Best ATV Winches of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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ATV is a special kind of vehicle that provides you with a safe and comfortable ride on heavy terrains. It is hence important that you pay special attention to your ATV and ensure that its needs are well met. Getting proper accessories for your ATV is, thus, really important.

The accessories can be pretty expensive, but you can also find affordable ones if you look closely and compare different products. A good accessory that is available in a range of sizes and shapes is a winch. It comes in handy on several occasions, but more on that later.

The article aims at reviewing some of the top ATV brands in the market. Not only that, but it also contains a buying guide to help you make a better decision. Since there are a lot of things to cover, let's get on with it.

  • Best ATV Snow Plow Winch
  • Equipped with synthetic rope
  • Ergonomic cam-action clutch
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  • Ideally made for smaller ATVs
  • Black powder-coated finish protects against corrosion
  • Strong mechanical brake system
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  • Best ATV Winch for the Money
  • Equipped with aircraft wire rope
  • Smooth 3-stage planetary gear train
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  • Mounting channel is included
  • 49-foot galvanized aircraft cable
  • Ergonomic handlebar switch
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  • Best ATV Electric Winch
  • Works well in tough environments
  • Steady pull with strong motor
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  • Best 2000lb ATV Winch
  • Smooth and safe pull performance
  • Galvanized strong aircraft cable
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  • Best ATV Winch with Wireless Remote
  • Cable won't fray as easily
  • Dynamic braking system
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What Size Winch is Best For My ATV?

Finding an appropriately sized winch is crucial because unless the vehicle and the accessory are compatible, you will have a greater chance of facing a lot of issues. The size of your unit is mainly dependent on the size of your vehicle. The winch needs to pull a significant amount of weight; hence you shouldn't always find one with greater load capacity.

Generally, an average-sized winch can pull weight between 1500 and 5000 pounds. As a general rule, you should also prefer a model that can pull four times the weight of your ATV. This ensures that your winch doesn't break while pulling the extra weight. Moreover, things like the kind of terrain and weather also affect load capacity, so it is better to be on the safe side.

What Makes a Winch Great For an ATV?

If you are moving over rough terrain, you don't want to be without your winch. It can not only solve your problem instantly but can also be used to help other travelers on the road. But you shouldn't rush into the decision and always look out for the best model. Here is what makes a unit great.

Large Load Capacity

Since winches are used to pull out ATVs, it is essential that they can do so easily and effectively. A good model will offer a large load capacity that is suitable for pulling out the heaviest vehicles. 

Moreover, the durability of the model needs to be looked at. You certainly don't want to remain stuck in a marsh because your winch breaks or gets damaged during the pulling process.


Although winches are made especially for ATVs, a good model can always be used for other purposes. If you ever need to pull a heavy object out and about in nature, then a large and strong winch is going to be useful.

Greater Power

People used to gather their neighbors and fellow drivers to help them pull out their ATVs, but those days are long gone. Now, winches are powerful enough to pull the heaviest models. A powerful unit will do all the work for you, so you don't have to exert much power.


There are two kinds of winches, one that attaches permanently to your car and the other that can be removed whenever. If you don't want to permanently attach something to your vehicle, you can always opt for a semi-permanent model.

Review of the Best ATV Winches

The market today is bombarded with all kinds of different products. These come in different shapes and sizes. But it can be really hard to pick one based on optics only, but don't worry. We will help you out. Here is a list of the best models for you. You can compare the features and see which one fits your criteria best.

Best Overall:
Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45


  • Has an ergonomic design to provide comfort
  • Highly efficient due to the fast and powerful motor
  • Drum is designed to use with the free spooling clutch
  • Material is weather-sealed to provide better durability
  • Consumes relatively less power and has a low amp draw


  • Takes relatively longer to pull out
  • Operation might create some noise

What Recent Buyers Report

Before buying any product, you must keep the opinions of the buyers in mind. You will be amazed to see so many recent buyers happy with their choice. They have particularly complimented the ergonomic design of Superwinch. This, they say, not only provides them with greater comfort but also ensures greater safety.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With its oil bronze bearings, there is a lot that stands out in this Superwinch model. It is not only an extremely efficient model, but it also offers a low amp draw. This means that it won't consume as much power as many other units in the market.

Moreover, there is a one HP permanent magnet motor that is included in the device and features dynamic brakes. This motor is also mechanical and hence provides a lot of power needed for efficient pooling.

In addition, the steel planetary gear is almost twice as wide as gear used by the competition. This not only utilizes the energy better but also keeps the pocket bronze bearings running for a longer time.

Bottom Line

People who live in countries with frequent snows can have a hard time going out. This is where a large ATV comes in handy. The vehicle provides you with a smooth ride and is also spacious enough to carry your whole family. But ATVs also tend to get stuck in the snow. A great way to make the best out of the situation is to invest in this incredible winch that can help you out in difficult situations.

WARN 101025 VRX 25

WARN 101025 VRX 25 Powersports Winch with Handlebar Mounted Switch and Steel Cable Wire Rope: 3/16' Diameter x 50' Length, 1.25 Ton (2,500 lb) Capacity


  • Offers a load capacity of 2500 pounds
  • Includes a long and effective steel rope
  • Black powder coat provides a perfect finish
  • Comes with a handlebar-mounted rocker switch
  • Comes with full corrosion resistance for better safety


  • Not suitable for larger ATVs
  • Takes longer time to pull off the ATV

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are a major reason why this brand stands at the number one position. They have continuously praised Warn's high durability and believe it is one of the strongest models in the market. They are also highly content with the high resistance it offers against corrosion. This ensures that the unit functions, even in the direst of circumstances.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It was extremely hard for us to decide which features to discuss in this section. Warn comes with so many incredible ones. This model works amazingly well with smaller ATVs and has a good load capacity, but that's not why it stands out to us.

The rope that it provides is incredibly long and powerful. This ensures that you can pull out your vehicle from the most difficult positions.

Moreover, the package contains all the necessary equipment for a smooth process. This includes the necessary roller fairlead, zinc-plated hook, and handlebar rocker switch. You certainly won't have to spend any unnecessary money to get all this additional equipment.

Bottom Line

If you thought reaching the top position on a list is hard, wait till you hear Warn’s story. This brand has continuously improved its products and introduced newer and better technology in them. This winch is no different. It not only offers efficiency, but its durability is also better than most models in the market.

Best ATV Winch for the Money:
Sinoking 8542122602

Sinoking 12VDC 3000LB UTV ATV Winch with 3/16″*39′(feet) Steel Cable 12V Electric Winch Kit with Wireless Remote Control


  • Has an easy and large operation clutch lever
  • O-ring seal keeps the winch working in water too
  • Provides 3-stage metal gears for maximum strength
  • Drum and gear assembly provides quieter operations
  • Comes with a fully independent mechanical brake system


  • Cable is short
  • Takes relatively longer to pull out ATV

What Recent Buyers Report

It is often hard to compel buyers to buy a relatively cheap model. This is because there are a lot of myths surrounding them. But Sinoking has proven all these myths wrong, and the testimonies by buyers are proof of that. You will be amazed to see the huge number of users who swear by this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to winches, it is often very difficult to find an affordable and efficient model. Sinoking has exceeded all expectations by introducing amazing durability in all of its winches, including this one.

The design is fully patented and comes with a matching drum and gear assembly. Together, this produces a very quiet and smooth operation.

Moreover, the whole unit is made with stainless steel that provides extra strength. It also comes with threaded holes, thus making installation easier. Three separate metal gears have been added to increase the strength of the model. So, if you want a model with an independent brake system, here is one for you.

Bottom Line

Affordability and compatibility come together in the making of this extraordinary product. It comes with a short cable, but the strength it provides is unbelievable. You will also get an advanced drum and gear assembly system that provides quieter operation. So, if you are stuck in mud or sand, you can always get smooth results with this winch.

4. Champion 13004

Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit, BLACK,RED


  • Offers a long 49-feet super duty aircraft cable
  • Equipped with a 1 HP permanent magnet motor
  • Features a dynamic and efficient braking system
  • Has a rugged and fully latched clevis hook for stability
  • Comes with all the required accessories for better mounting


  • Comes with a poor warranty
  • Load capacity is relatively less

What Recent Buyers Report

Users can't stop talking about this product and rightfully so too. It comes with so many exemplary features that it is certainly hard to keep count. They are incredibly happy to find an efficient braking system. This, they believe, allows them to have more control over the whole process.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If there is one model that does complete justice to its name, it is most definitely this one. Champion winches are extremely powerful and draw relatively less power, and this one is no exception. It also comes with a unique permanent magnet motor that increases efficiency.

Unlike other products, you won't have to go out of your way to buy any additional accessories. The package contains the mounting channels, roller fairlead, and durable remote control. All this allows you to complete the whole pulling process in relatively less time.

You will also get a 49-feet long and strong cable made of heavy-duty aircraft material. This is sufficient to pull you out of the most rugged systems.

Bottom Line

Champion is a true champion when it comes to winches. This model not only comes with a very strong and powerful motor, but it also incorporates the latest HP technology. You can also rely on the super-efficient and long cable that is strong enough to pull your ATV through any mess. So, if you are looking for a complete packaged product, this is one for you.

Best ATV Electric Winch:
Bravex Electric 8542122237

Bravex Electric 12V 3500lb/1591kg Single Line winch for UTV ATV Boat with both Recovery Winch


  • Offers a warranty of 5 years
  • Both anti-sediment and fully waterproof
  • Offers better compatibility for a range of vehicles
  • Has a high-powered motor that drives with a steady pull
  • Suitable for highly abrasive terrains such as sand and rock


  • Consumes more power
  • Relatively expensive than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers can be quite skeptical regarding products, but that certainly goes away once they get their hands on a good model. This is exactly what happened with Bravex. Once buyers made the choice, there was no turning back. They report having amazing results with this extremely efficient model. They are also content with the high warranty.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Without a doubt, winches cannot compromise on durability. Bravex is true to its name and offers unparalleled strength when compared to the competition. This heavy-duty accessory can be used with a range of ATVs and can get you and your friends out of any difficulty.

Moreover, it is permanently mounted on the front side of the vehicle and offers quicker results. But what pleases users the most is the water resistance that the unit offers. It is also anti-sediment, and its exclusive design offers better control. If you are stuck and have nowhere to go, rest assured that this unit will pull you out instantly.

Bottom Line

Electrical winches are super-fast, there is no denying that, but a lot of people don't buy them because of their high relative cost. But that is a huge mistake. When you are stuck and have nowhere to go, you will thank yourselves for choosing an expensive but extremely reliable model. This unit will not only offer you greater durability, but it will never fail you when you need it.

Best 2000Lb ATV Winch: 
Champion 12003

Champion Power Equipment-12003 ATV/UTV Winch Kit, 2000-lb.


  • Comes with a good warranty
  • Roller fairlead creates a smoother pull
  • Product is easy to install and takes less time
  • Offers a line speed of more than 3.3 feet per every minute
  • Comes with an exceptional motor with one horsepower unit


  • Cable length is relatively small
  • Not for those on a limited budget

What Recent Buyers Report

People hate it when they have to spend hours installing a new product. This is precisely why they decided to buy this Champion winch. It is not only easy to install but also takes relatively less time to mount. Equipped with a good warranty, it also provides better reliability to users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With its many features, we found it hard to point at only a couple in the section. Champion is a world-class brand that comes with a strong and powerful motor. This is essential to any unit because it is ultimately the motor that has to pull out the ATV and complete the entire process.

Another thing to note here is the line speed. Unlike other models, Champion is super-fast and covers 3.3 feet per minute. This is when it has the full load to carry. In the absence of this load, the speed increases to 10.5 feet per minute. Moreover, the roller fairlead creates a smooth space for the aircraft cable to pull through.

Bottom Line

There is no point in investing in a winch if it doesn't offer you the required peace of mind. Champion delivers on all of its promises and offers all the amazing features that you want in a winch. It is not just extremely powerful but also provides a hassle-free set-up. You will also find the advanced gear technology truly fascinating.

Best ATV Winch with Wireless Remote:
X-BULL 4500LBS Winch

X-BULL 4500LBS Winch (Steel Cable)


  • Motor provides a voltage of 12V
  • Offers an extremely high load capacity
  • Winch line is suitable for all kinds of situations.
  • Comes with wireless remote control for efficiency
  • Contains overloading indicators to provide safety


  • Wireless remote doesn't work from a very large distance
  • You need to immediately stop when the indicator switches on

What Recent Buyers Report

With an extremely high load capacity, there is nothing much that buyers don't like about this product. It has a very efficient remote control that contains easy-to-use buttons. There are also various overloading indicators added that provide greater safety. This, along with a relatively cheaper cost, adds to the appeal of the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A long cable often comes in handy when you want to increase the load capacity of your unit. X-Bull is mostly made for larger RVs. Its cable is extremely efficient and is easy to use.

Moreover, the 50-feet long length allows users to cover larger distances and reach out to an RV stuck at a distance.

Furthermore, the motor of X-Bull is fairly strong and resilient. It can pull out your RV through anything. So, if you are stuck in very abrasive terrain covered with mud, sand, or even rocks, you shouldn't worry, because this unit will come through.

Bottom Line

In any situation where you are stuck, you must keep your safety as a top priority. X-Bull has a resilient motor with a voltage of 12 V. It not only draws less power but also provides a couple of extra safety features to keep you satisfied. So if you want greater diversity, this is the product for you.

Best 2500Lb ATV Winch: 
Badland 2500 lb. Utility Winch by Central Purchasing LLC

2500 lb. Electric ATV/Utility Winch with Wireless Remote Control


  • Motor draws relatively less current
  • Has a remote control that works from 20ft away
  • Comes with free spooling that offers a fast line out
  • Features an automatic load-holding brake for added safety
  • Equipped with a single-stage planetary gear system for better speed


  • Takes longer time to install
  • Load capacity is relatively less

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers need to be careful while investing in any product. Most winches are very expensive, and hence a good decision is vital. Investing in Badland was no different, and buyers are content with their wise decision. They love the automatic holding brakes that are added to the device to make it safer for everyone involved.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With plenty of power to lift any ATV, this Badland unit is certainly a noteworthy model and one that should be considered by all ATV owners. It transverses easily through any rough terrain and includes loads of safety features to protect you and your vehicle. There is an indicator that informs about overloading, and it is situated in clear sight.

The remote control is another feature worth mentioning here. Unlike some other models, this Badland winch doesn't make your life harder. The control has amazing alignment buttons that offer greater convenience. So, if you are ever alone, you won't have a hard time using this unit.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this one is pretty simple; buy this model if you want to use the same winch for a range of different vehicles. The high diversity, along with high compatibility of the model, also comes in handy when you are stuck in a rough terrain covered with rocks and sands. The motor also draws less current, so you can rest assured that your ATV battery won't be drained.

Best 3000Lb ATV Winch: 
Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000 12V DC WInch 3,000lb/1361kg Single Line Pull with Roller Fairlead, 3/16in x 50ft Steel Wire Rope, Corded Handheld Remote


  • Has both a dynamic and mechanical brake
  • Comes with a very durable mounting plate
  • Magnet motor is sealed with low amperage
  • Offers a pull of more than 3000 pounds easily
  • Promises a greater diversity during the pulling-out process


  • Takes considerably long to pull out
  • Difficult to pull out from mushy water

What Recent Buyers Report

Superwinch holds to its name, and recent buyers agree. They are impressed with how the winch has stood firmly by the durability of the mounting plate. Most reviews suggest that buyers are happy with both the price and the warranty as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A stand winch needs to go with as many models as possible. This not only adds to its appeal but also provides users with a much-needed diversity. The best thing about this unit is that it comes with both kinds of brakes. The remote control controls the dynamic brake, whereas the mechanical brake needs to be operated manually.

Moreover, diversity is provided during the pulling-out process. You can use both the handlebar-mounted rocker switch or the handheld remote control. Not to forget, the model can be repaired easily and doesn't cost much.

Bottom Line

SuperWinch has been a true game-changer in the industry. Its motor is not only powerful but also comes with a fully sealed magnet with low amperage. You will also find two different kinds of mechanical brakes inside. You can opt for either in the time of need.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Winches aren't cheap and are usually replaced less frequently than other accessories. It is hence important that you consider a couple of things before reaching a decision. Here is a list of the top ones.

Rope or Cable

There are two types of winches, and you can opt for either, but it depends on your choice. There are pros and cons associated with both. A rope is generally less expensive, whereas cable costs relatively more. Moreover, the latter provides faster results, whereas the former is generally more durable.


A motor is the backbone of a winch, and if you expect quicker results, you need to get yourself a very strong and powerful motor. With one, you can expect a stronger pulling power. Moreover, this will ensure greater safety.


You don't want to get hurt while pulling out your ATV. A good model will provide you with greater safety and protection. Most models will come with safety features like remote control and some overloading indicators. This will allow you to control the whole process from a distance.


If you are opting for a removable model, you need to ensure that the mounting is relatively easy. You shouldn't have to spend considerable time attaching the winch to your ATV. Moreover, a permanent winch is less expensive and often saves you time.

How to Install a Winch on an ATV

This is probably the most interesting and informative section of the whole article. It teaches you how to install a winch easily. If you are opting for a removable product, this section will come in handy. You just have to follow a few simple steps to help ensure safe installation.

  1. The first step is always to get a mounting plate. Before installing the winch, you will need a place for it on your ATV. 

  2. Most models don't come with a spot to hold a winch, and you will need some alterations made to your vehicle, so get one as soon as possible.

  3. You will require a ratchet, a drill, a screwdriver, some bolts, and a flat washer for installation.

  4. Remove the plate at the front bumper by simply unscrewing the bolts using a screwdriver. There are about four of these on each side.

  5. Mount your winch on the plate and fasten all the plates.

  6. Then attach the clevis hook to the cable loop. The winch line also needs to be on an obstructed path. If you want to disengage the gear train, then pull the line back.

  7. Mount all the control switches associated with the winch. You can do this on the steering position. This will allow you easier access.

  8. After the winch's wiring, you need to mount the solenoid as close to your battery as possible.

  9. You also need to ensure that all the wires are far away from any sharp edges or rusted metals. These can seriously hamper the ability of the winch to pull out the ATV.

  10. Since most winches come with color-coded wires, it is quite easy to find the appropriate place to place them all.

This is a simple guideline. If you want a more extensive procedural guide, refer to the video below.


You might have noticed that all the winches in our review aren't very expensive and hence can be easily bought, but that's not the only common feature between all these products. You will also notice a greater level of durability and strength in these models. 

Since we have done all the research for you, you don't have to scour the internet any further. All you have to do is compare the features and see which one suits you best. But regardless of the product you choose, make sure you are a safe distance away from your ATV. Your safety comes first.

People Also Ask

Winches have long fascinated users, and they leave no opportunity to ask a question. We found a plethora of questions related to these units on the internet. We tried to answer the most frequently mentioned ones to help you make an informed decision.

Are ATV Winches Universal?

Not really, because ATVs can weigh differently. Most poor-quality winches will offer a small load capacity, which means that they won't be able to pull out a heavy vehicle. Moreover, some ATVs come with a permanent winch and can be pulled by those only. Furthermore, you need a specific mounting plate for your winch.

What Size Synthetic Winch Rope For ATV?

Rope winches are quite popular, and like with most products, they also come in different sizes. Most synthetic winch offers the dimensions of 5/16" X 105'. This is the average size, but you will also find many models that are either longer or shorter than this one.

Is Synthetic Winch Rope Better Than Cable?

There is still much debate regarding this question. We can't say for sure that synthetic winch ropes are better. This is because cable winches also come with their fair share of pros. A cable unit is more likely to offer greater durability, whereas a synthetic winch rope is lightweight and hence easier to handle.

Are Champion ATV Winches Any Good?

These are probably one of the most popular winch types in the market and deserve a place in an elite list. According to customer reviews, it has a high star rating. People love this brand because it offers durable winches with a lot of safety features.

How Many Amps Does an ATV Winch Draw?

An ATV winch, when under full power, draws a lot of power. This is because it is pulling a lot of weight and hence requires significant energy. The ATV's charging system can provide only 25 amps of this energy. But on average, a winch draw might require significantly more power.

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