Best Winch Brands – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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There is one perfect winch for all purposes. You might have heard this phrase a lot of times in your life, but contrary to what people think, this is entirely a myth. There is no best winch in the market since the performance of this product heavily depends on the type of vehicle you use. For instance, a truck might require a different winch than a car would.

The article not only aims to discuss all these different winch brands but also aims to highlight the specific features of each brand that stand out to us. So regardless of what vehicle you have, rest assured that we will find a suitable winch for you right here.

  • Zinc-plated for betterr corrosion resistance
  • Features comfort grip handle for enhanced hold
  • Easy-to-use one-way ratchet
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  • Heavy-duty latched hook with thimble
  • Mechanical load-holding and dynamic brake
  • Circuit breaker protected
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  • Comes with all wiring required for installation
  • Durable and completely waterproof
  • Three-stage planetary gear system
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  • Made of solid aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Enables users to tow trailers of different heights
  • Offers heavy-duty towing capacity
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  • Automatic direct-drive cone brake system
  • Electrical control box and hand-held remote
  • Compact but durable design
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  • Works with wireless remote control
  • Heavy-duty sealed contactor
  • Synthetic braided line with 23 809 lbs breaking strength
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  • Equipped with wireless remote and antenna
  • Creates a safe and smooth pull
  • Automatically powers off when not in use
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Perks of Investing in a Quality Winch Brand

Anyone who has had trouble pulling their heavy vehicles in stormy weather knows how important it is to have a winch with you at all times. Equipped with greater strength and durability, these products are an everyday requirement. Here we highlight some of the perks of investing in a quality winch brand.

Durability and Strength

The purpose of a winch is to pull your vehicle upwards carefully, and this obviously requires a lot of strength. Doing this without a winch is almost impossible; hence it is important that you invest in a good winch from our list. Most of the products on our list come with high-end construction and offer higher durability and strength. This not only allows your winch to sustain more weight but also makes the task of pulling the vehicle easier.

Smittybilt 9500 lb 97495 XRC GEN

Ease of Usage

You will repeatedly come across words such as convenience and comfort as you read ahead. All the winch brands in our review have been carefully picked to ensure that they offer ease of use. Most of them come with the option of remote control, which lets you operate the winch without having to touch the equipment. Moreover, some brands offer a compact size, which makes it easier for people to operate the winch and carry it around.


This is extremely important because you don’t want to end up with a winch brand that doesn’t offer you both diversity and compatibility. There is a range of winch brands here that come with different compatibilities, but one similar thing in all of them is that they can be used with a range of different SUVs and trailers. Not only this, they come with different mounting options that allow you to pull the SUVs at different heights.

Review of the Best Winch Brands and Top Winch

We can’t stress enough on this simple fact that each winch brand comes with specific features and should be preferred for different uses. The list contains the best products for your every need. You need to evaluate each of them according to their primary features and then decide which one is the best one for you.

Reese Towpower 74337 600 Pound Capacity Winch

Reese Towpower 74337 600 Pound Capacity Winch , Black


  • It has a full-length drum brushing
  • High corrosion resistance is offered by zinc plating
  • Steel gears are made with high carbon that resists wear
  • Comes with a grip hand which is extremely comfortable
  • Shaft is impregnated with oil that minimizes maintenance


  • Not as durable as some other brands
  • Lacks compatible with larger vehicles
  • High relative weight than some other models

Who is Reese?

The company has been in the market for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that consumers trust only the brand name and not the winch itself. The company came into existence in 1952 and has been a household name ever since. One of the main products by Reese is the heavy-duty fifth wheels. Along with that, it also sells ball mounts and winches.

How Does Reese Compare to the Competition?

It takes a lot of effort for a brand to get the recognition that Reese has gotten so quickly and effortlessly. The brand is known for its commitment to convenience and perfection. It stands out to us because of its extremely comfortable handle. Unlike other brands, Reese puts safety first, and its smooth handle is a testament to that. It is not only easy to hold but also ensures that you aren’t unsafe during the whole procedure.

Why This Winch Stands Out

This model is at the top of our list, so it is no wonder that it contains several features that make it stand out in the crowd. Equipped with a smooth handle and high durability line, it is already considered as one of the most reliable models in the market. But the feature that stands out most is its shaft. This is impregnated with oil, which not only minimizes maintenance but also ensures that the equipment can last for a significantly longer time.

Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 

Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs/1591kg single line pull with roller fairlead, handlebar mnt toggle, handheld remote


  • Includes a weather-sealed solenoid
  • Ensures a less overall amp draw for better efficiency
  • Permanent magnet motor comes with a dynamic brake
  • Comes with an ergonomic cam action for optimum performance
  • Equipped with bronze bearings lubricated with oil for more flexibility


  • Installation is not very easy
  • The solenoid is not very well protected
  • Unit is not very up to date with modern technology

Who is Superwinch?

Superwinch likes its name, is a super brand and has emerged as one of the most promising brands in recent years. This is because they ensure that their winches are diverse and trustworthy. It is a western company that deals with various kinds of equipment. This includes ball mounts, amazing gear systems, and a plethora of winch models.

How Does Superwinch Compare to the Competition?

For any winch brand to succeed, it should focus on strength and longevity, and these are exactly the main features of this winch brand as well. It comes with an overall longer amp, which makes it significantly better than its counterparts. This amp not only adds to the efficiency but also makes the overall task less time-consuming. Not only this, but the company is known for providing quality construction that adds to the durability and makes its models stand out for a much longer time.

Why This Winch Stands Out

When it comes to trailers, trucks, and large SUVs, life is pretty unpredictable. These vehicles might need help in the weirdest scenarios, such as stormy or cloudy weather. In the midst of this unpredictability, it is extremely important that you trust your winch to be better. Superwinch is an exemplary brand that has long provided customers with reliable products. All its winches come with a perfect solenoid that is weather-sealed. This means that regardless of the weather conditions, you can always trust your winch to do better.

Smittybilt 9500 lb 97495 XRC GEN2

Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch with Steel Cable - 97495


  • Use of a strong motor makes the task easier for the winch
  • Stainless steel construction makes the model more durable
  • The 3-stage planetary gear system makes the model more diverse
  • Kit comes with the complete set of all equipment required for installation
  • Comes with a corded remote control which is easier to use and understand


  • Lack of consistency as the winch gets old
  • Does not come with a very good warranty
  • Waterproofing often doesn’t work well in extreme weathers

Who is Smittybilt?

It’s not easy matching the legacy of a brand that is so well established. This is why there are still very few brands that are as popular as this one. The company has been in the market for more than 50 years, and it’s because of its undying loyalty to its customers that it has neither lost its relevance nor its importance in recent years. It is also known for introducing many of the innovative parts of winches that you see now.

How Does Smittybilt Compare to the Competition?

Where most of the brands focus on things like line pulling and weight, this brand goes a step further and focuses mainly on high-end construction. The job of the winch is so amazing and comes with a lot of risks, so it is extremely important that brands ensure better construction. This is done by including stainless steel components in the construction. These not only give you added strength but also added durability. Due to these, Smittybilt stands out from the competition simply because it is the strongest one in the market.

Why This Winch Stands Out

There are many winch brands in the market and many good ones too, but contrary to what people think, not many of these brands can flaunt ease of installation, and this is exactly why this model stands out. It does not only come with a very suitable kit that contains all useful equipment, but it also makes installation extremely easy. It’s equipped with a 3-stage planetary gear system which further assists in the task and makes usage easier.

Weigh Safe:
Weigh Safe CTB6-2, 6" Drop 180 Hitch

Weigh Safe 180 Hitch - Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount - 6' Adjustable Drop Hitch for 2' Receiver - Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer Tow Hitch w/Chrome Plated Tow Balls (2' & 2 5/16') - 12,500 lbs GTW


  • Comes with a ball mount that is fully adjustable
  • Has a high-end and heavy-duty towing capacity
  • Completely corrosion resistant for better efficiency
  • Allows you to tow different trailers and trucks at different heights
  • Considered as one of the most rugged yet strong winches in the market


  • The ball mount is difficult to replace
  • Relatively expensive than some other brands
  • Repairing is not as efficient as some other products

Who is Weigh Safe?

The company hasn’t been in the market for very long. It emerged to limelight in 2013 and has only grown ever since. The brand is one of the finest in the towing industry and is known for its superb quality of ball mounts, gears, and innovative products. It also won the equipment product of the year award.

How Does Weigh Safe Compare to the Competition?

Brands that offer so many features all at the same don’t require an explanation, but we’ll still give one anyway. The brand comes with a heavy-duty towing capacity, which enables it to lift heavier weights easily. But that’s not all; it focuses on diversity too by ensuring that you can tow a range of different vehicles at different heights, all with the same winch. Toughness and strength are also the two main features of the brand, and buyers love it for them. When compared to the competition, models by Weigh Safe are comparatively lightweight and hence offer ease of usage. This is important because as much as users want the product to be able to lift heavy weights, they want to do it safely.

Why This Winch Stands Out

Winch buyers often get frustrated by the lack of consideration by winch companies. They often don’t like the lack of equipment that comes in the kit. Most winch kits come with equipment missing. This not only takes a toll on recent buyers’ pockets but makes them feel extremely irritated as well. Weigh Safe aims to change that. It comes with everything you need on the road in one large kit. This includes a lightweight winch, a good hitch mount, a drop drawbar, and a chrome-plated combo ball. Together, these components make your task very easy. Having a lightweight product with a good line pulling mechanism is also the key to easy usage. This is because it makes pulling the trailer and SUV easy to pull out even from the most rugged and rough surfaces

WARN 26502 M8000 Series Electric 12V Winch

WARN 26502 M8000 Series Electric 12V Winch with Steel Cable Wire Rope: 5/16' Diameter x 100' Length, 4 Ton (8,000 lb) Pulling Capacity


  • Both waterproof and dustproof
  • Electrical winch design offers greater convenience
  • Low profile design is both efficient and cost-effective
  • Has a strong and powerful 4.8 hp series wound motor
  • Allows for a range of different mounting options with its separate control boxes


  • Installation is relatively difficult
  • Reengaging after spooling is often very tricky
  • The remote control does not come with a very good battery

Who is Warn?

Warn has been a force to reckon with for a long time. It doesn’t only cater to one specific need but aims to diversify its products by catering to a dynamic set of people. Equipped with some of the best features like good mounting options, better compatibility, and low profile design, this brand aims to transcend societal boundaries and emerge as the dominant force in the industry.

How Does Warn Compare to the Competition?

Most products in the market are very similar and often of a low quality, which makes the job of choosing the best winch brand pretty easy for consumers. Warn is known for ensuring quality products with the best-infused features. All its winches are completely dust and waterproof, which makes them stand out in the crowd. Not only this, but their build also enables the winches to be more resistant to bad weather and rugged surfaces, thus making them the perfect tool for elevating you out of your misery.

Why This Winch Stands Out

In order for a winch to work perfectly, it needs to be complemented by a good wound motor. This is because the motor drives the line speed and ensures the speed with which your vehicle is to be pulled. Warn is known for having a powerful and strong 4.8 hp series wound motor, which ensures all this and much more. This ability prevents the winch from being overheated, thereby ensuring optimal functioning for a longer time. It also comes with a sufficient battery, which ensures that charging remains for a significantly longer time. This, coupled with the greater power of the motor, helps make this model stand out amongst others.

 X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch


  • Comes with a 3-stage planetary gear system
  • All equipment is completely dust and waterproof
  • Has a one-time limited warranty offering more reliability
  • Comes with the latest remote control guide for more safety
  • The state-of-the-art solenoid offers greater reliability and durability


  • Less warranty than some other models
  • Remote control is not very user-friendly
  • Solenoid often becomes extremely hot on usage

Who is X-Bull?

There are very few brands that prioritize quality over other features. X-Bull hasn’t been a household name until very recently. It emerged in the towing industry thanks to its introduction of winch models. It was also one of the first companies that introduced the positive load control system in all its products.

How Does X-Bull Compare to the Competition?

There are many companies these days that want to make more products, and they focus on quantity rather than quality. This might generate more revenue, but it doesn’t ensure loyalty from their customers. X-Bull has always put its consumers first by introducing some of the best features of winches in their models too. This includes a good warranty, a good gear system, and a top-notch solenoid that offers greater durability.

Why This Winch Stands Out

If there are two words that could be used to describe this winch, it would most definitely be high quality and high reliability. All the equipment related to the winch comes in the kit, but that’s not the best part about it. All this equipment is made in a way that ensures complete resistance from dust and water. This means that regardless of what situation you are in, rest assured that you can rely on the extremely efficient winch to pull you out, literally.

Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit


  • Extremely convenient thanks to its 50-foot radius
  • Unit comes with a wireless remote control with an antenna
  • Equipment can work even when the power is completely off
  • Comes with a super-duty aircraft cable with more galvanization
  • The DC motor has a fine line speed of about 4.6 feet per minute


  • Installation often requires more time
  • Instruction booklet is not very user-friendly
  • The quality of the included hardware is not very good

Who is Champion?

If there is one brand that is absolutely true to its name, it’s this one. Champion winches are one of the most revered ones in the market. They are convenient and easy to use, which is exactly what the brand wanted to ensure from the very beginning. Not only this, the attitude of the company’s employees has often been in the limelight, too, and people have praised how well the workers respond to queries.

How Does Champion Compare to the Competition?

Where many winch brands don’t give a warranty at all, and others give a very limited warranty, Champion gives you a 2-year long warranty. During this time, you can get your equipment repaired or even replaced. This not only increases the customers’ trust in the company but also makes them feel more secure and safe in difficult situations.

Why This Winch Stands Out

In dire situations, things can change in split seconds, and you don’t want your trailers or your SUVs to be stuck in muddy and rugged surfaces for long, so you want a winch that offers efficiency in the form of better speeds. This Champion winch comes with a DC motor that assists in this area. Its fine line speed ranges from 4-6 feet per minute. This means that it has the strength and ability to pull your vehicle in no time at all, thereby saving both your energy and your time. The equipment can also work when the power is off which means that unlike a hydraulic winch that relies on battery life, this electrical winch will cater to you even when it doesn’t have an engine to help it out

Electric 12V 3500lb/1591kg Single Line Waterproof Winch

Bravex Electric 12V 3500lb/1591kg Single Line winch for UTV ATV Boat with both Recovery Winch


  • Allows fast line speeds for quicker action
  • Wireless remote control makes usage much better
  • Ensures greater stability and safety with alloy steel forging
  • Comes with an alloy steel hook which is both durable and strong
  • Equipped with a 4-way roller which allows the rope to attach with the drum evenly


  • Replacing equipment is expensive
  • Brand does not make repairing of products easy
  • The two screws that hold the spool are not very sufficient

Who is Bravex?

A company that was found in 2018, Bravex has certainly impressed us all. It was one of the first companies that developed the virtual exoskeleton technology that was intended to create virtual reality experience. Ever since its launch, it has worked tirelessly to improve the experiences of its customers, especially when it comes to winch products.

How Does Bravex Compare to the Competition?

Brands these days are very dismissive of the opinions and complains of the buyers, and that is really annoying since it doesn’t give the brands any room for improvement. Bravex has always put its customers first, which is why all their winch models come with innovative features. This includes an alloy steel hook, which does not only offer greater strength but also greater durability. Together, these features ensure that you get a winch that is able to hold and maintain a range of different weights.

Why This Winch Stands Out

With most products, you find one or max 2 features that make it stand out, but that is certainly not the case with this model. It comes with some of the most innovative features in the market. This includes the perfect alloy steel forging and faster speed lines that ensure faster action. Not only this, but the model also comes with a 4-way roller, which allows the ropes to attach to the drum easily, thus making the task of pulling the trailer easier.

Andersen 3413 Aluminum Drop Rapid Hitch

ANDERSEN HITCHES | Rapid Hitch | Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch | 2' X 2-5/16' Ball, 10' Aluminum Drop | 3413


  • Polished with aluminum which doesn’t rust or peel
  • Comes with a whooping towing capacity of 10 000 lbs.
  • It can fit all the standard 2-inch receivers and is flexible
  • Comes with aircraft-grade aluminum for better durability
  • Offers a range of drop starting from 4 inches and ending at 10 inch


  • Does not come with mounting plate
  • Some of the equipment needs to be bought separately
  • The solenoid plug needs to be handled with a lot of care

Who is Anderson?

In the winch industry, there is almost no one who hasn’t heard the brand’s name. Anderson has always been a brand name to reckon with. Its focus on features like reliability, strength, and durability has made it stand out in the market. Not only this, but the brand is good with offering a perfect warranty, which is another reason why recent buyers have long applauded its use.

How Does Anderson Compare to the Competition?

When it comes to winches, strength is the most important factor, and not many brands understand that. They either focus on the cost of the product or its warranty. Anderson is one such brand that understands the need for more strength in the winch. This is because they understand that no matter how good the affordability or the reliability is, these features would be rendered useless if the winch is not strong enough to sustain the weight of the vehicle.

Why This Winch Stands Out

Durability, reliability, and strength are words that you will come across repeatedly in this review, but all these features come at the cost of weight. Brands, in order to achieve greater durability, often end up making the winch extremely heavy. These not only hinder their portability but also make their usage less safe. This model is one that not only offers perfect strength but also weighs significantly less than many other models. Weighing only 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, the brand is already making a significant name for itself in the market.

10. ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Load Capacity Electric Winch Kit

ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Load Capacity Electric Truck Winch Kit Synthetic Rope, Waterproof Off Road Winch for Jeep,Truck,SUV with Wirless Remote and Corded Control(13000-Rope)


  • Completely resistant to both dust and water
  • Has a fast circuit speed for more control and longevity
  • Made with a heavy-duty sealed contractor for greater reliability
  • Comes with a three size planetary gear system for better efficiency
  • Specially designed for all types of cars including boat, trucks, and jeeps


  • The mounting plate is extremely fragile
  • Efficiency often comes at the cost of weight
  • Relatively expensive than some other models

Who is Esuper?

Esuper is a company that not only excels in its winch brands but also sells a variety of other products. These include but are not limited to ball mounts and gear system. All its products are equipped with high durability, thanks to its high-end construction. The company is also known for offering a 1-year limited warranty on all its products.

How Does Esuper Compare to the Competition?

Most winch brands promise durability and strength, so that’s not a comparative that we are going to use. Esuper brings you one of the most dynamic and compatible rope. It is made with a strong synthetic construction material that offers its greater durability. But that’s not all; unlike other brands, Esuper has a rope that is also extremely lightweight and can float in the water effortlessly. This, coupled with its minimal stretch and lack of rotation, makes it the most noteworthy feature.

Why This Winch Stands Out

If you were to ask every single winch user in the world about their preferences, you’d notice one common answer. All users want to have greater control over their brands, and this is exactly what Esuper promises to offer. Equipped with amazing remote control, the model is already making rounds in the industry. This remote control, coupled with a fast circuit speed, provides you with more convenience and longevity. Not only this, it comes with a line pull of 13000 pounds that offers extremely powerful performance.

VS. Comparison Snapshot

Consumers often get confused between good brands. This is because each brand offers a set of different features that are hard to compare. To make your job easier and to help you reach a wise decision, we have summarized complex comparisons in short paragraphs.

Superwinch vs. Warn

Comparing 2 amazing brands is often interesting but also extremely hard because each of the two brands is exceptionally good. Superwinch is known for including convenience and optimum performance in all of their winches. They have done this by providing customers with greater control. On the other hand, Warn has focused more on durability and strength. It comes with a dynamic motor that offers the best possible performance.

Smittybilt vs. Warn

Where Smittybilt focuses on ease of usage, Warn focuses more on the efficiency of performance. Although these two ideas aren’t exclusive to each other, the brands’ primary focus has been significantly different. Smittybilt winches come with an amazing and efficient remote control that gives more say to the user. Meanwhile, Warn winches ensure a good wound motor.

Mile Marker vs. Warn Hubs

There is a lot of variation between Warn Hubs and Mile Marker. The standard Warn Hubs are extremely sleek and lightweight. They also come with a powerful lock. On the other hand, Mile Marker hubs are slightly heavy and use three fingers to engage with the hub. This not only gives it a good push but makes the task easy too.

How to Choose the Proper Brand

Winches are really popular, but not many people have a good understanding of the product. Since winches are important equipment, it is important that you consider some of these features before you choose the proper brand. They aren’t written in any particular order, and hence in order to get the absolute best product, it is important that you keep all these features in mind.

The Pull Rating

Each winch comes with pulling power, and this is dependent upon the usage. One of the most popular pull ratings is the one with a 12000 LB winch. This is able to pull large SUVs and larger trucks easily and without any hindrance. However, having a winch with a greater pull rating can be expensive. On the other side, investing in a product with a low pull rating is likely going to problematic. This is because the internal components of the winch can break while they perform the action.

The Weight of the Winch

This is another important factor to consider, and in order to achieve a relatively high pull rating, it is important that you have a larger motor to go with it. This is ultimately going to lead to a heavier weight of the winch. This can also cause a significantly high amount of weight at the front of the vehicle, although that might not be a major problem with SUVs and trucks. 

Type of Winch

For those of you who don’t know, there are two main types of winches in the market. These are hydraulic and electric winch. The former is operated with hydraulic power and the latter with electrical power. Electric winches are often better not only because they are cheaper but also because they are easier to use and handle. On the other hand, hydraulic winches are more useful in lifting larger trucks and SUVs. They also don’t heat, which is a major issue with electrical winches.


A winch is primarily used for lifting very heavy objects with an overall less amount of effort, but that’s not the only reason why people prefer investing in this product. It is easier to use, easier to install, and its relatively lower price makes your tasks easier. Our list transcends all expectations and includes prominent features of some of the best winch brands in the market. Each of them has been thoroughly evaluated and have been researched thoroughly. So whether you have a truck or a large SUV, rest assured that you will find a winch brand that suits your needs.

I used to work in construction and landscaping, so I've seen my fair share of ratchet straps, winches, and similar rigging gear. I started Winch Central because I've seen some nasty accidents due to crappy rigging or poor practice. I wanted to be able to recommend good equipment that's SAFE and also provide resources for how its used. I handle the research side of things here as well as product selection for gear reviews.