Best Hitch Step Bumpers of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: January 4, 2022

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Maintaining your car is not an easy job. It requires service every now and then, probably more than any other thing you own. We do many things to keep it in top condition. Hitch step bumper is just one of the accessories that do that. When you do extensive research, you find many things that people add to their vehicles, but are they all worth it or just a waste of money?

Well, that depends on your car and its needs. A hitch step bumper is usually attached to SUVs or trucks, and there are many uses of it, which we will discuss later. Given its many advantages, we have compiled a list of the best hitch step bumpers.

  • Protects against bumps, dents and scratches
  • Measures 12" wide
  • Can be used as a step to reach vehicle roof
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  • High-accuracy laser measuring
  • Secure, slip-proof, rust-resistant
  • Easy and simple plug-in installation
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  • Best for the Money
  • Heavy-duty steel tube construction
  • Simple design with stainless appearance
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  • Best Reese Hitch Step Bumper
  • Carries 350 pounds tongue weight
  • Bolts to most step bumpers for easy installation
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  • Best Trailer Hitch Step Bumper
  • Ridges provide non-slip traction
  • Large center hole works with all our 3" heavy duty straps
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  • Best Curt Step Bumper Hitch
  • Features slotted mounting holes
  • Compatible with most factory steel bumpers
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What is a Hitch Step Bumper?

Before we get into the details, what really is a hitch step bumper? If you don’t know much about cars, then the name will do nothing but create confusion so let’s try and explain it in simple terms. A hitch step bumper is a rectangular plate of varying designs that is attached to the lower end of the back of your car through a hitch receiver that is already in place.

They are not very complicated in design and are just steel tubing that is coated with things like chrome or plastic. They can also be made from fiberglass, aluminum, or just plastic, depending on how they will be used. Some materials add strength and shock absorption capabilities. 

WeatherTech 81BS1 Black Receiver Bump Step

What is the Purpose of a Step Bumper?

A hitch step bumper is not the most essential part of a vehicle, but it does serve some useful purposes, as discussed below.

Easy Access

As the name suggests, a hitch ‘step’ bumper acts as a step for you to easily climb in the back of your truck or SUV. If your truck has a bit of height, then this can be very helpful. You can even use it to access the rooftop if, for example, you want to store or retrieve sporting goods from there. Since it is detachable, you can remove it when not needed.


Many people use hitch step bumpers not just for easy access but also for protection from mild crashes. Since they are attached to the back of your car, they can protect the car from dents or scratches in case of a slow collision. They are, of course, not designed to withstand heavy collision, but some are made to withstand more and have shock absorption capabilities. If you leave the hitch step on at all times, it will serve as a border between you and any reckless driver.


Hitch steps sometimes but not always can be used for towing cars as well. This is not the first thing you think of when buying hitch step bumpers, but it can be very helpful for towing cargo, trailers, bikes, kayaks, etc.

What to Look For When Buying a Reliable Hitch Step Bumper

As discussed before, hitch step bumpers are very simple in design and use and also pretty cheap, but that does not mean that you should just buy any of them. Here are some things to keep in mind.


The dimensions of the hitch step vary from product to product. Some are thin and sleek, while others are broader. Hitch steps are even designed to keep pets in mind. These types have a wide surface area that lets even pets easily step on them to get in the car.    


The common materials used to make a hitch step include metal, fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic. If you are looking for material that is resistant to corrosion, then aluminum is probably the way to go. Aluminum is also lighter than other metals, so if you are looking for a light and portable hitch step, it is a good option. On the other hand, fiberglass provides a great deal of strength.


You can either use the hitch step as just a step or for protection. But depending on how you want to use it, your choice of product will change. A hitch step that is for stepping mainly is wider to give room to your feet. A model made with protection in mind will have different features that are generally advertised with the product. But more on that later. 

Review of the Best Hitch Step Bumpers

If you now have a better understanding of what you are looking for, let’s take an in-depth look at our picks for the best hitch step bumpers. Our detailed reviews can help you find the model you’re looking for. 

Best Overall:
WeatherTech 81BS1 Black Receiver Bump Step

WeatherTech 81BS1 Macneil Automotive Bump Step, Black


  • Has a good capacity of 300 pounds
  • Fits the standard 2-inch receiver hitch
  • Has a theft-deterrent hitch pin option
  • 12 inches wide to provide easy stepping area
  • Made from proprietary resin that gives strength against impact


  • It is not pet-friendly

What Recent Buyers Report

This hitch step can take a good hit without damaging the car, considering the fact that it is made completely of plastic. The purpose of this product is to act as a step, but its capacity to absorb an impact is what ends up impressing users the most. As a step, it also does its job well and can handle an average human’s weight.

Why it Stands Out to Us

WeatherTech has made this unit out of a proprietary resin that has properties to increase its impact bearing capacity by allowing it to flex. It is also very strong and has a 12 inches wide area for you to step on it easily. Its weight capacity is 300 pounds, which is more than enough for one person. For securing it in place, you can either use a stainless steel 5/8 inch hitch pin that has a theft-deterrent design.

Who Will Use This Most

This hitch step goes into a standard 2-inch receiver. It is black in color, so it will easily blend into black cars. It can be used for accessing the roof of the car, and its design allows buyers to use it for protection against rear-end collisions. Since it is not made of metal, you can use it in different weather conditions without fear of rust.

Bottom Line

WeatherTech is an American company that has all its manufacturing done in America. They specialize in car accessories like seat protectors, window deflectors, and bumper protectors. This Bumpstep is one of their standard hitch steps that offers good protection against collisions and gives room to access the roof for loading and cleaning, etc.

oEdRo Hitch Step Bumper

OEDRO Hitch Step Replacement for Truck Vehicles with 2' Hitch Receiver Rear Bumper Guard Protector Upgraded Textured Black Hitch Step Bar


  • Slip-proof E-coated design
  • Easy installation without drilling
  • Has a 350 pounds load capacity
  • Requires the standard 2-inch receiver
  • Laser welded construction procedure to provide quality


  • Price is a little more than others

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a very sturdy-looking hitch step that is strong enough to keep the bumper from getting any starches or dents. It also gives enough room for you to step on, unlike some models that are the thickness of a tube. It has a nice and solid built which doesn’t leave much room to complain.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is made from thick steel sheets and tubing that makes it incredibly strong. It has a black powder finish to protect against corrosion and rust. The installation is very simple and does not even require any tools, just a simple plugin procedure. It is also designed to be slip-proof, so you get a sure footing.

Who Will Use This Most

As the hitch step can fit a 2-inch hitch receiver, it can be used with any car, truck, or SUV equipped with a standard hitch receiver. Its textured black finish makes it suitable for black vehicles, but it can also be bought in silver. The weight capacity of this model is 300 pounds, and its strength gives it ample ability to act as a bumper protector.

Bottom Line

Oedro is a Hong Kong-based company that manufactures car accessories, including mats, covers, and bumpers. This hitch step bumper follows standards and is made to provide protection and versatility of use. It is higher in price than other step bumpers but still not too much, and the quality speaks for itself.

Best for the Money:
Goplus Step Bumper for 2" Receiver Hitch

Goplus® Step Bumper for 2' Receiver Hitch RV Trailer Truck, 5000 lb. Capacity


  • 5000 pounds pulling capacity
  • Has a standard 2-inch hitch receiver
  • Easy to store and lightweight designPowder coated finish for rust resistance
  • Heavy-duty steel construction provides durability


  • This is just the receiver hitch and not the hitch step

What Recent Buyers Report

This can easily pick up the weight of small trailers. It is very well built and durable. Plus, it has room to attach several things to the receiver. There is also not a lot of trouble with corrosion. Installation is pretty simple, and it has everything you will need to do it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a receiver hitch with a 2 inches ball mount, which is the standard size so you can attach most hitch steps to it. It is made of heavy-duty steel that gives it the strength to pull up to 5000 pounds. Since steel can be prone to corrosion and rust, it has a black powder coating to prevent that.

Who Will Use This Most

It can be attached to any car, SUV, or truck. Since it can handle 5000 pounds, you can use it to pull a small trailer. People also use it to attach things like hitch steps and extra cargo areas. The 2-inch ball mount means it is compatible with just about anything.

Bottom Line

GoPlus makes a variety of different products, including furniture, sporting goods, toolsets, automotive tools, and more. This is one of their automotive accessories that provide your car the extension to add things like a hitch step and to let you tow cargo and RV trailers.

Best Reese Hitch Step Bumper:
 Reese Towpower 81378 Class II

Reese Towpower 81378 Class II Step Bumper Receiver Hitch, Black


  • 3500 pounds towing capacity
  • Easily bolts to most factory bumpers
  • Accepts the standard 2-inch mount bar
  • Very low priced to make it accessible for more people 
  • Goes through REESE testing to meet V5, VS, CASA, and SAE J684 standards


  • Not to be used with weight distributing equipment

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this hitch bumper needs some work while installing, but it has good strength and is durable. You need to make sure the holes on your car bumper match with it to make installation easier. It can pull a good amount of cargo as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is a class II bumper hitch meaning its weight capacity is 3500 pounds. The class II receiver has a 1-1/4 inches ball mount. REESE makes sure its products all follow the highest standards and are subjected to real-life conditions. It has a heavy-duty construction that is durable and attaches to almost all standard bumpers.

Who Will Use This Most

The holes in this hitch bumper are located in places that it is not compatible with every vehicle. Before buying, make sure to check for alignment. Moreover, its weight pulling capacity is 3500 and a tongue weight of 350 pounds. Some buyers suggest that it does not fit the Ranger and Mazda series, so it might not be the best pick for owners of such vehicles.

Bottom Line

REESE tow power makes many towing accessories, including accessories locks, winches, and safety chains. Their hitch bumpers are made in three classes with varying weight capacities up to 18,000 pounds. This model is from the class I series and is highly durable and sturdy. It can be used with 2 inches drawbars.

Best Trailer Hitch Step Bumper:
TGL Hitch Step

TGL Hitch Step, Tow Hitch for 2 inch Receivers


  • Adjustable depth and height
  • Has multiple tow strap points
  • Made of solid steel for strength
  • Ridges on the stepping area to prevent slipping
  • Large center hole for heavy-duty towing straps


  • Not pet-friendly as it is not a solid block

What Recent Buyers Report

This hitch step has a solid and heavy-duty build. It is compact enough to be stored easily and lets the car be parked in small areas without much problem. The installation is very simple as well, and you get a sleek matte black look. The metal construction doesn’t feel cheap and is capable of handling small impacts.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit stands out because it has a powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion as it is made of metal. For a steady stepping area, it has ridges on the surface so you won’t slip. There is more than one hole for attachment in case you want to pull it out. Its height is also adjustable by turning it over the other side.

Who Will Use This Most

This hitch step does not have one rectangular surface but is made of steel tubing with three holes. The two on the side are like pedals for you to step on, and the one in the middle is used for towing. It is a 3-inch wide hole that lets you attach heavy-duty towing strips to it. It is compatible with the standard 2-inch hitch receiver.

Bottom Line

Metal is usually the preferred material for a hitch step bumper as it is stronger and can handle more weight. This high step is also made from heavy-duty steel, which gives it durability. TGL specifically makes towing equipment, including straps and other accessories. This step is made to work with their heavy-duty straps, which give you a lot of towing options.

Best Curt Step Bumper Hitch:
CURT 19030 Step Bumper Hitch

CURT 19030 Step Bumper Hitch Receiver, 2-Inch, 5,000 lbs.


  • Easy to install design
  • 5000 pounds weight capacity
  • Rust and UV-resistant coating
  • Tested against the SAE J684 standard
  • Standard 2-inch receiver gives it many towing options


  • Not compatible with a lot of vehicles

What Recent Buyers Report

This bumper hitch has an easy installation process and a very solid build. It is very inexpensive and a good alternative to the full-frame mount hitch, which is more expensive. It fits just about any vehicle easily and is capable of pulling lightweight trailers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Instead of requiring a frame, it attaches directly to your rear bumper, which is what makes it stand out. It has a weight capacity of 5000 pounds and a 500 pounds tongue weight. The dual-coating process makes it resistant to rust and UV. It also has a black powder coating that helps with rust. It is also protected against chipping.

Who Will Use This Most

The design allows for various towing options, and its 2 inches receiver is compatible with add-ons like ball mount, cargo carrier, bike rack, etc. Given its weight capacity, you can use it to pull small trailers easily. It can be attached to many different cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Bottom Line

This product follows the SAE J684 standard for coupling, hitches, and safety chains. It has a versatile design and allows for various different options. CURT makes many trailer hitches and towing accessories that you can use with this bumper hitch, including a cargo carrier. They are well-tested in this particular field and offer high-quality designs.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

A hitch step bumper is pretty cheap and easy compared to other car accessories, so you can’t really go wrong with these. But for a foolproof purchase, here are some aspects to always keep in mind when buying them.


Your vehicle will have a pre-installed bumper hitch with a ball mount receiver and safety chain attachment options. The hitch step goes into the receiver, which is of different sizes in different cars and trucks. The most common and standard size is 2-inch, so that would be the safe way to go, but you should still measure the receiver first as some are made differently. Keep in mind the hitch steps sometimes are made to fit both 2-inch and 1 ¼ inch receivers.


While these products are pretty cheap and not the most vital part of your car, durability should still be a consideration when buying them. You should always check for how much weight they can handle and how well they are built if you want them to last. If you plan on keeping them attached at all times, then having one with corrosion and rust-resistant features will be a better choice.

Crash Protection

While some hitch step bumpers are advertised as having abilities to keep your car from harm in case of a slow collision, you should keep in mind that it is not their main purpose. They should be your main safety feature as they can easily be damaged if the collision force is a little too strong.

How to Install Step Bumper Hitch Receiver

Installing a bumper hitch receiver is not hard at all. Follow these simple steps to install one in your vehicle.

Tools required:

  • Torque wrench
  • 21mm socket
  • 17mm hex socket
  • Fish wire
  • Bolt plate
  • Countersunk cap screw


1. Locate two oval holes in the frame crossbar at the rear end of the vehicle

2. Insert the fish wire in the smaller hole and make it go through the tube until it comes out of the larger hole

3. Thread the bolt plate on the end of the fish wire

4. Put the bolt plate inside the tube

5. Pull the fish wire from the other hole until the bolt plate comes out

6. Align the hitch assembly with the pre-installed bolt plates and the hole in the bumper

7. Attach the cap screw to the top threaded hole in the hitch

8. Attach the other screws to the previously installed bolt plates

9. Tighten the bolts using the torque


Having gone through the reviews and other features of a hitch step bumper, you should now be able to make a better decision. The two things to look for before making the purchase should always be quality and durability as the price is not a big problem with these things.

People Also Ask

For more information on hitch step bumpers, read the following frequently asked questions. These can help you find the answers you are looking for. 

How Much Weight Can a Bumper Hitch Pull?

Bumper hitches usually have their weight capacity or towing capacity given with the unit. The average capacity is 3500 pounds. If you want to check the exact capacity of your bumper, it should have a sticker on it with the value.

What can I Expect From a Hitch Step Bumper

You can expect a simple product that will make climbing in and out of the vehicle’s back easy, and in some cases, you can expect protection from collisions. 

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