Best Trailer Hitches For Toyota Highlanders – 2021 Reviews

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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When it is your time to hit the road, you must have the right hitch for your Toyota Highlander. Those who are head over heels for their highlander and want the best hitch for themselves without any nonsense, then this guide is perfect for you.

Finding the best trailer hitch for your highlander can be a tough decision to make on your own.

So, to help you with your hitch shopping, we have reviewed the top products present on the market and have compiled a buyer’s guide for you to use. So, read on below and make use of this information.

  • It comes with an all-welded construction for full safety
  • The unit features a metal shield protective coating
  • It has undergone fatigue and stress testing that makes it a strong design hitch for your highlander
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  • It comes with good dependable strength of holding up to 6000 lbs.
  • Its versatile class 3 design helps in providing you with various trailer pulling options
  • This is very easy to install since it comes with vehicle-specific assembly and provides a custom fit
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  • It comes with black powder-coated on steel
  • It features a simple three-piece construction
  • This unit can carry up to 5000 lbs. of weight easily.
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  • This trailer hitch has a vehicle-specific design that provides you with a custom fit
  • It has a dual-layer chip, rush, and UV resistant finish
  • The weight capacity of this tow hitch can range from 2000 to 20000 pounds
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  • Best for the money
  • It can easily haul around 6000 pounds to 8000 pounds of weight
  • The entire installation process takes only thirty minutes to be completed
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Are All Trailer Hitches The Same?

There are several different types of hitches present that are designed for use with a trailer. All types of trailer hitches come with a unique design and style, as well as its size and capacity that matches its usage and purpose. The common types of hitches include the following: 

Receiver Hitch

There are five different classes for receiver hitches, and these classes depend on their total towing capacity as well as their receiver tube size. 

The greater their model number, the larger is their capacity, the more significant their receiving tube is. 

While it can be helpful to differentiate between the various tow hitches, it is essential to notice that the majority of the receiver hitches are designed specifically for a vehicle.

In simpler terms, you must keep in mind that these types of receiver hitches are not available for every vehicle.  

Gooseneck Hitch

A gooseneck hitch is connected to a larger, heavier-duty truck bed, and this provides it with a ball that connects to a gooseneck trailer. These hitches are more commonly found and used on farms.

5th Wheel Hitch

This kind of wheel hitch is considered to be a heavy-duty truck bed hitch, but it receives the kingpin of a fifth-wheel trailer. The entire design of this hitch is very similar to that of a trailer-tractor coupler.

Pintle Hitch

Pintle hitch has a very simple yet robust coupling mechanism that is made up of a ring and a hook. These hitches are more frequently used in industrial and agricultural settings.

How to Choose a Trailer Hitch For a Toyota Highlander

To find the perfect trailer hitch for a Toyota Highlander, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. These include:


The first step to buying the right kind of hitch is to gather information. You must know all about your trailer hitch application and information about your vehicle. Keep in mind the make and model year of your highlander as well as the maximum towing capacity it comes with.

You should also know the trailer's weight, its type, the tongue weight, and if there are safety chains present with it or not. This information will be used in comparison further along.

Find Your TW and GTW Capacity

The next thing you should make use of in selecting the right hitch is that you must determine the gross trailer weight of your trailer when it is fully loaded. Keep in mind that you must weigh it in the condition that you will tow it in. Once the gross towing weight has been noted, you must consider the tongue weight as well.

In most cases, the tongue weight is the 10 or 15 percent of the overall trailer weight; using this information, you can easily find the tongue weight on your own.

Match The Trailer and The Tow Vehicle

Then you should compare the gross trailer weight and the tongue weight of your vehicle with the measurement you have taken out from the trailer. If the vehicle measurements are higher than the trailer weight, then you can select the trailer hitch. If not, then you will need a vehicle that has a higher towing capacity, or you will need to lighten up your trailer.

Review of the Best Trailer Hitches For Toyota Highlanders

Finding the best trailer hitch for your highlander can be incredibly tough, and with the above buying guide, you can see how it can be confusing. To make this decision easier for you, we have compiled the top hitches present on the market along with their pros and cons. Make use of these reviews to find the best product for your Toyota Highlander.

Best Overall:
Reese Towpower 44710


  • Has a sleek design
  • Comes with easy to install features
  • Has a tough construction ensuring longevity
  • The receiver hitch is bulky making it ideal for heavy hauls
  • Contain anti-corrosion paint over it that protects it from rust


  • Holes do not line up

What Recent Buyers Report

According to the buyers and the consumers of this product, this hitch trailer is incredibly easy to install and can be used right away. They were really satisfied with the all-welded design, especially those who bought or used the product for the first time. It can hold up to 5000 pounds of weight, and this high weight capacity makes it worth buying.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product stands out due to the bulkiness present on the receiver end of this hitch. The bulkiness provides users with the surface area they need for heavy hauls. It also has a black powder paint coating present on it that makes it durable and protects the steel underneath.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone who owns an SUV, RV, or a Toyota Highlander will appreciate this trailer. It has a good weight capacity that many other class-three group hitches might not be offering. Its sleek design helps in shedding the extra bulk as well, making it a good choice for all types of users.

Bottom Line

This hitch has a high-quality construction that makes it long-lasting and reliable. It is also incredibly easy to install and assemble and tends to carry light to heavy hauls easily. The coating over this hitch also makes it good and durable and protects it from rusting.

 CURT 13200

CURT 13200 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2-Inch Receiver, Fits Select Toyota Highlander


  • Comes with a versatile and flexible design
  • Is fully tested on different vehicle conditions
  • Rated for vehicles weighing up to 6000 lbs.
  • UV-resistant with a dual-coat finish present on it
  • Is incredibly easy to install due to custom fit feature


  • Hangs slightly low for off-road usage
  • Bold holes do not line up on the frames on one side

What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers of this product claim that it came with all its parts and installation was effortless. It did not take time at all and is backed by basic installing instructions. The quality present in this unit is also perfect, and this makes it robust and long-lasting for your use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This solid trailer hitch by Curt comes with a small footprint and a sleek round tube body design. Its design allows this trailer hitch to fit under the bumper of your Toyota highlander and is not visible when you are towing it. This unit can handle up to 6000 pounds and tongue weight of 900 pounds easily.

Who Will Use This Most

The unit is manufactured and designed to custom fit Toyota Highlanders of 2014 to 2018 models. It is not only versatile and easy to use but is also incredibly strong and reliable. This unit is made from premium quality material and has a high gloss powder-coating along with a coating of Bonderite as well that protects it from maximum corrosion.

Bottom Line

This Curt product is tested rigorously in order to meet your safety standards before it is sold on the market. It provides you with even distribution of weight that pushes the towing capacity up. It is easy to install and comes with UV protection that helps in reducing rust and maximum corrosion.

3. Draw-Tite 5350

Draw-Tite 5350 Multi-Fit Motor Home Hitch


  • Has a 10” long frame mounting surface
  • Can carry up to 5000 lbs. of weight easily
  • Is fast and simple to put together on your own
  • Has a black powder coating that resists corrosion
  • Doesn’t require welding in the installation process


  • Is not completely stable
  • Requires drilling in the frame mounting surface

What Recent Buyers Report

According to the consumers of this product, if you are looking for a trailer hitch that you can assemble and install all on your own, then this unit is for you. It has great weight carrying ability and comes with no welding required installation. Buyers report this product to be able to fit frames that are as wide as 24 to 46 inches.

Why it Stands Out to Us

First of all, this unit stands out due to the simple-three piece construction it comes with. It can also fit frames that are anywhere from twenty-four to forty-six inches wide. You also have a bracket present on the side, and this can simply just slide along the main tube, and that way, you can place it in a spot that is perfect for your application.

Who Will Use This Most

This Draw-Tite Multi-fit motorhome trailer hitch is ideal for Toyota Highlander and most motorhomes and RVs that come with chassis. The hitch comes with a two by two-inch opening and accepts standard two-inch hitch accessories along with it. The durability of this unit, with its steel construction, allows it to be long-lasting.

Bottom Line

Draw Tite trailer hitch comes with a limited lifetime warranty and has a weight of 5000 pounds. It is easy to assemble and install and very durable due to the tough construction it has. The design of this trailer hitch is also very nice, and you can easily adjust it to your needs.

Best for the Money:
CURT 13534

CURT 13534 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2-Inch Receiver, Compatible with Select Toyota Highlander , Black


  • Is easy to assemble and install
  • Comes with dependable strength
  • Has a very flexible and versatile design
  • Has a UV resistant coating due to highly durable finish
  • Is tested fully on different vehicle conditions and models


  • Can hang slightly low on your highlander
  • Lining up with the frame holes is slightly difficult

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit is supported by hugely positive and great feedback from consumers since it is long-lasting and very reliable. The tolerances are incredibly tight, and it comes with a good receiver as well. Once clearly understood, buyers suggest that the installation process is also very simple.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This hitch has a very tough body, constructed with steel that does not damage the frame over time. The paint coat over this hitch helps in keeping the dirt and dust at bay. The coating is also prone to minor scratching and keeps it well protected throughout your use.

Who Will Use This Most

What makes this hitch a great product is its towing capacity and versatile fit that is compatible with your Toyota highlander. It can also fit on the right model of trucks and SUVs, and due to the diverse towing capacity it comes with, it can be used for all your towing work easily.

Bottom Line

Curt hitch is designed expertly and tailor-made to fit your model. The precision used in its welding ensures optimal strength and product efficiency. The durable coating over the hitch protects it from dust and rust and even UV rays, ensuring a long-lasting life of the product adding good value to your money.

5. Draw-Tite 75896

Draw-Tite 75896 Max-Frame Receiver, 2' , Black


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Has a great build quality overall
  • Installation takes twenty to thirty minutes
  • Has great towing potential up to 8000 pounds
  • Requires a few bolts that need to be filled for your highlander


  • Has a poor packaging quality

What Recent Buyers Report

According to the buyers of this unit, it works great and is incredibly simple to install on your own. It is a good quality hitch that makes it long-lasting and reliable to use. Consumers also claim that this hitch trailer is crafted to perfection and has almost no complaints in its usage and assembling process.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The build quality of this hitch is incredibly good. Plus, the design of the hitch makes it fit properly on to your highlander, and fitting the hitch is based on its compatibility with the model. With the right model, you simply have to fill in some bolt holes and tighten them using a fastener.

Who Will Use This Most

This hitch trailer is designed for larger sized vehicles such as vans, trucks, and even SUVs. The class three hitch provides users with a simple, no welding way to provide you with the pulling power your vehicle can make use of if it lacks this power.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best Toyota Highlander tow hitches due to its ability to have an 8000-pound weight capacity. The hitch is able to provide you with the muscle power you need and is incredibly sturdy and reliable for you to use. With easy assembling and quick installation, it is ideal for you to buy.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Trailer Hitch

Investing in a good quality trailer hitch is very important. These hitches have many benefits, such as the following:


Due to the mobility of the hitches, they can be used in different industrial settings easily. These trailers also allow the campers to transport the trailer when going on long road trips efficiently.

Easy Maneuvering

The flexibility that these hitches have makes them ideal for transporting heavy-duty weight easily across all kinds of terrains. Their design allows you to negotiate with the road angles and turns effectively.


With sturdy and strong construction of these hitches, you can use these for help in hauling heavy loads without even the slightest trouble. They are built using hard metal and are resistant to scratches and dents, and last for a long period.

How to Install Trailer Hitch on a Toyota Highlander

When installing a trailer hitch on your highlander, you will need to read this guide and also watch the video link present down below.

  1. The first most important thing you need to do is remove the four bolts of your highlander using a 10mm socket. If you have two extra plastic bolts, then you will need to remove that too, using a 12mm socket. 

  2. With the bolts removed, you can pull it down and see if it is coming too lose. Then remove the bolts and the fastener that is still securing it and set it aside; do the same to the passenger side as well.

  3. You will also have to remove the tow hook for the hitches to be installed properly.

  4. Install the conical tooth washer to provide the hitch with the grip it needs. Once this is done, you will need to get the hitch in place.

  5. Each side of the hitch has three mounting holes present that will be joined to your highlander via bolts. Once this has been welded in, you can place the body back on both sides that you removed at the start and enjoy the hitch that you have joined.


With the above information guide, you can easily buy the best hitch present for your highlander on the market. Make good use of the reviews mentioned above and choose the best product present on the market for you. The final end choice should be based upon your needs and expectations that you have from the product.

People Also Ask

Even with all the information added above, some questions remain unanswered. Well, we have answered them for you down below. This section is very important for you if you are a first-time buyer of a trailer hitch. 

How Well Does the Toyota Highlander Tow?

The latest Toyota Highlander can pull around 1500 pounds with its standard four-cylinder engine.

Can You Add a Tow Package to a Toyota Highlander?

Tow packages are very useful if you plan on pulling other recreational vehicles such as campers, boats, or ATVs. These packages also help with machinery, and factory tow packages are present on the latest models of Toyota highlander.

What Does Toyota Highlander Tow Package Include?

The optical tow package allows the highlander to haul up to 5000 pounds easily.

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