

Even if you are not a huge fan of car equipment, you still need to get a 3-ton floor jack in your car in order to handle any kind of emergency. This device is quite popular among amateurs and professionals who love to work on cars.

Let’s discuss three major uses of a 3-ton floor jack.

Weight Lifting

One of the most prominent uses of floor jacks is in workshops to lift heavy vehicles. It can easily lift heavy loads off the ground during repair or maintenance. They are employed by professional mechanics in the automotive industry to either lift the whole vehicle or its parts during routine maintenance of cars to make them as good as new.

Aracan ALJ3T


A 3-ton floor jack comes in handy when there is no other helping hand. While working with a heavy vehicle, you will definitely need someone to assist you. However, having an efficient floor jack eliminates this need. With it, you won't need a lot of people to help you as it can replace their work.

Life-Saver in Emergencies

While traveling off-road, you might come across a flat tire or any other mechanical issue. Well, a floor jack comes to your rescue by lifting the car for you. Juts change your tire and continue your journey.

Review of the Best 3-Ton Floor Jacks

Now that it’s clear that a jack can be employed for tons of applications, we have reviewed a couple of products for you. All these models promise to deliver top-notch performance and, therefore, worth the investment.

Let’s get started!

Best Overall:
Arcan ALJ3T

Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack with Dual Pump Pistons & Reinforced Lifting Arm (ALJ3T / A20018)


  • Lightweight design with dual pump pistons
  • Comes with a 2-piece handle for easy storage
  • Incorporates a rubber saddle for your convenience
  • Manufactured from aircraft aluminum to mark durability
  • Meets the ASME PASE safety standards to add on to perfection


  • Handles are awkwardly placed
  • Rigid frame often keeps one wheel off the ground

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have found this jack extremely useful in working with heavy loads. They report that not only is the construction durable, but the design is user-friendly as well. It has a rigid frame, plus the rubber saddle and the foam handle pumper protect the vehicle in case of an accident. Overall, this amazing jack has everything for you, from safety measures to storage.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Arcan jack has a solid construction as it is made from aircraft aluminum, which makes a robust and lightweight structure. The incorporation of quality pump pistons in it helps in the systematic lifting of vehicles during service. Moreover, you can easily work under the vehicle without any tension, thanks to the rubber saddle.

Who Will Use This Most

Versatile in its performance, this strong jack is capable of lifting heavy loads without compromising on the performance. With its 3-ton capacity, it can be used in garages for lifting vehicles during their regular maintenance and services. Moreover, easy storage allows you to keep it in your vehicle all the time.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary jack with the top-notch features, this unit is perfect for usage all-day round. It has reliable construction with a reinforced arm to enhance strength and durability. You can employ it for tons of applications to meet your expectations.

Blackhawk B6350

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton Capacity, 28 1/2' L x 13 3/4' W x 6 1/2' H


  • Attractive design that is appealing to look at
  • Comes with easy long-neck for convenient lifting
  • Composed of fine materials to last in the long run
  • Heavy enough to easily tackle trucks and even SUVs
  • A great lifting capacity makes it perfect for multiple applications


  • Too tall to fit under a car
  • Handle might flex when pumped underweight

What Recent Buyers Report

This jack is immensely popular among customers for its large lifting capacity. The most loved feature is its robust construction that can easily tackle tough conditions like a pro. It is not only versatile but user-friendly as well. All you need to do is install it properly and leave the rest to this high-end jack.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great jack on the list, this model is composed of fine materials that feature an extra-long neck for convenient pumping. There is a swivel saddle that increases the stability and safety of your vehicle. In order to avoid any damage, there is an internal safety pump. Moreover, with its 3.5-ton lifting capacity, it can easily work with heavy vehicles.

Who Will Use This Most

It is ideally designed for lifting heavy vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. The large lifting capacity makes it perfect for use in garage or workshop for regular maintenance and service of the vehicles. Its solid frame ensures durability for a longer period of time. However, the large design is too to fit underneath most cars.

Bottom Line

The Blackhawk jack has everything you are looking for in such a unit. Whether we talk about durability or stability, this jack won’t do you wrong in the hour of need. Its flawless features combine nicely to lift a heavy vehicle in no or less time.

Best for the Money:
Pittsburgh Automotive 61253


  • Offers maximum support in any position
  • Dual parallel pump system for convenience
  • Tough welded construction to ensure reliability
  • Wide casters on the floor for improved stability
  • Industrial quality design with a large lifting capacity


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Excessive loss of hydraulic fluid when in use

What Recent Buyers Report

This jack got really popular among customers for its reasonable price tag. Similarly, the users have admired its features, including the sturdy construction and user-friendly design. It allows stable handling, plus there are no complaints of scratches on vehicles, thanks to the foam padding and great coting.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Pittsburgh jack mainly stands out to us for exhibiting tons of features, that too, at a budget-friendly price. It is made from quality materials that make it robust enough to handle heavy loads without any issue. The steel casters confer stability to jack on the ground. Moreover, there is a joint release system to enhance control.

Who Will Use This Most

The high-end frame of this jack makes it ideal for use in garage and workshops. It can easily handle heavy loads without any potential risk of misalignment. The industrial quality design catches the attention of many professional mechanics and hardcore automotive enthusiasts out there. Moreover, there are multiple safety measures to enhance the confidence of the user.

Bottom Line

Available at a pocket-friendly price, this jack is known for its flawless construction and easy-to-handle design. It is versatile enough and offers maximum support during the maintenance of vehicles. So, if you are looking for a reliable jack that costs you less, this is the right product for you.

Best 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack:
NOS NSJ0302 by Sunex Tools

NOS NSJ0302 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack Pro Style


  • A bumper pad for enhanced stability
  • Reinforced lift arm to allow convenient lifting
  • Comes with a safety valve to tackle overloading
  • Ultra-lightweight design that is user-friendly as well
  • Made from high-end aluminum for reliable performance


  • Customer service is not good
  • Spare parts are not easily available

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are happy with the stable performance of this jack. They report that the design is lightweight yet robust enough to handle tons of weight. The bumper pad ensures maximum protection to your vehicle during service. Moreover, the wheels help you to move around the jack according to your needs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the finest jacks on the market, this product has heavy-duty aluminum construction. The lightweight design is easy to handle plus incorporates multiple features, including a bumper pad and safety valve to meet safety standards. Moreover, the 2-piece handle makes the storage quite easy for you.  

Who Will Use This Most

With the 3-ton lifting capacity, this jack is probably the right option for regular use in garages. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for even beginners. Moreover, the incorporation of wheels enhances its portability around the workshop. The best thing is its easy storage that saves you from any frustration.

Bottom Line

A powerhouse of features, this NOS jack is known for delivering excellent performance anytime you need it. It has the best construction with all safety measures for superior protection against any mishap. Overall, this top-quality jack is versatile and worth your consideration.

Best 3-Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack:
Big Red Torin T83006  

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Extra Saddle (Fits: SUVs and Extended Height Trucks): 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red


  • Suitable for tons of applications
  • Incorporates strong casters for improved stability
  • Extra-long neck for maximum lifting convenience
  • A 360-degree swivel movement to add on to perfection
  • Sturdy aluminum construction to make it a reliable option


  • Lacks any handle to carry it
  • Relatively overpriced model

What Recent Buyers Report

This model has gained quite a bit of appreciation from its customers. They report that solid design is strong enough to easily work with tons of loads. This jack can easily lift the vehicle into the air, thus saving your time and energy. Moreover, you can easily move it in multiple directions for easy handling.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Torin jack stays ahead of its competitors for incorporating a great set of features. Firstly, the aluminum construction is extremely reliable. Similarly, the design is user-friendly and has great lifting capacity. The 360-degree swivel movement of the caster helps you maneuver the jack into the place for lifting your vehicle.

Who Will Use This Most

It is ideally designed to handle trucks and SUVs. The lifting range is from 5-7/8 inches to 17-1/4 inches. You can employ it in the workshop for easy lifting of vehicles. Its extra-long neck ensures you won't have any difficulty in the whole process. However, it is a bit over-priced for those on a tight budget.

Bottom Line

The outstanding lifting range of this jack urged us not to miss it while we were enlisting the top-rated jacks out there. It is known for its appropriateness in saving your time. Moreover, the compact design makes it quite easy to store, requiring not much space.

Best 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jack:
JEGS 80077

JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack | 3 ½ Inch Minimum Saddle Height | Lightweight Construction | 360 Degree Rotating Saddle


  • User-friendly and easy to maneuver
  • A stylish design with an attractive look
  • Low-profile model that is very easy to store
  • Highly recommended for several applications
  • Lightweight and promises great value for money


  • Pump is not fast enough
  • Quality could be improved

What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, there is no question about the top-notch construction of this jack. It is very easy to handle, plus the storage is just a breeze. The tremendous weight lifting capacity makes it versatile in its performance. Moreover, it is reasonably priced to fit your budget easily.

Why it Stands Out to Us

JEGS is well-known for offering quality products for long. This jack features robust construction with a low-profile design. The lifting range is amazing, plus the lightweight design is very easy to handle. You can easily move it around the place, thanks to the incorporation of smooth wheels. What else would you want?

Who Will Use This Most

It is surely a reliable option for those who need a great jack with easy storage. You can easily place it in your garage or use it in the workshop for lifting heavy vehicles. It not only fully supports the vehicle but also saves you time. This jack can be used by either professionals or beginners to complete their tasks seamlessly.

Bottom Line

The simple and uncomplicated design of this model has a unique grace. It is of professional-quality and quite trust-worthy when it comes to lifting 3 tons of weight. Moreover, the sealed hydraulic system ensures a contamination-free system for smooth working, thus making it a great investment.

Best 3-Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack:
LiftMaster 6490

LiftMaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Quick Lift


  • Quality build to serve you in the long run
  • Two-piece steel handle for maximum perfection
  • Low-profile design makes the storage quite easy
  • Dual pump system to lift the vehicle with minimum effort
  • Rub pad reduces any friction and avoids damage to your vehicle


  • Relatively heavier model
  • Customer service is not fantastic

What Recent Buyers Report

Similar to our other reviewed products, this jack has satisfied its customers with its tremendous performance. They really like the solid construction and stylish design. Moreover, easy storage acts as the cherry on the top. The only concern is it's relatively heavyweight. Other than that, it is a well-appreciated.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This jack makes its way to our list for featuring a high-end build with a reliable design. There is a dual-pump system that helps in lifting by saving your time as well as effort. Moreover, the jack is coated in order to avoid any scratches on your vehicle. You can easily store it when there is not much use.

Who Will Use This Most

The great lifting capacity of this jack makes it ideally recommended for professionals as well as beginners to lift heavy loads. It can be used in the workshop without requiring a significant amount of time from you. Moreover, the solid and heavy build makes it capable of performing well, regardless of any tough situation.

Bottom Line

If you need a short yet powerful jack for everyday use, then you should definitely get your hands on this model. From flawless functionality to easy storage, it takes care of all for you. 

All in all, it has exceptional features so you can enjoy the maximum benefits of it.

Pros and Cons of 3-Ton Floor Jacks

Floor jacks are quite useful when a great amount of force requires to be applied to something. In case you are still confused about whether to get a 3-ton floor jack or not, here are a couple of advantages and disadvantages associated with this equipment. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision.


A 3-ton floor jack brings a number of advantages to its user. Some of them are mentioned below.


Floor jacks are either composed of aluminum or steel. Both of these materials tend to endure harsh situations for a long time. This way, a jack not only lifts heavy weights for you but also adds value to your bucks.


A 3-ton floor jack is an extremely versatile tool in the automotive industry. It can easily work with a range of vehicles, from cars to heavy trucks, all thanks to its large lifting capacity.

Smooth Lifting

Almost all floor jacks are designed to be user-friendly to make the process easy as well as time-saving. The lifting mechanism is very smooth and requires minimum effort from the user.


While there are plus points of a 3-ton jack, there are a few drawbacks as well.


The tremendous performance of the floor jack often has a negative effect on its duration. This means you either need to repair the faulty one or spend extra to buy a new one.

Types of 3-Ton Floor Jacks

Whenever you are in the market to get a 3-ton floor jack, you will find different types of models. Manufacturers offer several modifications in order to make their products stand out from the rest. Let's have a look at some of the most popular types of floor jacks out there.

Hydraulic Floor Jack

The hydraulic 3-ton floor jack is, by far, the most common type you have seen on the market or in your mechanic's workshop. It is probably the easiest type that is suitable even for beginners. The reason is its convenience use and high lift-range. It comes with wheels that enhance the portability and stability on the ground during lifting.

Bottle Jack

A bottle jack works in a similar fashion as a hydraulic one. However, the only difference is its compact design. This added advantage makes it more portable and easier to store as it has a smaller footprint in the garage. The only limitation with this type is that it can’t be used on lowered or average height vehicles because of the free height. Therefore, it is mostly used to work with trucks.

Scissor Jack

A scissor jack is arguably an older type of floor jack and features a small design. These are not heavy-duty and, therefore, are used for casual weight lifting purposes. Due to their small size, you can carry them in your car and use it when in need of a quick tire change.


The 3-ton floor jack is powerful equipment that can easily lift vehicles in a matter of seconds. It is versatile and allows you to access the underside of your vehicle quite easily. Now that you have enough information about these jacks, and with this detailed review that we have carefully prepared for you, we are pretty sure you will find the right model without agonizing.

NOS NSJ0302 is made of ultra lightweight aluminum and only weighs 58 pounds.

People Also Ask

A floor jack is essential for any mechanic to have. Their tremendous weight lifting capability lets you complete the task in less time with minimum effort. Now, let's answer some of the common queries of people regarding these models. This will help them make the most of the product and enjoy a wonderful experience.

How Much is a 3-Ton Floor Jack? 

You can find a 3-ton floor in a range of prices and then choose the one according to your budget. A reliable jack ranges between $120 and $300. The expensive ones are from a reputed brand and equipped with some added features so you can enjoy lifting vehicles in your workplace.

How Do You Lower a 3-Ton Floor Jack?

After you are done with the service of the vehicle, it's time to lower it down. You can simply lower a 3-ton floor jack by turning the adjustment handle in a counter-clockwise position. The only thing you need to be careful about is to turn the handle slowly in order to prevent any accident.

How Much Weight Can a 3-Ton Jack Hold?

A 3-ton jack is ideally designed to lift up to 6000 lbs. weight in a single go. This makes them highly useful in a workshop to handle heavyweight trucks and even SUVs. All you need to do is place the jack under one of the lifting points of the vehicle and pump the handle.

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