Engo Winches Reviews – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Getting your vehicle stuck in mud or in the middle of nowhere could be the worst nightmare. A winch can be truly a life-saver, especially when you are traveling alone.

Engo winches are arguably the most effective solution for the off-road traveling challenge. There are numerous varieties of Engo winches out there in the market. In order to simplify your search, this article has listed top models that are best in the industry.

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  • Offers 9 000 lbs of line pull
  • Comes loaded with 92’ of 21/64” wire rope
  • Uses wired remote control
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  • Efficient three-stage planetary gear
  • Automatic load holding brakes
  • Durable and strong design
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  • Best for the Money
  • Rated line pull of 3 000 lbs
  • 88 feet steel cable
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  • Best Engo 12k Winch
  • 3-Stage planetary gear box
  • Includes heavy-duty roller
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  • Best Engo 10k Winch
  • Durable 5.6hp series wound motor
  • Single line rated pull of 10 000 lbs
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Who is Engo?

Engo has developed a reputation in the market for providing outclass winches for over 50 years. This company is known for offering the right model at the right price. With the specialized experience, they know what it means to deliver top-notch features and innovative designs to their customers.

The founder, Drew, continued to serve his father's company, Mile Marker winches for about 25 years. He understood the wide needs of winch users everywhere and started to manufacture a wide array of products under the Engo brand. The motto of this company is to serve clients with safe, effective, and innovative solutions that have revolutionized the winch industry.

How Does Engo Compare to the Competition?

The market is filled with a number of brands that offer remarkable winches for everyday use. Amidst all these manufacturers, Engo winches have marked their position with the rugged performance that makes them stand out in their class. Mentioned below are a few features that help Engo winches stay ahead of their rivals.

Great Load Capacity

The most prominent feature of any Engo winch is that it can easily handle a good amount of weight without any issue. These winches are available in a range of pulling force from 2000 pounds to 12000 pounds. Depending on your requirements, you can easily find the one to pull multiple vehicles.

Robust Motor

Engo incorporates sturdy motors in the winches to make them extremely powerful. The winches are powered by either an electric or hydraulic motor, which is highly efficient in pulling heavy loads.



The winches are designed to be weather-proof in order to make them resistant to tough conditions. You can use them regardless of any weather conditions and complete your tasks efficiently. With any of these models, you don't have to worry about water splashes.


Engo winches prove to be highly suitable for a range of vehicles. They can easily pull various vehicles, be it a jeep or truck. In simple words, these versatile winches won’t do you wrong in the hour of need.

Review of the Best Engo Winches

So that was all about the major characteristics that make Engo stands out from its competitors. Moving forward, we have drawn a detailed review of some of the highly recommended Engo winches to meet your demands.

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Best Overall:
Engo 97-09000 Electric Winch

Engo (Sr Model) 9,000 Lb. (4091Kg) 12 Volt Electric Winch, Black Satin Finish


  • Comes from a reputed brand
  • Highly suitable for heavy loads
  • Easily operated by your vehicle’s battery
  • Comes with a black satin finish to give an appealing look
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty metal to ensure durability


  • Slightly heavy
  • Customer service needs to be improved

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have found this winch immensely useful for a range of applications. They report that the construction is reliable, plus the design is highly attractive. This winch is fully capable of driving tons of weight without compromising on the performance. Lastly, the installation is very easy and does not require much time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This incredible winch from Engo is composed of fine materials to give you long-lasting service. The model has a black satin finish to resist corrosion. It has a load capacity of 9000 lbs. and needs merely 12 volts to operate efficiently. Moreover, the installation is a one-person job, thanks to the user-friendly design.

Who Will Use This Most

It is highly recommended for heavy weights up to 9000 lbs. You can use this winch while traveling through unpaved and uneven roads. It can easily pull off your vehicle stuck in the mud. Plus, it can be used by anyone who needs a reliable winch to position tons of loads in everyday life.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary product with high-end features, this model is built to last long. It comes with a black satin finish to add on to perfection. Moreover, the motor is extremely powerful and can easily pull up to 9000 pounds of weight without any hassle. Lastly, you don’t need to spend a significant amount of time on its installation.

Engo 97-12000 Electric Winch

Engo (Sr Model) 12,000 Lb. (5443Kg) 12 Volt Electric Winch, Black Satin Finish - 97-12000


  • Installation is just a breeze
  • Attractive design with a black satin finish
  • Composed of high-quality materials to last long
  • Finely constructed to combat harsh conditions like a pro
  • The highly powerful motor makes it suitable for 12000 pounds weight


  • Heavyweight model
  • Customer service is not impressive

What Recent Buyers Report

This runner-up on our list has received many great ratings from its users. According to them, this model is highly reliable for positioning heavy loads without any problem. It has a nice design that can easily endure harsh conditions without any compromise. Lastly, the powerful motor is well-complemented by a user-friendly design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Another great winch from the company, this Engo model has a black satin finish that ensures an incredible appearance. Similarly, the composition is reliable, plus the incorporation of a robust motor adds on to perfection. It can easily pull up to 12000 pounds of weight and needs merely 12 volts for operation.

Who Will Use This Most

The sturdy construction of this winch makes it an ideal choice for anyone who has extensive use of a winch in everyday life. This model is highly suitable for lifting and positioning up to 12000 pounds of weights without any problem. Similarly, the simple installation makes it an ideal option for most beginners out there.

Bottom Line

A powerhouse of features, this remarkable winch has proved its worth for a range of applications. The user-friendly design of this model makes the installation merely a one-person job. Similarly, the highly powerful motor is ideally designed to lift tons of loads easily to ease your task. What else could you ask for?

Best for the Money:
Engo 77A-03000-A Electric Winch

Engo 3,000 Lb. (1361Kg) 12 Volt Electric Winch for ATV, Load Holding Brake


  • Ideally designed for ATVs
  • Surely the most economical winch out there
  • Made from high-end materials to enhance longevity
  • Equipped with a load-holding brake to ease the task
  • Highly recommended for weights up to 3000 pounds


  • Installation can be tricky
  • Relatively less load capacity
  • Lacks water-resistant capability

What Recent Buyers Report

This product has marked its position in the market with top-notch functionality. Many new customers are attracted to this winch for its reasonable price. Users report that it is quite powerful and, therefore, greatly suitable for a range of applications. Lastly, the incorporation of the load-holding brake enhances the performance of the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Available at a reasonable price, this remarkable winch is composed of quality materials. The composition is coupled with a fine design that gives the model a good-looking appearance. Similarly, the motor is powerful enough to lift up to 3000 pounds of weights easily. Lastly, there is a load-holding brake to make it a user-friendly winch.

Who Will Use This Most

It is a perfect choice for anyone who needs a reliable winch but is on a tight budget. With a load capacity of 3000 pounds, it can be employed by anyone who doesn't have extensive use of a winch. Moreover, it is highly recommended for vehicles moving around terrains.

Bottom Line

Those who are looking for a user-friendly winch within an affordable range should not look further. This incredible winch from Engo is composed of durable materials to combat tough conditions easily. Moreover, the load capacity is appreciable, plus the simple design makes it a great addition to the vehicle’s accessories.

Best Engo 12k Winch:
Engo E12000 Electric Winch

Engo E12000 Electric Winch


  • Comes with a good-looking design
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty to mark reliability
  • Highly suitable for weights up to 12000 pounds
  • Incorporates a powerful motor of 6.0 horsepower
  • Heavy-duty roller with immensely powerful steel cable


  • Installation might take longer
  • Not recommended for beginners

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are very happy with the incredible performance of this winch. They report that not only is the design amazing, but the construction is highly reliable as well. It can be used for lifting and positioning tons of weights in no time. Moreover, the steel cable is powerful enough to avoid any incident.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Engo is well-known for providing remarkable products for quite long. It is composed of fine materials and incorporates tons of features. The 6.0 horsepower motor can easily lift up to 12000 pounds without compromising on the performance. Moreover, you get to enjoy a one-year warranty to enhance the confidence of the customer in this product.

Who Will Use This Most

This winch is highly recommended for those who need to work with tons of weight on a daily basis. It is strong enough to combat harsh conditions like a pro. However, the hefty price tag does not make it an appropriate choice for budget-conscious people out there. Other than that, this model is worth the investment.

Bottom Line

A highly versatile model with a range of exceptional features, this winch is ideally designed for lifting a great amount of load. It has a nice design, plus the construction is really durable. Moreover, it incorporates a strong steel cable as well as a 6.0 horsepower motor to give you fantastic services.

Best Engo 10k Winch:
Engo E10000 Electric Winch

Engo IND.USE 97-10000


  • Relatively lightweight model on the list
  • Equipped with an impressive pulling force
  • Incorporates a superb fairlead mechanism
  • Comes with a 3-stage planetary gear system
  • Easily tolerate tons of weight without any issue


  • The motor is extremely loud
  • Might get slow while spooling
  • Lack of any wireless remote control

What Recent Buyers Report

Similar to other reviewed models, this winch has won the confidence of many customers with its flawless performance. They report that the model has a user-friendly and good-looking design, plus the load capacity is just amazing. Similarly, it is very lightweight and, therefore, can be easily moved around whenever you want.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the finest models on the list, this winch is equipped with an automatic loading system to ease the loading task for you. Similarly, the 5.6 HP motor is powerful enough to deal with up to 10000 pounds weight. The motor comes with a 3-stage planetary gear system, and the fairlead mechanism ensures smooth spooling. Moreover, the design is completely weather-resistant, making it reliable in any weather condition.

Who Will Use This Most

This powerful winch is highly recommended for lifting up to 10000 lbs. weight. It is user-friendly, plus the simple design makes the installation a breeze. Therefore, it can be employed by beginners as well as those with an extensive need for a winch in their everyday life. In short, this winch won't do you wrong in the hour of need.

Bottom Line

This winch manufactured by Engo incorporates a range of remarkable features that make it stand out to us. It has a powerful motor that can easily pull a huge amount of weight. Similarly, the design is weather-resistant as well as user-friendly. Lastly, the heavy-duty roller ensures a smooth spooling experience for the user.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Winch

Investing in an efficient winch won't only ease the pulling tasks for you, but it will also bring a number of other advantages as well. The availability of plentiful options might confuse you in picking the right product for you. Therefore, it is quite essential to opt for the best model in order to enjoy the following benefits.

Towing Heavy Vehicles

A winch is ideally designed for multiple commercial applications, including towing loads and other heavy vehicles. A reliable winch can be really useful to your vehicle out if it gets stuck in the mud. All you have to do is attach the winch to the front of the vehicle and leave the rest to this incredible equipment.


While most of the manufacturers offer a certain warranty on their products, a high-end winch is also backed by additional warranty. This warranty covers all technical faults and damages for a certain period of time. This way, you don't have to spend a hefty amount on frequent replacement and maintenance.

Value to Bucks

No doubt, Engo winches are relatively expensive when compared to other models on the market. However, the durable construction and polished design make them worth it. They are composed of heavy-duty materials to tolerate heavy weights easily without breaking. All the winches are nicely polished to resist any corrosion in the future and continue to deliver ultimate service for long.


This brings us to the end of this review. Engo winches are known for their versatility and impressive load capacity. These are powerful enough to compare your everyday tasks seamlessly. Hopefully, with all this information, you are now capable of choosing the right model for your needs. You are recommended to look beyond the price and pick the most reliable model for a great winching experience.

People Also Ask

Winches are a great addition to your vehicle’s accessories for their rugged and user-friendly design. They are surely a great option to carry in your vehicle if you go off-roading a lot. A few customers are quite concerned about the functionality of these models. Here, we have tried to answer some of the questions asked by people to help them make an informed decision.

Where Are Engo Winches Made?

Engo has been in business for producing high-quality winches to exceed your demands efficiently. These top-notch winches are manufactured in the same factory where Mattel toys are made. All these winches are incorporated with a motor and other high-end features to deliver you maximum performance for years of heavy use.  

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