Best Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch Extenders – 2021 Reviews

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Sometimes, towing companies underestimate the nature of heavy-duty trailer hitch extenders and invest in some pretty standard ones that do not perform efficiently. So if you are looking for some high-quality, heavy-duty trailer hitch extenders, then you are at the right place. Go through our list, and you will find what you are looking for.

  • Finished in black power coating
  • Durable and strong for great results
  • Provides excellent mounting facility,
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  • Features a 4in. drop rise for better compatibility
  • Attaches to Class 3 2 receiver hitch
  • Construction is very heavy-duty
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  • Adds 18 inches of extra length to your hitch receiver
  • Constructed from high-strength steel
  • Can withstand rain, dirt, UV damage and other corrosive threats
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  • Best for the Money
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with 5/8" hitch pitch or lock
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  • Offers superior safety and corrosion resistance
  • Can be used for hauling trailers
  • Able to be used with an anti-rattle kit
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What is a Trailer Hitch Extender?

You might have encountered a scenario where a car or a heavy-duty truck has stopped working, and its driver or any responsible person call the towing company. When that towing company arrived, it takes out a black metal rod looking tool, or some might call it a device and attach it between two-vehicles, one that is compromised and one that will pull the comprised vehicle. That very device of an elongated piece of metal is called a trailer hitch extender. If you are working in a towing company, then it is important to know that the sturdier the hitch extender, the better. 

What Are The Benefits of a Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch Extender?

Multiple benefits are attached if you are looking to invest in a heavy-duty trailer hitch extender. To rid you of confusion, we have made a list of a few benefits associated with heavy-duty trailer hitch extenders. 


If you are planning to go on a trip with your friends and family and need to tag along an extra cart to put some goodies in it, then a heavy-duty hitch extender will make your journey a bit easier. You can put all the stuff that you might be needing on your trip on that cart and pull it along with you.


Moving to a new house and don’t want to make a second trip? Attach a heavy-duty hitch extender, and you will be able to carry everything you need. Shifting is a lot easier with an extended hitch extender.

Towing Company 

If you are working in a towing company, then you must be familiar with how hard and dangerous it might get to tow some heavy trucks. To be on a safer side, attach a heavy-duty hitch extender. This will make sure that the strength is evenly distributed. 

Why Did These Extenders Make Our List?

We have carefully selected some of the very best hitch extenders. Experts often report that one of the many reasons behind cargo accidents is that they are not being towed around very carefully. Keeping this aspect in mind, we have carefully selected these extenders. For certainty, we are mentioning some of the points that shed light on why these extenders are on our list.

Excellent Reach

Almost every extender on our list has a remarkable reach. It is important to take notice of the length between the towing vehicle and the trailer. If this aspect is ignored, then it might result in some fatal accidents. So with an extender featuring an excellent reach, you can drive away without a problem. 


While we were coming up with this list, we made sure that this would appeal to the average population. All the extenders on our list are affordable, and you don’t have to take out an extra chunk of money from your savings account to have a heavy-duty trailer hitch extender.


Strength is of great value here! Flimsy and wobbly extender won’t do any good. All of the extenders on our list are capable of carrying loads of weight. If weight is one of your concerns, then you are in the right place. 

Review of the Best Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch Extenders

We’ve picked out the very best models and reviewed them here. Have a glance over the pros, cons, and reviews from users and make a final decision accordingly. Choose the very best! 

Best Overall:
HiTow Dual Receiver Extender

HITOWMFG Dual Receiver Extender Trailer Towing Hitch Extension(GTW 5,000 lbs)


  • Is 14.5 inches tall
  • Steel is robotically welded
  • Six inches height difference
  • Finished in black powder coating
  • Comes with the gross tongue capacity of 5000 pounds


  • It is a bit tricky to slide this on

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the buyers and users of this hitch extenders are extremely happy with its construction. One of its recent buyers was looking for an extender to attach scissor steps between his cargo box and bike rack. So far, this buyer is happy with its performance as it gives him more space to move around his camper.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The very reason that makes this special hitch extender stand out to us is its dimensions. Its length is of the appropriate size that makes it reliable and durable. Plus, one can use it for a wide range of reasons. In addition to that, it is finished with a reliable and durable coating, making it stand out from the rest.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for an extender that can be easily attached to your camper, then this would do. When you are camping, you might need an extender to place a boat or a stove. Well, you can attach this to your camper and any table or stool. This will give you more space to move around and will be a perfect place to place items that are not needed.

Bottom Line

As you know, this comes with two sorts of a receiver, one upper and lower. You can use the lower one for towing and the upper one for placing cargo tray or bicycle racks. If you think you can take advantage of this hitcher, then get your hands on this one right away.

CURT 45796 18-Inch Trailer Hitch Extension

CURT 45796 18-Inch Long Trailer Hitch Extension for 2-Inch Receiver, 3,500 lbs , Black


  • It is easy to purchase
  • Very easy to install and fix
  • Features ball and hitch models
  • Comes with multiple drops and rise settings
  • Weight capacity ranges from 2000 pounds to 21,000 pounds


  • Look for its sticker to check its authenticity

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers of this hitch extender are happy with the build of this model. One of its recent buyers said that the shank that goes in the receiver of the towing vehicle is made up of steel that makes it easy to install. Another buyer said that he had easily pulled a couple of trucks with this, and he is happy with what he has got.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the reasons that make it stand out to us is that it comes with various types of mount balls. These include a standard mount ball, multi-use mount ball, heavy-ball mount, and adjustable hitch ball mount. With various mount types, one can use them as much as they want for various applications.

Who Will Use This Most

If you need to get handy with your trailer extenders, then you need to invest in this heavy-duty hitch extender. With multiple shank sizes and degrees of drop and rises, you can use this to fulfill your needs. This is a nice pick to attach to a wide range of cars and other automobiles.

Bottom Line

After carefully going through its pros and cons, you can easily invest in this model. If you like to play with your options, then you should definitely invest in this one. Pull off or attach all sorts of things with this invention and make your life easy.

Best for the Money:
However 84332 Trailer Hitch Extension

Towever 84332 Trailer Hitch Extension Receiver Tube Extenders, 7 inches Length, 3500 lbs. GTW


  • Black coating finishing for durability
  • Is seven inches long from the center
  • Easily compatible with 5/8 inch hitch pitch
  • Has a capacity to pull around 500-5000 pounds
  • Easily work with two inches by two inches trailer hitches


  • Punched hole instead of a drilled one

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers and users of this trailer hitch extenders are very happy with this pick. One of its buyers has it fixed on his Jeep. He says that it sits low and it hitched very easily. Other buyers of these extenders say that they will easily recommend to people.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Multiple reasons make this extender one of its kind. From its remarkable capacity to carry enough cargo to its black coating, this extender is definitely one of its kind. It is this particular sort of coating that makes it durable and reliable. It surely has not disappointed its users, and that makes it stand out to us.

Who Will Use This Most

If you often have to take your car during unpleasant weather conditions, then this trailer hitch extender would be a perfect choice as it is made of reliable and efficient coating that does not wear out even in the harshest of the weather conditions. So to fulfill that requirement, this a perfect choice.

Bottom Line

If you think your needs will be satisfied with this extender, then it is time to add this remarkable accessory to your truck. Make sure you have it according to your needs, and then you would be able to pull heavy objects as well.

4. Meyer FHK45054 Receiver Hitch Extension

Meyer FHK45054 Receiver Hitch Extension with 4' Drop/Rise, Black


  • Is not that heavy on the pocket
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Perfect for attaching class 2 to 3 hitch
  • Black powder coat finish makes it durable
  • Features four-inch dip rise to accommodate vehicles


  • Welding might get crack when misused

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers of this hitch extender are very happy with the extraordinary performance and efficiency of this piece. One of its many recent buyers said that this is a great piece of metal. He has used it to lift his motorcycle by four inches from the ground, and he was not disappointed.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This hitch extender stands out to us because it comes with a one-year warranty. So if the users want to go overboard with some of its features, then they can rely on it as if it fails to perform remarkably, they can always rely on the warranty. Plus, this is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about rust.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are traveling someplace and you don’t have enough space in your car to place your cargo, then you can attach this extender with your car, place all of your luggage and drive it with you wherever you go. Want to travel in peace and with all the necessary items? Well, this is how you should go about it.

Bottom Line

In all, this model weighs only 10.5 pounds, comes with resistance coating, is easy to move, and carries considerable weight. If you are looking for all of these features in your extender, then this is where your hunt stops. Have a final look at its features and pick it if it suits you.

5. YITAMOTOR Dual Hitch Extension

YITAMOTOR Double Hitch Receiver 2 inch Receiver Adapter Dual Hitch Extension Trailer Towing Extender (GTW 4,000 lbs)


  • Easy to install
  • Lasts a very long time
  • High clearance to fit in bike racks
  • Easily affordable by most of the people
  • Comes with 5.43" height difference between bottom and top receiver pinholes


  • No penetration hole in the lower hole

What Recent Buyers Report

Almost every user that has his or her hands on this extender is very happy with its performance. One of the recent buyers says that he works on a farm, and he was looking for a metal piece to attach his trailer with it. And his work and life have become so much easier since he has invested in this piece.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This particular hitch extender stands out to us because it can be used both ways. If you want to tow the trailer, you can use the lower penetration hole, and if you are looking for some hitch to a cargo or bike rack, then you can take advantage if its upper hole. Depending on your needs, you can manipulate it.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are a cycling enthusiast and you can’t bike your way to your next trip and are looking for means to carry your bike with you, then we have good news for you. You can invest in this hitch extender and attach your bike or, better, mount it in your car and enjoy your trip.

Bottom Line

With a receiver size of two inches, maximum gross weight of four thousand pounds and tongue weight of four hundred pounds, and the ability to use both lower and upper tubes, you can utilize this hitch extender in multiple ways. This can be your companion for your next trip.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

If you are looking to buy an extender, then you should pay attention to the following factors. 


Whenever there are two heavy-duty vehicles are involved, it is a matter of great importance. In this case, quality is something that should not be compromised. So, make sure that the extender that you are buying is made up of high-quality material. Invest in an extender that surpasses all the levels of extraordinary strength.


Have a look at the repute of its manufacturer. If they are famous among their users because of their high-quality material, affordability, and services, then it will be worth it to invest in their products.


One of the very best ways to see if something is worthy of your time and money is to have a look at the customer reviews of that item. If most of its recent buyers and users are satisfied with the performance of that product, then you should consider that product. So next time you are going to buy a unit, have a look at all of these aspects. This will make sure that you will land on the very best option. 


Now that some of the very best extenders are in front of you, it is time that you categorize them according to their pros and cons and choose the one that stands out from the rest. Invest in the extender that can help you move around things more easily, and you’ll have no problems with it.  

People Also Ask

When people are exploring their options regarding heavy-duty trailer extenders, they might have a couple of questions in their minds. To make this journey of selection easy for you, we have tried our very best to address some of the most frequently asked questions. Go over their answers and satisfy yourself. 

Are Hitch Extenders Safe?

This question is frequently asked; almost everyone who’s looking for an extender will ask this question. The safety level of hitch extenders all depends on their quality. If they are of high quality, then they are safe, otherwise, not so much. Generally speaking, most of the hitch extenders are durably built. 

Does a Hitch Extender Reduce Towing Capacity?

If by towing capacity you mean tongue weight, then yes, a hitch extender has the capacity to reduce towing capacity. Any type of hitch extender will have an unavoidable side effect and will eventually result in losing half of the hitch towing capacity. 

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