Best KFI Winches of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: October 20, 2022

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A winch is a great tool to have onboard if you’re fond of off-roading. When you’re off-roading, it’s only a matter of time until the muddy and uneven terrain gets the best of your vehicle. In that case, having a good-quality winch with you can pull you out of trouble. 

People often struggle with finding a good-quality winch as there are so many options available, or they might not know what to look for in the first place. To remedy this situation, we have the complete review of some of the best winches in the market produced by one of the best manufacturers in the world - KFI. 

If you want to learn more about them, keep on reading!

  • Includes a cape hook stopper
  • Includes a UTV dash rocker switch
  • Features a 38' synthetic cable
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  • Can pull up to five thousand pounds
  • Features a 38' synthetic cable
  • Has a 12V Direct current motor
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  • Best for the Money
  • Comes assembled and is easy to install
  • Features a 2500 pound steel cable
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  • Best KFi ATV Winch
  • Planetary gear drive brake is made of all-metal
  • Features a dynamic and mechanical clutch
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  • Best KFi Stealth Winch
  • Has a 3,500 pound capacity
  • Planetary gear drive brake is made of all-metal
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  • Best KFi 2500 Winch
  • Features a waterproof seal
  • Planetary gear drive brake is made of all-metal
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  • Best KFi 4500 lb Winch
  • Planetary gear drive brake is made of all-metal
  • Has a 4500 pound capacity
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Who is KFI? 

KFI stands for Kappers Fabricating Inc., which is a family-owned business that has been up and running since 1986. However, they decided to start manufacturing their own products in 2002 when they engineered their very first ATV mount. And the rest is history!

In over 30 years of existence, they have put out incredible products and have managed to keep their quality of manufacturing consistent, which is one of the reasons why they have garnered such an incredible following. Their products have a set standard of construction that provides reliability and convenience to the consumer. Furthermore, they now have an incredible 40,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility and an 18,000 sq ft powder-coating facility located in Spring Valley, Minnesota. 

Review of the Best KFI Winches 

You may come across several winches in your hunt to find the right one; however, not all of them are worthy of your time and investment. To save you from having a bad experience with a poor-quality winch, we have compiled and reviewed some of the best KFI winches. Let’s take a look at them: 

KFI Products SE45-R2 New Stealth Winch, Black


  • Includes a UTV dash rocker switch
  • Hardware required for mounting is included
  • Equipped with a dynamic and mechanical braking system
  • Comes with a 38-ft long synthetic cable with protective sheath
  • Features a 14-ft corded remote to operate within a safe distance


  • Installation is easy yet time-consuming
  • Buyers wish that the product included a circuit breaker

What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers are highly impressed with this unit. They find that it works incredibly well for them and offers a smooth and quiet operation. It has a highly durable and reliable design equipped with multiple features to ensure safety. Some buyers find that the installation takes a lot of time, yet it is still pretty easy. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit caught our attention with its simplistic yet highly reliable design. It features a highly durable and sturdy construction, which allows it to be long-lasting. Moreover, it is packed with features to ensure consumer safety and safe operation from a distance.

It comes with dynamic and mechanical braking that prevents rope slippage in case of power failure. Furthermore, it features handheld remote control to operate the unit at a distance. It comes with all the necessary hardware required for the installation of the product, which is convenient. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this product is incredible and completely worthy of the best overall spot in our list. It features a highly innovative design that is equipped with sturdy construction and multiple convenient features for smooth operation.  

KFI Products AS-50 5000lb Assault Winch (Standard)


  • Features a standard 4-hole mounting design
  • Comes with all necessary hardware required for installation
  • Equipped with a water-resistant shield to keep elements out
  • Heavy-duty electric contactor protects ATV’s electrical system 
  • Cable hook stopper has slits designed to serve as an anti-kickback in case of cable breakage


  • Installation is time-consuming 
  • Consumers wish the remote was slightly bigger

What Recent Buyers Report

The AS-50 seems to have made a very positive impression on consumers. It is equipped with sturdy and durable construction. Plus, the design is simple yet convenient for consumers. Some buyers did wish that the remote was slightly bigger; however, that is not a deal-breaker in any way. Instead, many reviewers recommended others to invest in this too.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons why this unit stood out to us. Firstly, it has sturdy construction with a water-resistant shield over it that allows it to keep unwanted elements out. Moreover, the design features a heavy-duty electric contactor that protects the ATV’s electrical system and conveniently switches the winch's power control. 

Furthermore, it comes with all the mounting hardware required for installation, and easy-to-follow instructions are also included. The cable hook stopper is designed to have slits that work as anti-kickback in case the rope snaps.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a highly reliable product. The pros it features largely outweigh the cons. It has good quality, a unique design with heavy-duty construction, and incredible performance. Thus, it truly makes a great investment. 

KFI Products Plug-N-Play Assault 2500 Series Winch for Polaris 12-18 Scrambler 850/XP 1000/XP 850, 15-18 Sportsman 450/570, 12-18 Sportsman Touring 550/570/850 and 15-18 Sportsman X2 570 Models


  • Equipped with a 3/16" x 45.9 cable
  • Backed by a two-year limited warranty
  • Comes completely assembled and ready to install
  • Heavy-duty electric contactor protects ATV’s electrical system
  • Features a handlebar mini-rocker switch which is easy to install


  • Some consumers experienced occasional freezing of the product

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are overall truly in love with this unit. There are little to no complaints about this particular product which tells how much of a consumer-favorite it is. It is highly convenient and safe to use. It operates smoothly and quietly. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit has a 2500 lbs pull capacity and highly meticulous design with great attention paid to detail. It takes into account user convenience and features a highly time-efficient plug-and-play design that comes assembled and ready to install. Thus, installing this unit is just a matter of minutes. 

Furthermore, it is equipped with a handlebar mini rocker switch that has an adjustable bracket to mount on the ATV’s handlebar. The heavy-duty electric contactor ensures the ATV’s electrical system is protected.

Bottom Line

What’s not to like about this unit? It is incredibly well-designed, affordable, and highly accessible. It is easy to install with the simple plug-and-play design, plus it even comes with a great warranty that makes it a great purchase. 

Best KFI ATV Winch:
KFI Products SE25

KFI Products SE25 ATV Winch Kit


  • Standard 4-hole mounting design
  • Equipped with a water-resistant seal
  • Carries heavy-duty all metal turn clutch
  • Features mechanical and dynamic braking
  • Comes with synthetic cable and cable hook stopper


  • Rope isn’t of the best quality

What Recent Buyers Report

It truly is a user-favorite product. This unit is equipped with a stylish design that looks great and performs even better. It’s equipped with a water-resistant seal to keep elements out. Plus, it is smooth and quiet in its operation. While the rope quality could have been better, its features like dynamic braking make it a great investment. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this unit is equipped with dynamic and mechanical braking that allows it to prevent rope slippage in case the power accidentally goes out. The unit features a water-resistant seal that helps keep elements out. Moreover, the standard four-hole mounting design makes installation easy. 

It comes with all the hardware required for installation, along with descriptive and easy-to-follow instructions. You can take control of your winch as it is equipped with a mini rocker switch that has an adjustable bracket to mount to your ATV. 

Bottom Line

All in all, it’s a wonderful product. It is equipped with a convenient-to-use design that is affordable yet heavy-duty. It looks great and is capable of lasting for years. It operates smoothly and quietly like a dream. 

Best KFI Stealth Winch:
KFI Products SE35

KFI Products SE35 ATV Stealth Winch Kit - 3500 lb. Capacity , Black


  • Equipped with a dynamic and mechanical clutch
  • Features a deluxe handlebar-mounted rocker switch
  • Standard four-hole design with a water-resistant seal
  • Handheld 14’ corded remote control for operation at a distance
  • Detailed installation instruction and all necessary hardware included


  • Loud operation 

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this unit is an excellent example of a well-engineered product. It features a sturdy design that is durable and highly reliable due to the water-resistant seal. Plus, the overall installation process is very convenient too. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

What’s not to like about this wonderful unit? It is quite well-constructed, and the design is second to none. Overall, it takes into account consumer convenience as well as safety and allows them to truly operate a winch smoothly at a distance with the aid of the 14’ corded handheld remote control. 

Furthermore, the design has a water-resistant seal that allows it to keep elements out. Moreover, it has a split cable hook stopper that eliminates wear and tear on the rollers, has splits that work to prevent anti-kickback in case the cable snaps, eliminates hook clatter, etc. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, this unit is a great investment to make. It is highly reliable and incredibly sturdy. It features a sturdy design that allows smooth operation. The installation process is incredibly easy and convenient, plus it is affordable. 

Best KFI 2500 Winch:
KFI Products A2500

KFI Products A2500 ATV Winch Kit - 2500 lbs Capacity


  • Carries a limited one-year warranty
  • Comes with a 45.9’ aircraft-grade wire
  • Features high-quality cast iron and durable steel components
  • Equipped with all mounting hardware and instruction required for installation
  • Dynamic and mechanical braking and deluxe handlebar-mounted mini rocker control switch


  • Too heavy to carry
  • Doesn’t come with a wired remote control 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are impressed with this unit due to many reasons. Firstly, it has a really heavy-duty construction that assures longevity and durability. While buyers wish it came with a corded remote control for operation at a safe distance, the smooth and quiet performance makes up for it.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The A2500 is equipped with high-quality cast iron and durable steel components; thus, it is bound to last for years. The wire is also 45.9’ with an aircraft-grade construction. Furthermore, it comes with all the mounting hardware needed for installation along with descriptive instructions to ensure easy installation. 

It features mechanical and dynamic braking that prevents rope slippage in case of power failure. The deluxe handlebar-mounted mini rocker control switch allows you to take control of your winch, and it comes with an adjustable bracket. 

Bottom Line

This unit is truly a gem. There aren’t many products as well constructed as this one. It is the perfect amalgamation of durability and innovation. It is easy to operate yet has a high-quality metal construction, making it an excellent pick.  

Best KFI 4500 lb Winch:
KFI Products SE45

KFI Products SE45 ATV Stealth Winch Kit - 4500 lb. Capacity


  • Water-resistant sealing
  • Free-spooling mechanical clutch
  • Equipped with heavy-duty electric contactor
  • Compact yet high-quality 14’ corded handheld remote
  • Standard 4-hole mounting with all the hardware included 


  • Very lengthy installation process 

What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers have left a plethora of positive reviews on this unit. It has a highly durable and incredibly reliable construction. The design is very innovative and works immensely well. Even though the consumers find that the installation process is lengthy, it is easy, and all the mounting hardware is included. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit has a water-resistant sealing that prevents the entry of elements. Furthermore, it has mechanical and dynamic braking that prevents rope slippage in case of power failure. The unit has a standard four-hole mounting design and comes with all the hardware required for installation. 

Moreover, it is equipped with a compact yet high-quality 14’ corded handheld remote that allows operation from a distance. The high-quality electric contractor ensures the ATV’s electric system operates smoothly. 

Bottom Line

Last but certainly not least, this unit is exceptionally well-designed. It has a high-quality construction that is depicted by its incredible performance and durability. Overall, it proves to be a great investment.

What Are The Benefits of Purchasing a KFI Winch?

Are you still on the fence about whether or not you should even invest in a KFI winch? Well, perhaps looking at all the benefits they offer will help you make a decision. Take a look:


KFI winches are highly durable and incredibly reliable. They are highly accessible to consumers on a tight budget as they are affordable, yet they don’t compromise on quality construction at all. Furthermore, they have an easy installation process. 

Construction and Design

These units are incredibly well-constructed and well-engineered. Most of them have cast iron or durable steel components that allow the unit to be highly durable. The design carries features that ensure smooth and quiet operation.


KFI winches are equipped with safety measures. Most of the products have mechanical and dynamic braking that prevents the rope from slipping in case of surge or power failure. Furthermore, most units come with a remote that allows operation from a safe distance. 

What Makes KFI Products Stand Out From the Competition?

KFI products are some of the best ones out there, and they easily surpass the competition. But what makes them so great? 

Well, several features make KFI products shine bright in the market. These include:

Customer Service

Often, consumers don’t take into consideration the after-sales service or tech support of a product and suffer later. Fortunately enough, KFI products are backed by incredible customer service, which is highly responsive and helpful.

Ease of Installation

KFI products are incredibly easy to install, which isn’t the case with all brands. These winches come with descriptive instructions and all the hardware required for mounting the unit. It’s easy enough for it to be a DIY project without any technical assistance. 


Nobody likes to own a winch that sounds incredibly loud while operating. Fortunately, most KFI products are incredibly quiet and smooth while they are operating. 

Comparison Overview

KFI winches are incredibly popular and often compared to other good-quality brands in multiple different aspects. So, how does KFI compare to other manufacturers? Let’s have a look. 

KFI Winch vs. Warn

Consumers are often confused about which one of the two to pick from. Let’s narrow down your option by comparing the similarities and differences between the two:


Both these brands have incredible customer service, which is essential to be the best in the market. Their customer representatives are responsive and highly helpful. This shows how important the consumers are to a brand. 


Warn products are known to be of excellent quality; however, with that comes a hefty price tag. Meanwhile, KFI winches are of decent quality and affordable as well. However, they don’t have as many features as Warn winches do. KFI caters to an audience that is on a tight budget and is looking for a quality yet affordable unit. 

In addition, KFI mounting plates are of incredible quality and arguably are comparable or even better than most higher-end counterparts. 

KFI vs. Viper Winch

Both of these brands are known to manufacture good-quality products. However, when you put them against each other, you will see some stark similarities and differences. Let’s take a look at them:


Winches from both brands are very easy to install. They come with descriptive installation manuals and the required mounting hardware. 


KFI winches are more expensive than Viper winches by hair. However, it has slightly better quality; thus, the price increase is justified. 

Meanwhile, the latter has better weatherproofing than the former. KFI just has a water-resistant seal to keep elements out, whereas most Viper winches have an official IP67 waterproof rating. 


Winches are an essential tool to have in your kit. However, people often get flustered when buying them, especially if it’s their first time. This is either due to their lack of knowledge on the subject or simply because they get overwhelmed with the plethora of options available on the market. 

Therefore, the idea behind this post was to provide you with all the information necessary about KFI winches. They are on the top of their game and have been around a while; thus, you can’t go wrong with them. 

The post doesn’t just recommend some of their top-quality products but also goes in detail about why they stand out from the competition, what they offer, etc. Hopefully, you now have a good idea of which product to invest in. 

People Also Ask

When it comes to buying a winch, people often have a lot of questions that they need to be answered. Therefore, we picked the most frequently asked questions related to KFI winches and answered them so that any residual confusion you may have is cleared. 

Where Are KFI Products Made?

KFI products are manufactured, assembled, and packaged at Spring Valley, Minnesota, in the United States.

Who Makes KFI Products?

KFI decided to create its own products back in 2002, and since then, the company has been known to create incredible quality winches. 

Who Owns KFI?

Kappers Fabricating Inc., or more commonly known as KFI, has been around since 1986. It is a family-owned business. 

How Long Has KFI Been Around?

KFI has been around since 1986; however, they decided to make their first winch mount in 2002. 

Why Are KFI Products so Popular?

KFI products are highly popular due to their incredibly sturdy yet innovative design and construction. The brand has been able to keep the quality of its products consistent throughout the years, and with that, it has managed to garner appreciation by a large audience. Their products are highly reliable and work incredibly well. 

What Kind of Warranty Does KFI Offer?

Some KFI products have a limited one-year warranty, which is granted to the original retailer. It warrants the product from defects in workmanship and manufacturing.  

controllerHow Do You Wire a KFI Winch?

In order to wire a KFI winch, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start by connecting the control box to the winch. The wiring is fairly easy as the wires are already color-coded. There is a yellow and black-colored wire of the control box, which will be connected to the yellow and black terminals on the winch, respectively.

  2. Remove the nut and washer and then pop the wire on the winch. Then, put these two components back on. Repeat the process for both the wires. 

  3. Next, you will see a white-colored earthing wire for the control box, which needs to be attached to the winch's corresponding nut. 

  4. After taking the nut and washer off on the winch, take a separate black earthing wire, pop it on along with the white, and put the nut and washer back on. 

  5. Take the black earth wire and connect it to the battery.

  6. Lastly, take the final red power cable on the control box and connect it to the winch and the power source. 

  7. You can then simply plug in your smart controller in the control box and operate the winch. 

Are KFI Winches Any Good?

KFI winches are some of the best ones out there. They are constructed with heavy-duty housing, which makes them incredibly sturdy and durable. Furthermore, they carry a highly innovative design that works exceptionally well. Therefore, yes, KFI winches prove to be great investments.

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