Best Winch Mounting Plates – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 5, 2022

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Winch mounting plates are a great way to mount winches on the front or rear of your vehicle.

A winch mounting plate will be a great choice if you are into towing vehicles or other heavy-duty lifting tasks.

In this guide, we will talk about some of the best winch mounting plates you can buy for your winch.

  • Compatible with most of the winches of 12,500 pounds
  • Easy to use as it mounts directly onto vehicle frame
  • Quick mounting since it is pre-drilled
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  • Installation instructions included making it easy for beginners
  • Durability increased by the powder coated finish
  • Includes all the mounting hardware
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  • Best Badland Winch Mounting Plate
  • Rust resistant due to the powder coat finish
  • Manufactured from heavy duty 6-gauge steel
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  • Best Winch Mounting Plate for Trailer
  • Can be mounted at the front or back of the vehicle
  • Manufactured from heavy duty steel metal for effectiveness
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  • Best Universal Winch Mounting Plate
  • Made from strong steel ideal for heavy loads
  • Powder coated for protection from wear and tear
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  • Best Warn Winch Mounting Plate
  • Has powder coating to increase durability
  • Includes all the necessary needed hardware
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What is a Mounting Plate and What is it Used For?

A mounting plate is typically a part of the hinge that allows you to mount the hardware on it. It is designed perfectly to attach your hardware to a particular surface. Since we are talking about winch mounting plates, they usually mount winches. They can be installed on the front or rear of your vehicle, where you can mount your winch.

A winch mounting plate is a great addition as it can be used for towing vehicles, lifting heavy objects, and more. They are also quite durable and strong enough to perform heavy-duty tasks quite effectively.

Can Any Mounting Plate Be Used With a Winch?

The answer is no. Not all mounting plates are designed to be used with a winch. Some are used to attach various hardware to different surfaces. For example, it can be used to attach the door to the frame. It is basically the portion of the hinge that allows you to attach the door to the frame.

However, it cannot be used as a winch mounting plate. Winch mounting plates are quite different and are specifically designed for vehicles and other purposes. Therefore, although the function of the mounting plates might be the same, the purpose is different.

Review of the Best Winch Mounting Plates

Purchasing a winch mounting plate is not an easy task by any means. Things get worse if you are buying it for the first time. Since there are a lot of similar products available, choosing the right one can be time-consuming. Therefore, we have listed some of the best winch mounting plates for you.

Best Overall:
Westin 46-23555

Westin 46-23555 MAX Winch Mount Tray


  • Pretty easy to install
  • Can accommodate most winches
  • Plate is pre-drilled for quick mounting
  • Features a durable construction made of steel
  • Capable of mounting directly to the vehicle frame


  • Doesn’t come with any set of instructions
  • Comes with cancer and reproductive harm warning

What Recent Buyers Report

A large number of recent buyers reported it to be a quality product. They believe that this winch mounting plate is ideal for everyone. It is capable of mounting most winches without any hassle. The users were also happy with the overall build quality and functionality of the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about the product are its construction and functional capabilities. It features durable construction that is made of heavy-duty steel. As a result, it is expected to last longer than most traditional units. In addition, it is capable of mounting directly to the vehicle frame. 

The great thing about this winch is that it is compatible with most winches. The plates are pre-drilled, which makes the mounting process way easier. Also, it is relatively easy to install, which makes it a great product. It comes with a number of optional installment options as well.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a great mounting plate to buy for your vehicle. It is easy to mount and install, which can save you a lot of time. Also, it is compatible with most winches, which is a huge plus.

KFI Products 101150

KFI Products 101175 Winch Mount, Regular


  • Sturdy construction made of out steel
  • Powder-coated for enhanced durability
  • Fairly easy to install with available instructions
  • Mounts are metal bead blasted for additional strength
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware required for a successful installation


  • Not compatible with all vehicles
  • Some users reported installation issues

What Recent Buyers Report

A high percentage of recent buyers reported it as a great winch mounting plate. They believe that it is perfectly designed for heavy-duty work. Users were also happy with the sturdy construction of the product. They highly recommend it to others due to its superb durability and performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about this winch mounting plate is its durability. It features strong construction that is made from heavy-duty steel. In addition, it is powder-coated to provide enhanced finish and sturdiness. The mount itself is metal bead-blasted to make sure it’s operational for a much longer lifespan.

Moreover, the mounting plate is significantly easy to install as thanks to the complete set of instructions provided with the product. Also, all the required mounting hardware is available to make sure everything goes perfect. It’s a superb mounting plate overall.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a highly durable mounting plate, then this is a great option. With powder coating and fine finish, it is designed to last long. Besides, it is also user-friendly, considering it comes with a complete set of instructions.

Best Badland Winch Mounting Plate:
Badland Winches 60522

Badland Winches ATV/Utility Winch Mounting Plate


  • Fully powder-coated to prevent rusting
  • Highly durable with 6-gauge steel construction
  • High-quality unit available at an affordable price
  • Bracket is designed for both fairlead and winch mounting
  • Compatible with Badland 2000 and 3000-pound ATV winches


  • Doesn’t fit on all ATVs
  • No warranty available 

What Recent Buyers Report

The reviews say it all. Most of the users who used this product seem to be quite satisfied with the purchase. They believe that this unit is ideal for mounting winches. Not only is it durable, but it also performs way better than most conventional mounting plates. Users also appreciate the affordable price tag of the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What impresses us about this winch mounting plate is its quality design and construction. The bracket features great functionality, whether it is for fairlead or winch mounting. Additionally, it is highly compatible with Badland winches. Specifically, 2000 and 3000-pound ATV winches are what this unit supports.

Furthermore, the mounting plate offers great quality at a reasonable price. With its highly durable six-gauge steel construction, it is designed to last a while. Also, the surface is fully powder-coated to ensure rust prevention. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality mounting plate, this is a perfect choice.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a superb quality winch mounting plate that offers value for your money. Besides, it is ultra-durable, and the performance level is second to none. If you are on a tight budget and own a Badland winch, this is for you.

Best Winch Mounting Plate for Trailer:
CURT 31010

CURT 31010 Trailer Hitch Winch Mount for 2-Inch Receiver


  • Standard design to fit most configurations
  • Can be installed on front or rear of the vehicle 
  • Comes with a black powder coating to prevent rusting
  • Steel construction makes it capable of heavy-duty jobs
  • A hitch-mounted plate that accommodates most winches


  • Several users reported fitting issues
  • Doesn’t feature a universal bolt hole design

What Recent Buyers Report

We saw an overwhelming response from the users of this product. They believe that this winch mounting plate is simply stunning. It performs effectively for any heavy-duty job. The users were quite satisfied with the purchase and urged others to invest in this product. It is a great product, as most buyers described.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This winch mounting plate offers exceptional operational capabilities backed with sheer durability. This is a hitch-mounted plate that is designed to work with most winches. It is designed in such a way that nearly all winches fit perfectly. The standard design not only makes it compatible with most winches but offers a solid platform for heavy-duty jobs.

In addition, this mounting plate can be installed on either the front or back of the vehicle as desired. On the other hand, steel construction makes it pretty solid and capable of handling tough jobs quite easily. Also, the black powder-coating ensures the product stays safe from rust and other contaminants.

Bottom Line

Simply put, this is a great winch mounting plate to have, considering its features and standard design. It can accommodate most winches and offers great versatility as well. It can be installed on the front or rear of the vehicle for a reliable user experience.

Best Universal Winch Mounting Plate:
Guide Gear 10210025

Guide Gear Universal Winch Mount for ATV, UTV, Truck, 2' Receiver, 3500 lbs


  • Very simple and easy to install
  • Perfectly designed for heavy lifting
  • Finish and welding are of high quality
  • Made of powder-coated steel for sturdiness
  • Features an enormous tensile strength of 3500 pounds


  • Not available on online stores
  • Bolt and nut are to be purchased separately

What Recent Buyers Report

You can always acknowledge the quality of a product with product reviews. Well, in this case, the reviews are highly positive regarding the quality and performance of this unit. Users highly recommend this product to those looking for a quality mounting plate at a fairly low price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This winch mounting plate stands out to us for various reasons, the first being its superb design quality. It is designed in such a way that it offers a great platform for lifting heavy objects. At the same time, it is very durable as it is carved out of powder-coated steel. Moreover, the 3500-pound tensile strength on this mounting plate is pretty impressive. 

Additionally, this mounting plate features a fairly simple and easy installation. Besides, with its high-quality finish and welding, you can expect it to last longer than traditional units.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reliable winch mounting plate for heavy lifting, look no further. This ultra-durable unit is enough to cater to all your lifting needs. Also, with the great durability and operational strength, it’s a premium choice.

Best Warn Winch Mounting Plate:
WARN 11078

WARN 11078 Universal Foot Forward Winch Mount Kit with Mounting Plate


  • Pre-drilled for quick and easy mounting
  • Compatible with nearly all types of winches
  • Steel construction with black powder-coating for longevity
  • All mounting hardware included for convenient installation
  • A universal flatbed mounting plate; effective for flat surfaces


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not a lightweight mounting plate

What Recent Buyers Report

A large number of user reports admire the quality and effectiveness of this mounting plate. The reviews suggest that it offers great compatibility. It can accommodate any type of winch that you desire to mount. Also, the performance is quite up to user expectations. It is highly recommended.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you have been struggling with compatibility issues, this is a perfect choice. This flatbed mounting plate features a universal design that allows it to be compatible with every winch. It can be mounted on a flat surface to perform heavy-duty tasks quite effectively. Furthermore, the mounting plate comes pre-drilled from the factory to ensure a quick and easy mounting process.

Talking about construction, it is made out of solid steel with a black powder finish. As a result, it offers resistance to rust and corrosion. Also, it comes with the required mounting hardware for convenient installation.

Bottom Line

If you want to get rid of compatibility issues, this universal mounting plate is just for you. It is designed in such a way that it works with nearly all winches. Now, you don’t have to worry about your winch being compatible with this unit at your disposal.

7. Driver Recovery Products MOUNT-2

Driver Recovery Universal Recovery Winch Mounting Bracket, Self Recovery Mount Plate


  • Simple to use and easy to install
  • Can accommodate most winch brands
  • Comes with all the required mounting hardware
  • Very durable design, made from heavy-duty steel plate
  • Compatible with winches ranging from 8000 to 17000-pounds capacity


  • Customer support is not very reliable
  • Some users reported a defective product

What Recent Buyers Report

Well, most of the recent buyer reviews regarding this product were positive. They believe that this is one of the best mounting plates they have used so far. Users also referred to the build quality and design of the mounting plate as pretty reliable. It is highly recommended by most users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Well, apart from all the features and build quality, there is a catch about this product. Yes, it is the amazing price tag that it comes with. It is a highly-effective winch mounting plate that comes at a reasonable price! 

Its design is quite durable as it is made of steel. In addition, it is highly compatible with a wide range of winch capacities. It is compatible with winches with a capacity ranging between 8000 and 17000 pounds.

Moreover, it is capable of accepting most winch brands, which is great. The mounting plate itself comes with all the required mounting hardware to ensure a reliable installation. Besides, it is quite easy to install.

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you are on a limited budget, this is the perfect buy. It is highly compatible, durable, and reliable, and works with many different types of winches. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality mounting plate at an affordable price, try this one.

Best ATV Winch Mounting Plate:
Rigid Hitch 8542121344

ATV/UTV Winch Mounting Plate for 2 Inch Receivers - Made in U.S.A.


  • Very sturdy and ensures longevity
  • Offers great value for your money
  • Can accommodate an electric winch
  • Black powder-coated for rust prevention
  • Comes with a typical bolt hole configuration for easy installation


  • Doesn’t fit in the automotive hitch
  • Not compatible with Kubota RTVX models

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all positive reviews suggest the outstanding quality and operational capabilities of this mounting plate. Users are surprised by its amazing quality and refer to it as one of the best products. It is super-compatible with ATVs and is highly durable and effective. Users highly recommend buying this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most of the users regarded this product as a great value-for-money purchase. However, we think a bit differently. What pleases us about this product is its great sturdiness and reliable operations. This mounting plate is capable of mounting an electric winch, which is a huge plus. In addition, it is quite sturdy as it is black powder-coated. The coating provides resistance against rust and ensures its longevity.

Moreover, it features a typical bolt hole configuration. That being said, it offers super-easy installation without any hassle. Besides, it is fairly cheap for a mounting plate.

Bottom Line

Looking for the best winch mounting plate, right? Well, here is one to make sure your winch mounts perfectly on it. With durable design and affordable price, this unit is a great value-for-money choice.

Why Did These Mounting Plates Make Our List?

You can find a ton of different types of mounting plates available on the market. Picking the right one for yourself can pose a challenge. It is because nearly all of these brands and products feature various specifications that can be mind-boggling. To find the right one for yourself requires you to prioritize the features you want to achieve with your product.

Therefore, we have listed some of the top qualities that you should look for while buying a winch mounting plate.


Quality is the first thing that you require from a purchase. The quality of the product is determined by its ability to fulfill your expectations. If you are buying a winch mounting plate, you want it to be durable, reliable, and capable. If that is the case, then you should certainly opt for such a product.


Durability is a major aspect while considering a winch mounting plate. Since winches are designed for heavy-duty purposes, the mounting plate should be strong enough to sustain the weight. Most high-quality mounting plates feature a steel construction backed with powder coating. As a result, these mounting plates offer resistance to corrosion and tend to last longer.


Compatibility is essential when buying a winch mounting plate. Not all units are compatible with various winches. Therefore, consider buying a universal winch mounting plate.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

While purchasing any product, it is necessary to consider various precautions in order to be safe from any inconvenience. Here are some of the cautious considerations you should remember before buying a winch mounting plate.


The price is the first consideration you should take into account while buying a winch mounting plate. Different units charge a different price for the product. The price is generally reflected according to the specifications and features of the product. A high-quality product would charge a higher price and vice versa. However, if you are on a tight budget, consider buying a value-for-money product. 


While buying a winch mounting plate, make sure it aligns with your needs and requirements. Different mounting plates come in various designs that are suitable for specific applications. Purchasing a design that is not compatible with your needs means a waste of money and time.

Counterfeit Products

There are a lot of false advertisements and counterfeit products being sold. Therefore, beware of such products and sellers. Always consider buying the product from a reliable and trustworthy seller.


If you are looking to buy a winch mounting plate, consider buying one that offers quality and performance. Investing in a cheap and unreliable product can cause inconvenience. To help you save your time and money, we have listed some of the best options for you. We hope you find a great pick from our list!

People Also Ask

There are a lot of questions that people might have while purchasing the product. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we have come up with a list of frequently asked questions. These will not only remove any ambiguity but also provide answers to the queries you might have.

Do I Need a Mounting Plate For My Winch?

In order to make sure your winch operates perfectly, a winch mounting plate can come in handy. It not only provides a solid platform for your winch to operate but also ensures reliability. Winch mounting plates are ideally designed to accommodate most winches to make sure your heavy-duty tasks complete successfully.

Can You Mount a Winch Without a Bull Bar?

The answer is yes. It is possible to mount a winch without a bulbar but with certain exceptions. It is not possible to mount a winch without a bullbar on a normal bumper. You would require some sort of modifications like getting a winch cradle to ensure your winch works perfectly.

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