Best Hitch Tighteners of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Finding the best hitch tightener can be a challenge. Especially if you are looking for something that will ensure that your hitch stays in place and is able to keep everything together when you are hauling.

Sometimes when you’re using a hitch, you might run into some issues like rattling. But you can put a stop to that with something as simple as a hitch tightener.

We were able to find some of the best tighteners on the market and we’ll be reviewing them here. For the moment though, we’ll be talking about what a hitch tightener is, how it works, and why they made our review list.

  • Best overall
  • Fits 1.25 to 2-inch hitches
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
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  • Runner-up
  • Made from powder-coated galvanized steel
  • Fits up to 2-inch hitches
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  • Best for the money
  • Used for trailers, bike racks, etc
  • Fitting for 1.5 to 2-inch hitches
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  • Best from Stowaway
  • Fits most brand name hitches
  • Made from heavy-duty steel
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  • Best anti-rattle tightener
  • Includes tightener and assembly parts
  • Made from steel and aluminum materials
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What is a Hitch Tightener?

A hitch tightener is used to prevent any kind of movement or rattling that may occur when a hitch is attached to a truck and/or trailer. These also come in handy if you are using a bike rack or a rack that is used to carry all kinds of cargo boxes. They are usually made from high-quality materials so it can handle outdoor elements like weather and dirt. 

How Does a Hitch Tightener Work?

A hitch tightener works when you are using it for the purpose of keeping the hitch put together so it won’t make any noises or rattle when you are hauling the trailer. Later on, we’ll show you how you can install a hitch tightener with the instruction guide available below. But for now, we’ll talk about why the hitch tighteners we chose for review made the cut.


Why Did These Hitch Tighteners Make Our List?

Keep in mind that we didn’t choose any ordinary tightener. We made it so that you are able to get nothing but the best in quality and performance. So we’ve kept an eye out for a few features and characteristics that stood out. Here are a few reasons why these tighteners made the cut:


It’s our mission to make sure that you find the best hitch tightener that you can afford. So, it’s clear that every single one of them will be high in quality and performance. These tighteners are affordable for those with a budget and some are affordable for those with enough money to throw around. In either situation, you will be able to purchase a good quality tightener.

Easy Install

If you want something that will be complicated to install, then you will be sorely disappointed. In fact, a hitch tightener won’t take you too long to install anyway. It just takes a few steps and the right kind of tools to ensure that the tightener fits properly and is able to keep the hitch trailer in place even when the roads get a little bumpy. 

High Quality

Obviously, quality is important. The reason why is because it is the reason why a tightener can last so long. It’s also the reason why it’s reliable. The better the quality, the better the chance it will work to your advantage on how it will hold up and how it can withstand the outdoor elements like weather and dirt. Yes, a hitch does get dirty and so do the parts that go along with it. 

Review of the Best Hitch Tighteners

Below is a list of the best hitch tighteners that you can find on the market. You should be able to find one that will fit your hitch so you can reduce the amount of wiggling, rattling or any other issue that may pertain to your hitch. Also, be sure to make any notes of additional features and characteristics that may stand out.

Let’s begin with the “best overall” choice for hitch tighteners:

Best Overall:

Hitch Tightener for 1.25' and 2' Hitches LIBERRWAY 304 Stainless Steel Hitch Tightener Anti-Rattle Stabilizer Rust-Free Heavy Duty Lock Down Easy Installation Quiet


  • Easy installation
  • Allows for solid stability
  • Excellent quality material
  • Does a great job preventing theft
  • Reduces all kinds of noise and wiggling


  • May shift or loosen sometimes
  • Some complain that it won’t fit their hitches or trucks
  • Not powder coated, so quality may be a concern for some

What Recent Buyers Report

New buyers were impressed with how well this tightener held up. One user said that he was using it to keep his bike rack intact and reduce the amount of noise it made when it hit some bumpy spots in the roadway. He also said that after that 30-mile road trip, he said that the tightener did a good job keeping everything put together and his bike rack didn’t make a sound when they hit a pothole.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This tightener is perfect for most hitches that are measured from 1 ½ inch to 2 inches. So it can handle a good number of trailers, bike racks, racks for cargo boxes, and so on. It’s a pretty good quality tightener that is designed to reduce noise and keep things locked tight for however far you have to travel. Plus, it’s made from stainless steel so you can expect this to be really tough right out of the gate.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great hitch tightener for those that use hitches for various things like trailers, bike racks, etc. It will be great for anyone who is planning on driving long distances with these things intact. If you hate dealing with the noise while traveling from one place to the next and want to really make sure your hitch is more reliable than ever, this tightener might just be what you need.

Bottom Line

The Liberrway hitch tightener makes a strong case for best overall. It’s tough in quality and keeps everything intact so you are able to go from point A to point B without any issue. If you want a really good hitch tightener that can get the job done no matter how many miles you log, this could be the one you might wind up using.

Mission Automotive Hitch Tightener

Mission Automotive - Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch Stabilizer - Anti Rattle Clamp for 1.25 to 2 Inch Hitches - Easy-Install, No-Rust Tightener for Towing and Trailers


  • Simple to install
  • Really solid quality build
  • Reduces a lot of noise
  • Great for trucks and SUVs
  • Perfect for heavy-duty hitches


  • May be tough to remove
  • May bend easily if you are too rough with it
  • Plate may be too soft, you may risk overtightening

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new users were satisfied with how this tightener worked out. Not only was it fitting for most hitches, but it reduced all kinds of noise and put a stop to any looseness that their hitches had beforehand. Overall, it was a good fit for most hitches that measured up to 2 inches. One user said it was a perfect fit for his adjustable hitch that he uses for low profile trailers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you own a heavy-duty hitch, then this could be the tightener that will be most compatible with them. Yes, you’ll be hauling a whole lot of weight. But you will need to be able to make sure that everything is intact and willing to stay that way for miles and miles. It takes a really reliable tightener to help keep a hitch in place no matter how far you have to go.

Who Will Use This Most

This is the perfect tightener if you are planning on using it for horse trailers, livestock trailers, and larger sized trailers that might be 10,000 pounds alone. If you want heavy hauling, you need a good tightener that can handle it all. This might just be the one that winds up being number one on your list of choices.

Bottom Line

The Mission Automotive Hitch Tightener will probably be the no-brainer option for anyone that has a much tougher and much beefier hitch that will be great for low profile and even large trailers. And you can make sure that while you are hauling a lot, you won’t have a hitch that will make a ton of noise or move around too much.

Best for the Money: 
CZC AUTO Hitch Tightener

CZC AUTO Hitch Tightener, Heavy Duty Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 1.25' and 2' Hitches, Reduce Movement from Hitch Tray Cargo Carrier Bike Rack Trailer Ball Mount, Rust Free (1 Pack, Carbon Steel)



  • Nuts and washers not included
  • May not be suitable for drop hitches
  • Some reported missing parts upon shipment

What Recent Buyers Report

New users had no trouble installing this on their hitches and it kept everything intact for a long period of time. This put rattling and looseness to a stop once it was installed on their hitches. One user said that he was dealing with a lot of rattling even though he was traveling a mile using his flatbed trailer. Worried about the trailer coming off, he used this tightener only to have the problem solved instantly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We cannot stress how important it is to find the best quality you can afford in just about any product you find on a budget. If that is your mission when it comes to finding a hitch tightener, then this is the closest you are going to find to fit the bill. In fact, it just might be tougher than most high-end level tighteners. It stops rattle dead in its tracks and can handle all kinds of weather conditions. Rain or shine, this will keep your hitch in place and makes hauling a lot smoother.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are crunched for cash and want a tightener that will stop all kinds of rattling or looseness, you’ll find this one to be the best solution without having to spend an arm and a leg or go for cheap (and sacrifice quality in the process). For the price it’s going for, you’re getting a steal of a deal. So why pass up on the opportunity, even if you really aren’t on a budget and have plenty of money to throw around on a tightener? It’s tough, easy to install, and just all-around awesome.

Bottom Line

If you want an excellent hitch tightener that won’t suck the life out of your bank account and provide world-class retention and anti-rattle, the CZC Auto Hitch Tightener will certainly be the best possible option for those with hitches designed for trailers, bike racks, and just about any other gadget and gizmo that requires the use of a hitch.

Best Stowaway Hitch Tightener:
StowAway Hitch Tightener

StowAway Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 2 Inch and 1.25 Inch Hitches. Made in USA.


  • Easy install
  • Superior quality
  • Resistant to weather
  • Stops wobbling and rattling instantly
  • Compatible with many brand name hitches like Stowaway, Reese, etc.


  • Bolts may strip
  • May be difficult to remove
  • Threads may get “welded” to the nut

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the new users were looking for a hitch tightener that might have been the closest they can find to a universal tightener. They got exactly what they wanted out of this tightener and were able to install it in just minutes. On top of that, they were able to eliminate any looseness and rattling in an instant.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one of the few hitch tighteners that will be perfect for any kind of hitch. Name the brand and it will certainly fit it as long as it’s within the 1.5 to 2-inch range. It’s made from high-quality steel that doesn’t bend, break, or scratch. And it won’t be afraid to get down and dirty when you run through mud puddles or unpaved roadways.

Who Will Use This Most

This is an excellent hitch tightener for those who don’t want to waste any time with guessing games. Especially when they don’t want to figure out which hitch tightener will be a good fit for them or not. Well, you can put an end to that just by simply checking out what brand hitch you have. If the name is on the list of what this tightener is compatible with, your search just might be said and done with.

Bottom Line

The StowAway Hitch Tightener could be exactly what you are looking for if you want something that is the perfect fit for most hitches. It eliminates all the guesswork on whether or not it will fit your hitch since it’s proven to be compatible with most brand names. Don’t be surprised if this ends up sticking with you for the long haul (figuratively and literally).

Best Anti-Rattle Hitch Tightener:
Bentolin Anti-Rattle Hitch Tightener

Anti-Rattle Stabilizer Hitch Tightener for 1.25 inch and 2 inch Hitches 1.25“ 2” Corrosion Resistant Heavy Lock Down Tow Clamp…


  • Installs in minutes
  • Super tough quality
  • Handles most hitches
  • Reduces all kinds of noise
  • Eliminates rattle and looseness instantly


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

New buyers say that this hitch tightener was perfect for eliminating rattling at the snap of a finger. They were able to tow their trailers and bike racks with ease and with a lot less noise for those long road trips. One user even said that his four-hour drive was a lot more peaceful than it was prior to purchasing this tightener. He was worried that his trailer was going to fall off and end up somewhere in a ditch. But thanks to this, he didn’t have to worry any longer.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the best things about this tightener is that you have everything on hand in one package when it comes to installing it. All you need are the tools themselves. The nuts and washers are guaranteed to fit and it eliminates the time-wasting task of trying to find the right size. This is perfect for those who want nothing more than a peaceful drive while being able to transport their trailers or bikes from one place to the next.

Who Will Use This Most

If you hate rattling as much as the next person, then obviously you are going to put this to the test the next time you plan on taking a road trip and need to use your hitch in the process. It’s the kind of tightener that will stop rattling the moment you put this on. Imagine having a quiet ride and your trailer or bike rack is still intact throughout the whole trip.

Bottom Line

The Bentolin Anti-Rattle Hitch Tightener is second to none one of the better choices you can find when it comes to tightening your hitches and making sure they stay intact and not make so much noise. The last thing you want is to go through the entire road trip worried that your hitch might fall apart due to some rattling. Keep it nice and tight and make this tightener your go-to option.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Hitch Tightener

A quality hitch tightener can have a good amount of benefits when used correctly. Here’s what they are so you know what to get out of it:

Eliminates Wobbling and Rattling

Obviously, we’ll address the elephant in the room once again. Its sole purpose is to get rid of any looseness, wobbling, and rattling of metal while you are driving down the highway. It will also make sure that the hitch will retain itself and keep the trailer or whatever you are hitching in place. 

Most Will Fit on Different Types Of Hitches

These hitches, for the most part, will be universal. So whatever brand name hitch you have or whatever type be it a fifth wheel or a gooseneck, you will probably be able to fit a tightener on there. This will eliminate any guesswork in regards to compatibility. As a rule of thumb, note that most tighteners will work with hitches between 1.5 to 2 inches. 

Keeps Your Trailer Intact

Whether you are hauling a trailer, a camper, or whatever else you are hauling, these tighteners are perfect to make sure that they stay straight and narrow while you are driving down the road. Of course, if you are making turns the tightener will ensure that your trailer stays intact when you are making a turn. 

How to Install a Hitch Tightener

Installing a hitch tightener can be a bit of a challenge. But if you follow the installation instructions below, it won’t be as difficult as you assume. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First and foremost, you are going to need the following tools: ¾” socket or wrench, U-bolt, tightener plate, washers, lock rings, and nuts. 

  2. Drop the U-Bolt over the stinger and position the tightener plate onto the U-Bolt. 

  3. Place the nuts and hand tighten the washers. Finish with the wrench. 


The best hitch tightener is one that is strong and reliable. And it should be something that does its job as expected. Find a hitch tightener that will be fitting for your hitch so you can eliminate the rattle and wobbling issue once and for all. Everything you’ll be hauling will arrive at your destination in one piece.

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