Best Winch Covers of 2021

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Winches can be a life-saver when you are traveling off-road. However, people might forget to take care of their winches.

Equipping your winch with a winch cover would be the easiest and most affordable way. A winch cover that is waterproof and costs less will surely give a sense of security. This guide aims at reviewing the top winches out there.

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  • Designed to withstand all difficult weather conditions
  • Approximately 24” wide, 10” tall, and 7” deep
  • Ideally suited for electric winches
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  • Protectings winch from water, dust and sunlight
  • Designed to fit securely and tightly
  • Can be used with a variety of winches
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  • Best Smittybilt Winch Cover
  • Compatibile with 8 000 - 12 000 lbs winch
  • Made from durable vinyl
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  • Best Neoprene Winch Cover
  • Cover stretches over winch and prevents flapping
  • Made from heavy-duty Neoprene
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  • Best Warn Winch Cover
  • Mesh backing provides ventilation
  • Manufactured with marine-grade vinyl
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  • Best Waterproof Winch Cover
  • Made of thick heavy PU leather
  • Elastic at the bottom helps it fit snuggly
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  • Best ATV Winch Cover
  • Heavy-duty and washable neoprene
  • Storage-adjustable drawstring for secure fit
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When Would a Winch Cover Come in Handy?

Winches are undoubtedly quite sturdy accessories. They are mostly composed of aluminum or steel to provide impressive strength and support. However, bad weather could be a bit of abuse. You are recommended to get a winch cover if you truly want to take care of your winch.

Getting a winch cover will not only help you cover the winch properly, but it also has multiple associated benefits.

Ultimate Protection

Since winches are made from aluminum or high-grade steel, there is always a chance of them getting damaged if left out for a long time. The paint might start to fade off due to long sun exposure. Winch covers are specially designed to fully cover the winches and save them from sun damage, flying stones, road debris as well as dust.

You can use them anytime, regardless of any weather conditions. Whether it’s sunny or raining heavily outside, a winch cover is at the rescue.

Improve Lifespan

Protecting your winch from dust and debris would ultimately extend the lifetime of your winch. It would be capable of serving you with the same superb performance.


Water splashes can greatly affect the quality of your winch. The steel cable might start to rust more quickly. Similarly, the electrical connections and solenoid box are extremely vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to rainwater or splash-up from the road. A winch cover completely covers the sides and top of the winch, keeping the dirt and water out.

How Do I Choose a Winch Cover?

With a plethora of options available out there, picking the right winch cover can be a daunting task. You might get confused in making the right decision. To simplify your search, we have listed down a couple of features that contribute to making an ideal winch cover for your needs.

Let’s discuss them one by one!

Fine Construction

Investing in a quality product always brings value to your bucks. Any model that is made from high-quality materials would do you fine. Make sure you go for a winch cover that is composed of leather, neoprene, or vinyl. These materials are durable and tend to combat tough conditions without compromising on the performance.


Winch covers are available in different sizes, depending on your requirements. Go for a model that has a universal design and, therefore, can easily fit a range of winches without any problem. It should have an elastic design that totally covers the winch and protects it from any dirt and debris.


This feature is quite essential for enhancing the longevity of the winch cover. It must be water-proof to use around water. Similarly, the UV-resistance would save the cover’s color from being faded. A weather-resistant model can be used even in extreme weather situations and save your winch from any potential damage.


Different models come with different price tags. A reliable winch cover is the one that incorporates almost all essential features and does not feel heavy on the pocket. It is affordable plus delivers ultimate performance for a long period of time.

Review of the Best Winch Covers

That was all about the major features that must be kept in mind while making a purchase. Now, let’s head towards the most important section that gives a detailed review of some trending winch covers from popular brands.

Let’s get started!

Best Overall:
EL JEFE Premium Winch Cover

EL JEFE Waterproof Winch Cover - Accessories for 8,000 lb - 13,000 lb Winches - Compatible with Your Jeep, ATV, Boat, Trailer, Sailboat and More - Winter, Summer, All Year Round Protection


  • Suitable for a range of winch sizes
  • Nice black design to go with your winch
  • Made in Europe and exhibits various features
  • Composed of patent leather to ensure durability
  • Completely waterproof to combat tough conditions


  • Not UV protected
  • Leather might dry out overtime in sunlight

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are extremely satisfied with the performance of this winch cover. They report that the construction is very reliable, plus the black non-fabric material gives it a beautiful texture. Most importantly, it can easily cover your winch, regardless of any size. Moreover, the user-friendly design adds on to perfection.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This EL JEFE winch cover is manufactured from patent leather to make it last longer. It comes with a black design that is elastic to make its use easy. Similarly, it is completely waterproof, so you can easily use it in bad weather conditions. In short, it is built to keep dirt and water away from your winch and enhance its longevity.

Who Will Use This Most

The premium construction of this winch cover makes it a popular choice for those who need a non-fabric cover. It looks good, plus the water-resistant capability allows you to use it in all weather conditions. Moreover, the user-friendly and elastic design makes it a suitable option for beginners as well as professionals with extensive use of winches.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary product with high-end features, this winch cover is built to last in the long run. It is composed of premium leather plus incorporates a beautiful design to make it a go-to choice of people. Moreover, the water resistance and great dimensions are quite helpful in increasing the lifespan of your winch.

 X-BULL Winch Cover Neoprene

X-BULL Winch Cover Neoprene Fits for 8500-17500lb,Waterproof


  • Nicely designed with an appealing look
  • Comes with an impressive 1-year warranty
  • Keeps dirt and water away from your winch
  • Manufactured from neoprene to make it last long
  • Water-proof material to make it a reliable option


  • Not UV resistant
  • Customer service must be improved

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are very impressed with the fine construction of this cover. According to them, the neoprene material is very durable, plus the water-resistance functionality makes this product a go-to choice. Similarly, users get to enjoy a 1-year warranty on this product to mark reliability. Lastly, it is very easy to use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great product on the list, this winch cover is manufactured from neoprene material that tends to last long. It comes in a black design that is user-friendly. This product fits a range of winches easily, plus you can use it in bad weather conditions, thanks to the water-proof functionality. Moreover, there is a 1-year warranty on this winch cover.

Who Will Use This Most

It is recommended as a great choice for many winch users. This cover can easily protect your winches from dirt and water, enhancing the lifespan. Similarly, you can use it for a variety of winches, ranging from 8500 to 17500 pounds. Being water-proof, you can employ this winch cover even in the rain to protect your winch from any damage.

Bottom Line

This winch cover from X-Bull is known for its premium construction and user-friendly design. The material is water-proof, plus the elastic design fits a range of winches to mark its versatility. Moreover, it is backed by a 1-year warranty to enhance the confidence of the customers in this flawless product.

Best Neoprene Winch Cover:
Winch Cover Black Neoprene by Black Neoprene by Offroading Gear

Offroading Gear 4x4 Waterproof and Dust-Resistant Heavy-Duty Winch Cover for 8,000lbs - 10,000lbs Winches | Black Neoprene Fabric | ATV| Jeep| Truck| Etc.| Medium


  • Package includes 2 heavy-duty gloves
  • Superb protection from water and dirt
  • Elastic functionality to make it user-friendly
  • Universal design that fits almost all winches
  • Neoprene construction to give you long-lasting service


  • No UV protection
  • No information about any warranty

What Recent Buyers Report

This winch cover is very popular among customers for its durable construction and user-friendly design. They report that it provides exceptional protection from dirt, dust, and debris to improve the lifespan of the winch. Similarly, this winch cover is ideally designed to fit a number of winches without any problem.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A fine cover from Offroading Gear, this product is composed of high-quality neoprene to make it sustainable. The design is very nice, plus it comes with ideal dimensions to easily fit a range of winches. Moreover, there is a set of heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands. Overall, it is reliable and highly versatile.

Who Will Use This Most

This cover is basically designed to protect winches ranging from 8000 to 10000 pounds. However, the elastic design makes it a reliable option for many other winches as well. You can use this product regardless of any winch size in almost every weather condition to enjoy a wonderful experience.

Bottom Line

One of the finest winches covers out there, this model is incorporated with tons of exceptional features. It is made from neoprene, and the universal fit design makes it highly recommended for numerous winches. Similarly, its user-friendly design avoids any tension of cords and straps. With this cover, dust and dirt keep away from your winch.

Best Waterproof Winch Cover:
Seven Sparta Winch Cover

SEVEN SPARTA Winch Cover Heavy Duty Waterproof Winch Protection Cover, Dust-Proof,Universal Winch Protective Cover for Electric Winches Up to 17500 Lbs, 24” W x 10” H x 7” D (Black)


  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Premium design to perfectly fit your winch
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Made from heavy PU leather to ensure reliability
  • Water-resistant model to combat harsh situations


  • Lacks UV protection
  • Leather might dry out in sunlight

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are very happy with the performance of this winch cover. They report that the material is fine plus very durable. It easily tackles harsh weather conditions like a pro and ultimately provides great protection to your winch, regardless of its size. Lastly, it comes with a warranty that is highly impressive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This winch cover mainly stands out to us for its PU leather construction. It is capable enough to withstand extreme weather and water splashes. The design is very good-looking, plus it easily fits a range of winches without any problem. This thick winch cover is meant to keep the dirt away from your winch.

Who Will Use This Most

It is surely a great option for those who want a tough winch cover to enhance the protection level of their winch. The design is user-friendly and, therefore, can be easily used on a daily basis. It is highly suitable for a range of winches of any size plus you can employ it in almost every weather condition.

Bottom Line

A powerhouse of features, this model incorporates sturdy construction as well as a premium design. It is backed by a 30-day impressive warranty. Moreover, the design ideally fits the winch to keep the dirt from the winch. Lastly, it is tough enough to easily endure harsh situations like a pro.

Best Warn Winch Cover:
WARN 102641 Stealth Series Winch

WARN 102641 Stealth Series Winch Cover Fits: M8, XD9, 9.5xp, VR8000, VR10000, VR12000


  • Made of marine-grade vinyl to last long
  • Tough design that is user-friendly as well
  • Fits a range of popular winches out there
  • Incorporates a zipper to enhance perfection
  • Weather-resistant and UV-resistant to give maximum protection


  • Quality can be improved
  • Lack of any warranty information

What Recent Buyers Report

This product has impressed many users with its good-looking design and high-end construction. They report that the material is very reliable, plus the user-friendly design saves you time. Moreover, this winch cover is completely weather-proof and UV-resistant to make it highly useful even in extreme weather conditions without any worries.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great winch cover from Warn, this accessory is manufactured from marine-grade vinyl material to make it last in the long run. Not only is the construction appreciable, but the design is also very attractive. It is versatile enough to go with a number of winches. With this winch cover, you don't have to worry about your winch.

Who Will Use This Most

The quality composition of this winch cover makes it an ideal option for winch users. It has a good-looking design plus it can be employed to protect a number of winches without any issue. The UV-resistance and weather-proof capability make it tough enough to withstand extreme conditions and water splashes without compromising on the performance.

Bottom Line

If you want a sturdy winch cover to provide protection to the winch, then you must get your hands on this model from Warn. Warn is well-known for providing exceptional products. Whether we talk about the durable construction or the top-notch functionality, this model won’t do you wrong in the hour of need.

Best Smittybilt Winch Cover:
Smittybilt 9728199 Winch Cover

Smittybilt XRC Logo Winch Cover - 97281-99


  • Ideally fitUser-friendly model to meet everyday needss a range of winches
  • Relatively affordable winch cover
  • Black design that is nice to look at
  • User-friendly model to meet everyday needs
  • Established from heavy-duty vinyl to serve the user in the long run


  • Quality is sub-par
  • The design must be improved
  • No information about installation

What Recent Buyers Report

This winch cover has received many great ratings from its customers. First of all, its reliable construction is appreciable. Similarly, the design is very nice and extremely user-friendly. You can use this winch cover for protecting your winch from any dirt and dust. Although there are a few complaints about its quality, users still love how it does his job.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Manufactured from high-quality vinyl, this winch cover is meant to serve you efficiently. It has a black user-friendly design that can be used for a range of winches easily. Similarly, this winch cover ensures maximum protection from water and extreme weather conditions to enhance the longevity of your favorite winch.

Who Will Use This Most

It is surely a great choice for anyone with extensive use of the winch. This model has vinyl construction that can easily combat tough conditions like a pro. Moreover, it is relatively affordable and, therefore, quite a nice option for those people who are budget-conscious. You can employ this cover to protect winches ranging from 8000 to 120000 pounds.

Bottom Line

A fine product from Smittybilt, this winch cover incorporates tons of features, including quality construction, black premium design, compatibility with winches ranging from 8000 to 12000 pounds, and ease of use. Overall, it is affordable, durable, and capable of delivering ultimate performance. What else could you ask for?

Best ATV Winch Cover:

Publi Ranger ATV UTV Weather-Resistant Neoprene Storage Winch Dust Cover for 2000-4500 lbs Winches


  • Highly portable and easy to store
  • Attractive design with a nice finish
  • The material is washable for ease of use
  • Weather-resistant as well as water-proof model
  • Manufactured from high-end neoprene for high durability


  • Drawstring might break
  • Compatible with ATV winches only

What Recent Buyers Report

Just like other models, this winch cover has also succeeded in winning the confidence of many customers with its top-notch performance. They love its heavy-duty construction as well as its very good-looking design. According to them, this model is very useful in protecting the winch plus can be stored without any issue.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This winch cover stands out from its competitors due to high-grade neoprene construction that is well-complemented by a black premium design. It is water-proof to ensure protection, even in harsh conditions. Moreover, the bright logo allows for nighttime visibility. In short, this model is built to deliver a fantastic experience.

Who Will Use This Most

Ideally designed for ATV winches, this model is an ideal choice for ATV and UTV winches. It is highly recommended for winches ranging from 2000 to 4500 pounds with a secure fit. Moreover, the water-resistant functionality makes it highly suitable to use it in extreme weather situations without any tension.

Bottom Line

The Ranger winch cover is composed of quality neoprene to make it a reliable choice on the market. The design is nice and equally user-friendly. Moreover, it is highly versatile and, therefore, can be used for a range of ATV and UTV winches for ensuring top-notch protection from dust, dirt, and water.

8. Waterproof and Dust Proof Winch Cover by AV Prime Inc

Waterproof and Dust Proof Winch Cover and fits 5,000-13,000 lb Winches


  • No tension of color fading
  • Suitable for a range of winches
  • Composed of fine nylon material to enhance longevity
  • One of the most economical winch covers on the market
  • Completely waterproof and UV-resistant to mark the perfection


  • A few concerns over quality
  • Customer service is not impressive
  • Does not last as long as advertised

What Recent Buyers Report

This winch cover has attracted many new customers due to its ideal dimensions and a reasonable price tag. According to the users, this cover is finely constructed, plus the design is extremely user-friendly. You can use it for a range of winches, regardless of any size. Lastly, it is UV resistant to ensure maximum protection.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Available at a very affordable price, this winch cover is manufactured from high-quality nylon to resistant any damage. Next, the design is good-looking, plus it easily fits multiple winches without any issue. Not only is it water-resistant but also UV-resistant to enhance the protection level for your favorite winch.

Who Will Use This Most

The reasonable price tag of this winch cover makes it a suitable choice for those on a tight budget. It is highly user-friendly and, therefore, used by even beginners. Similarly, it can be employed to protect numerous winches ranging from 5000 to 13000 pounds to make it a popular choice among customers.

Bottom Line

In case you are looking for a high-end and reliable winch cover to ensure the protection of your winch, then look no further. This model from AV Prime Inc. has high-quality construction plus a nice design. It is versatile and can be used for a range of winches. Moreover, you get to enjoy all these features at an affordable price.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

No doubt, the market is overflowing with tons of options. Therefore, there is always the possibility of ending up with the wrong product for you. Well, in this section, we have summarized a few factors that must be considered before making any purchase in order to get the best out of the product.


The foremost thing to consider is the type of material used in the construction of the winch cover. Winch covers are made from vinyl, neoprene, and even leather. Leather covers are quite tough and capable of enduring extreme conditions easily. However, the leather might dry out when exposed to the sun for a long time. Similarly, neoprene is a high-grade material that provides ultimate protection to your winch.

Make sure to pick a model that is fine enough to last long. The color must also not fade with time.

EL JEFE Premium Winch Cover  is made of high-quality materials. It is sturdy, thick and can effectively keep all dust and water away from your winch


The price of a product is an important factor to consider, especially when you are on a tight budget. Winch covers come in a range of prices. Depending on your budget, you can easily find a good product for you. However, you are always recommended to look beyond price and aesthetics to avoid any regret in the future.


Since winches are available in different sizes, you have to be careful while picking a winch cover. Some brands offer covers with ideal dimensions that fit a great range of winches and save the user from the expenditure of purchasing a separate cover every time you have a new winch.


Exposure to sunlight and water can alter the lifespan of your winch. Having a great winch cover onboard can help you keep dust, mud, rain, and sun off the winch. Hopefully, this article gave you enough information about the right model for you. Just make sure to keep a few things into consideration to make an informed decision.

People Also Ask

Winches are used extensively to get you out of trouble. It is, therefore, important to think about the safety of winches as well. Winch covers can arguably protect the winch from multiple potential damages. In this section, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked queries of people to ensure a great experience.

Should I Cover My Winch? Is a Winch Cover Really Worth Getting?

Honestly, you are advised to always cover your winch with an efficient winch cover. A winch cover is ideally designed to keep dirt, dust, and other contaminants off the winch and protect it from extreme conditions. Without a winch cover, the steel cable would corrode faster, plus you might need to replace the winch frequently.

I used to work in construction and landscaping, so I've seen my fair share of ratchet straps, winches, and similar rigging gear. I started Winch Central because I've seen some nasty accidents due to crappy rigging or poor practice. I wanted to be able to recommend good equipment that's SAFE and also provide resources for how its used. I handle the research side of things here as well as product selection for gear reviews.