Best Winch Hooks of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 5, 2022

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A winch is used to pull in, pull out, or adjust a wire or a cable. It consists of a spool and a hand crank.

It is an essential device used with many of our everyday machinery, such as tow trucks, plows, elevators, etc. A winch hook can be attached to a winch cable to attach onto things such as other vehicles and trucks.

These hooks have quite a few different applications and advantages. So in this article, we have gathered some details about choosing the right product and what our top picks have to offer.

  • Easy connection of safety chain from the trailer
  • Has a safety latch to enable secure attachment
  • Can be used with most of the ATVs
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  • Ideal for the heavy duty loads
  • Offers secure attachment and faster release
  • Resistant to corrosion increasing it's durability
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  • Best for the Money
  • Compatible with all the ATV cables
  • Equipped with a safety spring-loaded trigger
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  • Best Warn Winch Hook
  • Resistant to abrasion and wear increasing the durability
  • Features a unique design with an inbuilt beverage opener
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  • Best ATV Winch Hook
  • Manufactured from strong material to withstand heavy loads
  • Safety is assured during the connection and release
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Are Winch Hooks Universal?

People who usually partake in outdoor activities, such as off-roading, camping with RVs, hauling heavy machinery, or taking out their fences use winch hooks the most.

But not every winch hook is useful for ensuring safe and secure usage. There are different kinds that you have to decide. These include a plain hook, safety thimble, and the screw pin shackle. These three types are most commonly used and readily available too.

Also, each type of product needs to be secured differently. There may be a difference in terms of how much load a unit can pull. Some may be able to easily carry lighter weights, and some may even be great for pulling airplanes.

So, winch hooks are not universal, and there are many variables to consider.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Winch Hook?

There are some imperative points to keep in mind when buying a winch hook. Some of these are:


There are several types of hooks available. They can be different in functionality and can vary in how much weight they can withhold. Each type is different from one another in terms of how they are attached to the winch as well.

The most common types used nowadays are the plain hook and the safety thimble.


Even if there are different types, sturdiness, solid construction, and functional weight capacity are important considerations. So, light-quality materials are not preferred by many users. The best units are mostly made up of steel, carbon steel, or some other stronger variations.


No matter how much a product might cost, you always look for quality. You expect it to last for a while and stay in use for years. You will find lots of hooks made of steel, which is already highly durable. But then there are also galvanized units available that ensure additional protection durability.

Galvanization refers to when metals are coated with zinc to prevent damage caused by corrosion and rust. Nowadays, ceramic-based coatings such as cerakote are also being used.

Review of the Best Winch Hooks

Now, since we have described some of the different points to look out for in a winch hook, let's get into the details of our picks and what makes them stand out.

Best Overall:
Driver Recovery W-HOOK-C

Driver Recovery Products 3/8 Inch Clevis Slip Hook with Safety Latch - Heavy Duty Grade 70 Forged Steel Towing Winch Hook


  • Compatible with most ATVs
  • Has a spring-loaded safety latch to connect securely
  • Highly durable and great for long-lasting wear resistance
  • Easy to use as it quickly connects the safety chains to the tow vehicle from the trailer
  • Manufactured with 3/80" galvanized grade 70 steel, which has a high level of tensile strength


  • No WLL stamped on the hook
  • Quality control issues reported by buyers

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have bought and recently used this product have loved it. They say that its larger opening is suitable for attaching it easily. It is very sturdy and has even been used with safety chains on horse trailers. It performed just as it had advertised.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This exceptional hook stands out to us because of its durable construction and durability. It is perfect for someone who wants to invest in a good-quality unit that will last for a long time.

It is made of grade 70 steel, which in itself consists of thermal properties and is used in the construction of boilerplates and pressure vessels. On top of that, it is galvanized, which means that the steel is coated with zinc. This is highly effective against rust and corrosion, meaning that it will last for a long time. So, it is excellent for use in outdoor activities such as off-road camping.

Bottom Line

High in quality and excellent in performance, these hooks are ideal overall. These are perfect for use with ATVs, is highly safe and secure, and has a large opening that makes it easy to install. It is great for use by beginners and professionals as well.

CURT 81560

CURT 81560 3/8-Inch Forged Steel Clevis Slip Hook with Safety Latch, 18,000 lbs, 1-In Opening, 3/8' Pin


  • Dirt, snow, rust, water, and mud-resistant
  • Heavy-duty clevis slip hook increases strength
  • Can take up to 18,000 pounds of trailer weight
  • Constructed with high-grade, zinc-plated steel
  • Spring-loaded latch for quick release and attachment
  • Clevis grab has increased tensile strength and is resistant to abrasion


  • Few units came without the cotter pin
  • Some buyers report malfunction after a few uses

What Recent Buyers Report

After reading reports by buyers, we can tell that it is strong enough to take up quite heavy trailers. It is easy to attach and fits easily as it is a large hook. Reports also suggest that it is easy to remove. People have said that they feel like they can tow a tank with this with the strength and power it has.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The strength of this CURT hook is one of its best selling points. Trailers are by no means light, but this unit can easily take up to 18,000 pounds, which is pretty high. As mentioned above, people have said that it could probably tow a tank as well.

It is very strong because of its steel construction, further strengthened by heat treatment and galvanization. This allows it to easily take up large amounts of weight and have no problem towing heavy trailers or vehicles. Plus, it is highly resistant to materials that may be corrosive, such as salted water, mud, dust, snow, and so on.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this product is a great pick for you if you have a larger trailer or vehicle you want to tow. It is strong and can easily take heavy objects without facing any damage. It is easy to install, remove, and attach as well.

Best for the Money:
Extreme Max 5600.3030

Extreme Max 5600.3030 Bear Claw Replacement Hook


  • Comes with a pin and keeper
  • Large in size and a large opening
  • Made with really strong forged steel
  • Easy to hook-up and fit with all kinds of winch cables
  • Consists of a spring-loaded latch and trigger for easy installation


  • People complained that it is too big for ATVs
  • Some packages came without the pin and keeper

What Recent Buyers Report

The Extreme Max unit is backed by several positive reviews pointing towards its nice and shiny appearance, and a decent spring behind the latch. Buyers report that the product is great for easy attachments and removal. The clip has a nut and bolt, which tightens to centralize the clip, and makes it work better.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find the versatility of this product great. It attaches to the vehicles very easily with different winch lines, making it usable with many towing trailers.

It consists of a clip that helps with the installation. But unlike the ordinary rivet in most hooks, this clip is mounted with a nut and bolt. This makes it a safe product and gives it the ability to adjust its position according to your requirement. The incredible bolt mounted on it can be tightened to center the clip, making it suitable for a larger weight capacity.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this product is really good for all kinds of winch cables, as the mounted clip makes it easy to use. It is good in quality, can take up a large amount of weight easily and is perfect for beginner's use too.

Best Warn Winch Hook:
WARN 92089

WARN 92089 Epic 5/16' Steel Winch Hook: 2.5 Ton (5,000 lb) Capacity , Black


  • Designed with a built-in beverage opener
  • Has a load capacity of up to 5000 pounds
  • High-quality forged steel is used for construction
  • Comes with a red WARN winch strap for assistance
  • Coated and sealed with cerakote, making it highly durable


  • Product was misleading for many buyers
  • Some hooks were bad in quality and not precise at all

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of the reports tell us that the unit is great for pulling heavy-duty machinery and equipment. Some users who have a power company suggest that a snatch block should be added to increase this unit's power and efficiency. But other than that, they are worth it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to a winch hook, we strongly recommend checking the construction quality for durability. Therefore, the cerakote coating is something quite different in this unit. Usually, hooks are galvanized to protect them from corrosive materials, but not this one.

Cerakote is a ceramic-based coating agent that can be sprayed on the object, or the object can be dipped into it. It acts just like lacquer works on wood. As a result, this product is sealed and protected securely with the help of this ceramic sealant. Your unit will be protected from rust, wind, snow, and moisture as well.

Bottom Line

We think that this unit is different from other products on the market, and has exceptional functionality. It even has a built-in beverage opener, which is a new and fun addition to a winch hook. The cerakote coating is also great at making this one a standout.

Best ATV Winch Hook:
KFI Products SE-HOOK

KFI Products (ATV-Hook Winch Cable Hook


  • Comes with a durable clevis
  • Heavy-duty and very durable
  • Made out of electroplated steel
  • Easy to remove when not in use
  • Very easy to use even for beginners


  • Spring lips broke easily in some cases 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have highly recommended this hook for use by anyone looking for something easy to install, comes at a great value, and can be shipped quickly. A user even said that the kit requires no tools for installation, and it can be done in mere minutes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a number of things that make this unit stand out. It comes with a clevis. This feature is great as you won't have to buy a separate one or wire clamps to attach it with your winch cable.

The clevis is a U-shaped fastener that is used to connect pieces of machinery. Winch hooks usually use clevis pins or wire clamps to connect with the winch cable. Usually, they are bought separately as most companies do not add them as a bonus with their hooks. But this unit comes with it. 

Even though the clevis is probably not that expensive, it is still nice to get a freebie from a company that sells durable and highly recommended products, especially something that can help out with the winch hook.

Bottom Line

Wrapping it up, this is a high-quality hook that is easy to use. It is heavy-duty and can be used to pull heavy objects without the fear of damage or breakage. If you need a reliable product at short notice, this is the right choice.

Can You Really Find a Quality Winch Hook That's Affordable?

Yes, it is possible to find a winch hook that fits your requirements and is also affordable.

Generally, we think that the more money you spend, the better quality product you will get. But that is not true. You can find equally good-quality products at affordable rates.

Cheap shouldn't be treated as a word that deteriorates the value of an object. The same goes for hooks. A hook can be affordable and high in quality. You may indeed need to do a little research to find something like that, but it is possible.

How to Install a Winch Hook

It is not difficult to install a winch hook. But it may seem like it if you are doing it for the first time.

The following defined steps will help you with that. If you are a new user and a bit confused about what goes where here is a quick guide for you:

  1. First, take the cable or rope through the hole of the hook.

  2. Then, make a loop with the cable.

  3. Now take two wire clamps. They usually consist of nuts and bolts or a clevis, which is a metal connector.

  4. Take off the nuts one by one, and then slide it on the wire.

  5. Reattach the two nuts and tighten it.

  6. Do the same with the other clamp, bring it further down the loop and tighten it.

  7. You have installed a new hook.

For more help, here’s a video you can check out. 


So, here you have the best winch hooks available on the market. Now you know what it is, what to look for when you are buying one, the different kinds, and how to install them. We hope that this article helps, whether you are a regular hook user, are using it for outdoor activities, or if you’re using one for the first time.

People Also Ask

Even though we have tried our best to give every important bit of information related to winch hooks to our readers, there may be some things that you might be confused about. So, we have answered a few very frequently asked questions.

How to Store a Winch Hook

It is fairly easy to store a winch hook when it is not in use. Just store it at the front of your truck, behind the bumper, or on the tow hook. Also, don't forget to wrap the cable or rope back onto the spool.

Wrap it evenly until the hook touches the bumper. Then slip the hook behind the bumper and attach it with the tow hook. Next, wrap the rest of the cable. This will cause some tension in it and will prevent the hook from coming off or damaging the bumper.

How to Attach a Hook to a Winch Cable

It is very easy. Take the end of the cable and pass it through the hole of the hook. Then make a loop of the cable. Take two wire clamps, unscrew their nuts and slip them on the loop at different intervals. Then re-screw the nuts on the clamps. This is how you attach a hook to a winch cable.

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