Best X-Bull Winches of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: July 8, 2021

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Winches serve many purposes for the people in towing or transportation businesses. They help pull heavy loads along, so they have to be well-suited for the purpose. 

This is why people tend to go for winches by reliable names such as X-Bull. 

Let’s find out what X-Bull winches have to offer you and how to select the best one.

  • New generation of wireless remote control
  • Comes with a safer Dyneema synthetic cable
  • Has a free spooling clutch
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  • Allows power in and out, ensuring positive load control
  • Design is resistant to corrosion for prolonged life
  • Features automatic load-holding for ease of use
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  • Best for the Money
  • Ideal for 13,000 lbs and daily use
  • Resistant design is suitable for harsh environments
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  • Three-stage planetary gear system
  • Includes a breaker for enhanced safety
  • Supports automatic load-holding for convenience
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  • High-powered and high-quality design ensures versatility
  • Series wound motor boosts reliability
  • Scores high on efficiency and stability
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Who is X-Bull?

X-Bull is a leading name in the winch industry as it provides the highest quality winches. It is an Australia-based manufacturer with warehouse extensions in multiple countries. They even have warehouses in the US for a proper assembly of parts for the local population there. 

They have been serving people with high-quality products for over ten years now. They have rapidly gained a massive clientele on the basis of their competitive prices in such a limited time. 

The company has distinguished itself with its hard-working and helpful customer care services too. So, X-Bull is the choice of all those who want to buy winches that do not give up on them.

What to Look For When Buying an X-Bull Winch

X-Bull winches are undeniably on top of the list of high-quality winches. But you need to see which one suits you better. This is why there is a brief buying guide to help you choose the right model.  

Load Capacity

Load capacity is the foremost consideration regarding a winch. When you get a new winch, it should be able to withstand the pressure that you are going to exert on it. This is why, if you are in the timbre business or need to drag heavy items, you need higher load capacity. But, a moderate to low load capacity is fine if you will not be dealing with such heavy loads. 


The strength of a winch also makes a major difference in the kind of use you will put it to. This is why you have to choose a strong winch so that it does not come off while you are working. 


You have to be mindful of the material as well when you are looking at different options. Winches come in metallic and synthetic materials, both of which have their own uses. You can choose either of these depending on the amount of load you will need to drag. 

Review of the Best X-Bull Winches

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at some options you can go for. Here, we have reviewed some of the best X-Bull winches to help you select one.  

Best Overall:
X-BULL 12V 4500LBS

X-BULL 4500 lbs Winch 12V Electric Winch Kits with Fairlead, ATV/UTV Winch with Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch with Wireless Remotes and Mounting Bracket


  • IP67 waterproof construction
  • Efficient off-road performance
  • Lightweight synthetic rope in the winch
  • Planetary gearing system has three stages
  • Quick wire rope payout with free spooling clutch


  • Packaging is not thoughtful

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have found the X-Bull 4500 Lbs winch to be a mammoth when it comes to heavy-duty work. They liked both its cool aesthetics as well as its load capacity of 4500 lbs. The red and black frame stands out to everyone, which buyers loved.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has won the best overall spot on our list with its wonderful features. The frame and rope are completely waterproof as they have an IP67 waterproof construction. This makes sure there is no water damage or corrosion even if you work in moisture-laden areas.

Moreover, there is a free spooling clutch on it, which makes the rope payout quick. This helps you save time on winding or unwinding the line. Also, it has a lightweight synthetic rope which does not have any extra kinetic load. So, it saves your vehicle from any overloading or accidents.

Bottom Line

Considering all this, this winch deserves to be termed as the best overall due to its competitive price and amazing quality. It looks not only great but also has reliable functioning. Thus, it is a great catch for those who want a premium-quality winch without breaking their bank.

X-BULL 12V 3000LBS

X-BULL 12V 3000LBS/1361KGS Electric Winch Synthetic Rope 10Meter Wireless ATV 4WD


  • Ten-meter long durable rope
  • Resistance to corrosion and rust
  • Remote wireless control for spooling
  • Positive load control with power distribution
  • Great line speed with a planetary gear system


  • Produces grinding noises
  • Does not have proper grease

What Recent Buyers Report

The X-Bull 12V 3000 Lbs winch has become a favorite of people who need to drag low to moderate weight. It can take long hours of work without giving way even in extremely hot or cold weather. The rope is also the right length for most kinds of winch-related tasks, making this a great investment.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has impressed us with its high resistance to corrosion and rust, which are two major enemies of winches. The synthetic rope does not get any water damage either, so it provides years of consistent service.

Along with this, there is a remote control for spooling and other settings of the winch. It also has a planetary gear system based on three stages. It helps in spooling and unspooling the rope quite effectively.

It does not tangle easily either, so you will be relaxed where the winding and unwinding of rope are concerned. The blue color of its synthetic rope is also likable as it makes your vehicle look cooler.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is an incredible winch that has all the right features in the right place. It has a modern design with a solid black frame and an electric blue synthetic rope. The durability and weight retention properties are commendable too. So, it is safe to spend your hard-earned money on this one.

Best for the Money:
 X-BULL Synthetic Rope Winch

X-BULL Winch 13000 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch Kit 12V Synthetic Rope


  • Highly efficient spooling
  • Load capacity of 13000 pounds
  • Remote control to configure the winch
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Sealed contractor for positive load control


  • No instructions for the isolator

What Recent Buyers Report

This has hit home with customers primarily due to its durability since it does not get any damage. It resists both sunlight and water damage because of the protective layers on the rope. People also recommend it to others due to its high affordability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have approved of this winch because of its amazing price-to-features ratio. It comes loaded with desirable features while it costs almost nothing. It has a weight-bearing capacity of 13000 pounds, so it is ideal for dragging heavy timbre logs. It is also great for moving around furniture as it can tolerate heavyweights.

Moreover, this winch has an efficient spooling, which takes less time and even lesser effort. This is why you can use this one for your professional needs too. Its remote control is also a nice addition since it makes settings easier.

Bottom Line

In our view, it is one of the most budget-friendly winches that X-Bull has to offer. It has high strength due to its synthetic rope, which does not have any weak points. So, investing in it will do you a world of good both quality-wise and price-wise.

4. X-BULL 12V Electric Winch 12000 Lb Capacity

X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch 12000 lb Load Capacity


  • Heavy-duty steel cable
  • Easy to spool 26-meter cable
  • Both remote and hand controller
  • Free spooling clutch for effective payout
  • Motor protection brings additional safety


  • Can damage the crossbars

What Recent Buyers Report

This winch has left its mark on buyers with its heavy-duty construction and usage. It does not require any effort from users as the whole operation is electrical. Its solid black frame merges well with the background of any vehicle. So, people love having it on their trailers to avoid looking too intimidating.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have added it to our list of the best X-Bull winches because of its high-quality construction. The black frame holds up just fine, no matter what kind of weather it has to deal with. The steel cable can take on heavy loads without any strain on the vehicle. It is also admirably long at 26 meters as it can drag materials from afar too.

In addition, this winch has a free spooling clutch in it, which minimizes the pressure on the payout. Lastly, it has both a hand and a remote controller, so you do not have to worry about its configuration.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is another amazing winch by X-Bull, which deserves your investment. It has all that it takes to be reliable in times of need. So, you can choose this one for both your heavy-duty and light-duty tasks without any hesitation.

5. X-BULL12V Electric Winch 13000 Lbs

X-BULL12V Wireless Steel Cable 13000LBS/5897KGS Electric Winch for 4WD 4x4 Off Road Vehicle Boat Truck


  • 26-meter long steel cable
  • Comes with a free spooling clutch
  • Kit includes all the necessary wiring
  • Balanced power in and power out ratio
  • Complete control box included in the package


  • Does not include a bracket

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have been quite impressed with this 13000 Lbs winch due to its high efficiency and quick spooling. They loved how easy and quick it is to rewind it after using it every day. Buyers also took so positively to the kit due to the presence of all the components required for assembly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has distinguished itself to us with its insightful construction and powerful working. The user manual that comes with it helps set up and use the winch in the safest way possible. It is also great because of the presence of both a hand controller and a remote controller. Moreover, it has a four-way roller synthetic rope in it, which does not get any splinters. This way, it stays safe for your hands and the frame of the vehicle as well.

Furthermore, it weighs 86 pounds and has the dimensions of 530mm × 165mm × 235mm. They help the winch assembly stay compact, so it is easy to insert it in both vertical and horizontal winch cradles.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on it is that it is a remarkable electrical winch by X-Bull. It has a simple design yet a practical construction. So, if you need something durable and efficient in working, this could be a great option for you.

Types of Winches from X-Bull

There are many types of X-Bull winches based on their basic working mechanism. All of these are designed to suit the needs of people who prefer X-Bull. So, let’s have a look at different kinds of winches they manufacture: 

Mechanical Hand-Operated Winches

Mechanical hand-operated winches do not get any power from the engine or batteries. You have to do all the spooling by yourself, so it is better for smaller loads. 

Electrical Winches

Electrical winches have either your vehicle’s batteries attached to them or their own external battery. They have electrically-powered spooling, so they do not need any effort on your part for storage. This is why they are better suited to the needs of bigger vehicles and bigger loads that need carrying. 

Mechanical Drum Winches

Mechanical drum winches derive energy from the power generated in the engine. It also gets a transmission of power when you shift gear shafts. The best thing about these is that they do not depend on the gears. Rather, they start working as soon as you start your engine. 

What Makes X-Bull Products Stand Out From the Competition?

X-Bull products distinguish themselves from their rivals based on many major characteristics. Here are some of the features that help X-Bull winches leave other units behind in the competition. 

Pricing Policy

X-Bull winches have remarkably low prices when you compare them with other winches. They work as well as some of the high priced units as manufacturers pay attention to every single detail. So, they have a very pro-people pricing policy. 


Another significant difference between X-Bull and other winches is their warranty policy. Most of their winches come with a warranty of five years and keep working well beyond this time duration. 

Customer Care Services

X-Bull has top-of-the-line customer care services. They believe in making things like installation and maintenance easy for customers. So, they have the helpful staff to keep them engaged when needed. 

How to Install an X-Bull Winch

X-BULL 12V 4500LBS

The correct installation of an X-Bull winch is compulsory to have a smooth usage. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to set up your winch for optimal performance. 

  1. First of all, locate the winch cradle on your vehicle. The installation depends on whether the cradle is vertical or horizontal.

  2. Now, take out the screws from the drum and detach it. Then remove the hex head screws which are on the inner side of the drum.

  3. After this, insert this assembly into the bull winch cradle of your vehicle, making sure it does not come off. Once you have inserted it in there, thread the bolts in the bull cradle. 

  4. Then, attach the control box on the winch assembly. 

  5. Lastly, connect the vehicle's batteries to the X-Bull winch, and you are all set to go.

If you are confused, watch this video for a demonstration by experts in the field. 

How to Maintain an X-Bull Winch

The maintenance of an X-Bull winch does not require a lot of hard work. All you have to do is to make sure there is no gradual damage to it. You have to keep it clean all the while so that there is no hidden or background damage. Here are a few quick tips to help you maintain your X-Bull winch for a long, long time. 

Grease the Winch

One of the most essential ways of keeping your winch functional is to protect it from rusting. And, frequent greasing is what makes sure that there is no corrosion or rusting. So, invest in a quality grease or lubricant to have a rust-free winch.

Paint Frequently

You also have to paint your winch regularly to have safe and consistent use of an X-Bull winch. It not only prevents daily wear and tear but also keeps it new for a long time. Thus, get new spray paint, so that you can re-apply paint on the spots that flake off timely. 

X-BULL 12V 3000LBS

Thorough Cleaning

To ensure better usage, you have to clean the winch on time as well. You have to clean both the rope and the drum attachments to clean dust from all the corners. 

Spooled Storage

Whenever you store your winch, make sure it is spooled properly. If you leave the rope just lying around, it will start splintering. So, it is better to be safe than sorry and put in a small effort after every use to spool the winch. 


Summing up, X-Bull winches are an amazing option for you if you want high-quality products at a low price. Their units have earned a great reputation in such a limited amount of time. This tells of the satisfaction of customers who chose X-Bull. So, going for one of these will be a great investment for you. 

People Also Ask

So far, we have thrown light on all the major aspects of X-Bull winches. Now, let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Go through them and clear any confusion that you have at this point. 

Where Are X-Bull Products Made?

X-Bull winches are available in many parts of the world, but they are manufactured in Australia. There are warehouses in the United States as well. But, they have only assembly and delivery units in other countries while major production is there in Australia. 

Who Makes X-Bull Products?

X-Bull products are made by the X-Bull company who specializes in 4x4 vehicle components. It is based in Australia, and they deliver the highest quality vehicle accessories, including winches. They have a diverse range of weight capacity winches that serve the needs of a major population. 

Who Owns X-Bull?

X-Bull is a 4x4 vehicle parts company from Australia. Owners have sworn to deliver quality and durability. And their products hold true to the promise of the owners. 

How Long Has X-Bull Been Around?

X-Bull has been around for a little over ten years now. They have brought many useful and reliable parts to the market, including X-Bull winches. It has only been a decade, but X-Bull has earned its rightful place with the quality of its products. 

Why are X-Bull Products so Popular?

X-BULL Synthetic Rope Winch

X-Bull products are popular on the market because of their efficient customer care services. It takes full responsibility for all the products, which is why they make sure there are no flaws in any product. The lifetime of X-Bull products also contributes to their popularity.

What Kind of Warranty Does X-Bull Offer?

X-Bull offers different durations of warranty for their products based on their price and usability. The material of all the products also contributes to the difference in warranty. However, their products have a warranty of five years on average. 

Are X-Bull Winches Worth it?

Yes, X-Bull winches are worth it as they have a high quality. They have very affordable products that beat even expensive winches with their working. So, investing in these winches is a great decision as they are way better than premium units. 

What is the Sheath For On an X-Bull Winch?

The winches by X-Bull have a sheath on them to protect them from harsh atmospheric conditions. The sheath also makes sure the rope does not get splinters or rusting while exposed to air. Thus, the ultimate purpose of this sheath is to protect from most of the harmful agents.

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